Leaves Of The Tree



Walter C. Lanyon


Copyright, 1923

By Walter C. Lanyon


Published and sold by

Elva M. Weidman

Copyright 1925

Peoria, Illinois


Table of Contents:

Failure to Demonstrate

Letting Go 

Cast Your Bread Upon the Water


As a Man Thinketh

Invisible Power

Think on these Things 

The Lord is Mindful of His Own

Your Problem

One Ness




Failure to Demonstrate

Chapter One

      Along the Road from Sense to Soul the Truth seeker meets, from time to time, earnest, sincere pilgrims almost overcome with their burden of failure to demonstrate the principle which they have tried so hard to follow. They come at you somewhat after this manner.

      “I have read daily; I have declared the allness of God, and that His perfect child can­not be sick, cannot want; I have lived morally and mentally as near the teachings of our Revered Leader as I know how; I have had treatment from a dozen or more practitioners and have followed their instructions care­fully, and yet the demonstration ‘is only partially made or not made at all. What am I to do more?”

      These remarks are usually accompanied by signs of the greatest and most absolute faith in the power of God to perform these wonders, and yet if the case is looked into it might well merit the rebuke of the Master —-“Oh ye of little faith.”

      In every instance failure to make manifest the Truth which Jesus taught and demon­strated and left for us as an example, with the promise “even greater works than these shall ye do,” is directly traceable to lack of faith.

      A statement like this is usually received by a vigorous denial on the part of the pilgrim. He is sure he is full of faith, yet look a little further and you will see that no sooner does he utter a prayer or apply the principle of Truth than does he begin look­ing to see if anything is happening. Not satisfied with the efficacy of one prayer he keeps going over it all day in an almost automatic fashion which if analyzed would border on self hypnosis. It is not the prayer and the truth of it that is holding the pre­ponderance of his thought, but the fear that “nothing is happening,” and unconsci­ously this stimulates him to greater anxiety and causes him to go over and. over his petition, entertaining, perhaps unconsciously, the thought that by repetition he will make clearer just what must happen. “Words are vain repetition.”

      Bringing this to the attention of the pil­grim, he will answer almost invariably, “We are told to ‘pray without ceasing’” —not understanding that the praying without ceasing does not mean a constant repeating of words, but a fixed Faith and a contempla­tion of the reality of man’s existence. The unceasing prayer then is the thought which, when tempted to repeat and go over work already done, quickly answers the anxiety for a sign, with the powerful words—“It is done. I have followed out the Master’s instructions—I have knocked and it shall be opened unto me, I have asked and I shall receive, I have sought and I shall find.” “God’s promises are kept for “He that prom­ised is faithful.”

      We are told that “The Kingdom of heaven cometh not with observation.” Demonstra­tion is like the planting of seeds. They do not grow by constant observation. If you doubt this try this experiment. Plant two seeds. After planting them allow one ofthem to remain untouched and unobserved; the other dig up twice a day and examine it carefully, and endeavor to find out the exact moment the hard shell cracks, which is keeping from you the promise of a flower. Handle it with utmost precaution and ex­amine it under the microscope to detect anypossible change. After a week of this treatment, go back to the untouched seed and more than likely you will find it has pushedthru the hard shell and also thru the earth which covered it, while the seed of constant examination has probably shriveled up anddied.. You do not know the precise moment the change came to the first seed but the law you made for it when you dropped it­ into the ground and left it was “It is done.”Unconsciously when we plant seeds in our gardens we water them with absolute faith. We leave them, with the thought, I have planted and eventually I shall reap the harvest of flowers, vegetables or grain. In the case of the second seed, you planted it with doubt, this was so strong that you constantly dug it up to see if anything was happening and in your anxiety you wanted to assist it in its working of the problem—you wanted to help it along by observation, and so the promise was not fulfilled.

      The treatment which is given with ab­solute faith will be allowed to accomplish its mission with the same abandon as aplanted seed. There will be no constant searching for a sign. Such work will be productive of good results. Perhaps it will be instantaneous and appear at once, as the mushroom appears over night-perhaps it will be longer in its’ unfolding, as ‘the oaktree coming from the acorn is. But one thing sure it cannot, and will not fail to produce after its kind when it is watered with thefaith which knows “It is done.”

      The thought which goes over and over a treatment,’ though it may call itself Faith, is the fear that Prayer does not always work —that it is sometimes efficacious and other times not. God will do his work aright with­out’ the assistance of mortal mind, and in a way which always mystifies the mortal thought, for His ways are higher than our ways. They are not in any sense our ways.

      The writer had a clear and concrete ex­ample of this recently. Early in the fall’ a dozen or more bulbs were planted in water.Part of the containers were placed in the basement in the dark, the others were brought up in a heated room of the house in the light. Every day in passing the bulbs they were examined, the receptacles were turned a little, and the water replenished and while the bulbs were not exactly handled, they were more or less moved and touched by anxious fingers, and they were under theconstant observation of everyone. At the end of six weeks the house bulbs had, at­tained a height of three inches, while theones in the basement were standing eighteen inches and were in full bud ready to bloom.

      In the silence, in the “”secret place” where the observation of mortal mind is dimmed, is the place to do your work. “The fatherwithin me, he doeth the work.” In the “secret place” we can declare the allness of God, and that his perfect idea man is beingmanifested in its own natural way, which is always beautiful and grand. Then when it is ready for presentation to the world, it will be so evident that it will call itself from the house tops. The perfume of its blossoms will not need attention called to them. They by their glory and attainment will attract the notice which is necessary and shall be for an example of faith. “In the twinklingof an eye all shall be changed.”

      “Wait on the Lord and He shall give thee the desire of thy heart” we are told, and “Those who wait upon the Lord shall walk and not be weary and shall run and not faint.” Gradually man begins to see that he can of himself do nothing, and that the sooner he discontinues his efforts the sooner his demonstration shall be made. The sooner his demonstration shall be made manifest is more correct, for the demonstration isalready made, always has been made and can never be unmade. It merely awaits the being called into manifestation. -Man then comes to the conclusion that his chief work is to know how to “wait patiently.”

      “Waiting patiently” does not mean pro­crastination, or putting off, nor does it mean the fatalistic handling so badly misunder­stood “well if its best for me I shall have it” —for unless this is understood properly it makes one a mere pawn in the game of chance.

      Waiting patiently does mean Faith in God. Faith that God not only can but will accomplish and has in fact already accom­plished our desires and will bring “every­thing to our remembrance.” This kind of faith is the song of glory “It is done, it is done.” When man has found the blessed Truth as revealed to him by the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, he has a right to expectand declare that “Christ has rolled the stone away from the door of human hope” (S. & H. pg. 45 line 17). He has a Right, a DivineRight, to expect that his sincere, honest desires shall be made manifest to him here and now, or else his study is in vain.

      He who prays after this fashion shall know what is meant by “Let your light so shine before men, etc.” He shall know that “let” does not mean “make”—he shall know that the “letting” is the easiest and most beautiful thing in the world, which willtake place as unpretentiously and as glori­ously as the coming of dawn. Gradually the flood of light, understanding and com­pleted demonstration shall steal over him for the obstacle has been moved from the cave of his limitations and he steps free—­untrammeled.

       In looking over the works of our Master one finds almost the keynote of his work in the expression “I can of mine own self do nothing, but with God all things are pos­sible.” If Jesus. the Way-shower used this law so perfectly and stated it so well for us; if He acknowledged that He could of him­self do nothing, it should open our eyes to the futility of our trying to aid the Divine.

      If any man doubt this let him go into his garden and pick a rose bud and try to make it blossom by use of his mortal fingers.What will, be his results, but a blasted prom­ise, neither bud nor rose.

      Then pilgrim take heart. Send your prayer with the same sweet assurance that you plant a seed, knowing that having donethis you have done all that you can- do. Let it go from you with the same freedom that you drop your letters into the post office,and presently-perhaps before you expect it, the ‘ answer will come back, freighted with joy and happiness.


Letting Go

Chapter Two

   Perhaps one of the most difficult things to the growing student is the ability to let go. He makes a reality of the very things which he wishes to over­come and in doing so hugs them to him with all his strength, when it is only necessary many times to let go and the thing which has been hurting or hindering his progress will disappear.

   In the Bible the struggle of Jacob with the unnamed thing is a good illustration of how we hold things to us and suffer from them. When Jacob loosed it and let it go it disappeared and was no more. Now what this condition was we are not told, but if it was one of sickness or poverty or hatred it was one and the same thing, the process of being able to let go is one of the: most freeing things possible.

    In the first place when a man loosens his hold on a thing he can them move away from it, if the thing does not want to movefrom him. Some men are carrying around loads so large and out of proportion to their size that they, can hardly accomplish the meanest tasks because they are handicapped and because all their energy is used or sapped in holding onto the condition which they want to be rid of.

    In Africa one of the ways of capturing a monkey is by making a small hole in a coconut and filling the coconut with some most edible grain. Presently the monkey puts his hand in the opening and closes it on the handful of grain thereby increasing the size of his fist to such an extent that he cannot again withdraw his hand from the hole and at this point the hunter appears and the frightened monkey who might scamper off into the jungle to his freedom tries to drag the coconut after him and is caught. His condition is exactly like the man who has a problem which he is not able to let go of. He does not realize that by relaxing his hold the thing would slip from him and that he would be free and able to go where he would.

    This is the doctrine of “Resist not.” When a man resists a thing it is a pretty sure sign that he fears it. Resisting also produces friction which wears a man out and makes him worthless. “Resist not” does not in any way mean that a person should let go of their very being and let the wind of chance handle them as it sees fit, but it does mean letting go of the claims which are objectionable to us, and also a refusal to acknowledge them as such realities that they need to be foughtor resisted. That which we resist is real and a thing that is real cannot be put from us. If you feel that your present condition is an absolute reality and that it cannot be changed rest assured that no amount of thinking will change it, for your thought is holding it in place and until you change your thought, stop resisting the thing, make of it a thing that can be overcome, you will never gain the goal of your dreams.

     If you realize that you were given domin­ion over everything then why waste your time resisting a thing; why not come out with your authority and command the situa­tion. But it would not be fair to either you or the thing which you were resisting if you did not give it the same chance to get away as you take to get away from it. Loose it therefore and let it go.

   “Judge not from appearances but judge righteous judgment”—refuse to accept the testimony of the material sense which isreporting inharmony to you—but ‘pass the powerful thought along to the uttermost part of your kingdom “I am well “and I know it—because the Great God of whom I am an expression’ (pressed out idea) has made me well and strong and I am in rap­port with HIM.” Meditate upon this—-realize that it is as impossible for you to express an inharmonious condition as it is for God to express one. If you admit for a minute that the Great All-powerful Mind of God can express inharmony of any sort then you have destroyed your premise that God is -all good and your possible escape from the ills of the’ flesh is small.

    When we come to the “resist not” state and understanding that we are henceforth not going to fight a thing with all our might and main and at the same time say it is “nothing but a thought and a wrong one” —we will come to the place that Jesus came when he began his demonstrations with a perfect acknowledgement of the completed work, “I thank thee Father that thou has heard me.” He was so clear in regard to the working of the All-powerful mind that he was able to give thanks for its enactment before he saw the results. He was so sure that there was a power which could operate in the behalf of mankind healing and curing all the ills of the flesh that he never once used long and difficult argument. He knew the power was with HIM and he knew that the power is with any man who is clean enough mentally to; receive it.

     Instantaneous demonstration is only a miracle in the sense that it is something which sets aside a material law—but a miracle is in reality the natural and perfect enactment of the Divine or Infinite Law, and when we learn more how to use’ this law we will be able to do the things that Jesus did with the same ease. “The things that I do ye shall do also and even greater.”

We are not only to do the things he did, but even greater. What did he do:

  Raised the dead

  Opened the blind eyes

  Unstopped the deaf ears

  Healed the lame

  Made well the sick

  Turned water into wine

  Produced gold from the fish’es mouth

      Made plentiful increase in the place where lack was.

  “The things that I do ye shall do also and even greater.” It is thundering down the ages with a new meaning. Awake thou thatsleepeth to the glorious possibilities of your one-ness with this illimitable power, Good. This is your divine heritage—-this isyour birthright and it can only be reclaimed by right thinking.

   Every condition is in reality a state of consciousness. This may be difficult, for you to see at first, but as you go into the work­ings of the Law of Right Thinking you will realize that the very place you are now in, is the place your thought has put you.”But the glorious thing that comes to all people who are alive and thinking that no matter what place they are in—-they can by proper thinking, change that place to one more to be desired, or else they can change the place where they now are to one which will be amply satisfactory for their every need and happiness.

    It is quite true that the Kingdom of heaven is right at hand—it is only a matter of how a man looks at it. With the eyes of the right thinking man he sees God. Life mani­fested everywhere and he becomes one with the great plan of nature and hence is in perfect harmony with the whole scheme. This brings the peace which passeth all understanding — and brings contentment—–that most cherished gift of all.

    It is not necessary then to begin worrying about the material condition. about you——first look to the mental state—get that right and as you turn to the Father or the ChristConsciousness you will find that the Father or Christ Consciousness is turning to you and you are welcome back into the land of plenty and happiness.

     Suddenly in the very place which has been the desert existence to you the rose shall bloom. Infinite possibilities will open unto you; friends will flock to you, for remember you are now working with the One and Only Law that is worthy of consideration—-and this law operates “in the twinkling of an eye.” Suddenly as this change comes you will find yourself ready for it for the change has been going on within for a long time and the secret thing has at last been declared from “the housetop.

      The difficulty experienced by most people in getting results is that they start with the effect instead of the cause. This is because in most instances they recognize the effect as the cause.

If a man is in debt he constantly medi­tates upon that debt-he looks, at it as a cause instead of an effect. He constantly contemplates it with fear and nine chances out of ten he puts into action the law “The thing I feared has come upon me.” That is done by “the Law of Attraction”—re­member that “Like attracts Like” and if you want certain conditions to manifest in your life you can never attain them as long as you keep your mind full of the opposite views of life.

     All about you, you can see instances where the law of attraction has been working. The average man who is down and out in the world is always talking hard times, failure. He is fault finding and pessimistic—-he be­lieves in the will-o-the-wisp chance—and he attracts all these conditions to him, perm­anently because—-“Like attracts like.” Look at the lives of BIG MEN—-some of them have failed many times—but “they never say die” one failure teaches them the lesson they needed and they go at it again with the feeling “well I made it once I can do it again.” That is what prompts them on and they usually arrive.

    Like physical exercise the repeated sys­tematic exercise will surely result in enlarged muscles, increased strength and’ vitality,and so with mental gymnastics—-if you are faithful to your period of silent communion with the All Power and realize your oneness with it you will begin to see increased mentalpowers and finally when you take a check on life you will find you have made tre­mendous strides towards your goal. “I have done that once I can do it again” is the encouragement which you pass along to your success, little though it may be. And when a thing is well repeated the person is ready to go higher.

     The old threadbare axiom, “Practice makes perfect,” we all recognize. I remember pass­ing a certain residence the very day the young daughter had her first lesson on the piano. The thought came to me what a far reach it is to a place where she will be able to interpret Chopin correctly—and yet when I passed that way daily I could begin to detect improvement almost from the start—–and one day she was playing the pre­ludes of the master with great “ease. I could well remember when she did not know one note from the other and to have placed a prelude in front of her then andsay “play that” would have been utterly foolish onthe face of it—yet you realized at that time that the child has the abilityto do it if she were only willing and ‘ready to set out on the faithful path of a little con­sistent study each day.

     Perhaps you stand today where the little girl at the piano was that first day—are you willing to take up a little, sincere and careful thinking for a few moments a’ day in order to come into the possession of your dreams?

     We soon learn that if we would have con­trol of the outer man we must first get control of the inner. We must begin to realize that the outer is only a manifestation of the inner and that in proportion as we wish to change a thing we must first seek the cause of that condition or thing within.

     Once you have decided to eliminate a certain condition from your life from that moment on, never give voice to the lie again—-when it presents itself to you dismiss itwith the abiding conviction that it is a lie and has no place in, your mind or body. Make your strong affirmations and cling to them. Once you have learned that the Inner source is capable of anything, you will hold before it only such patterns as you wish reproduced, but if you have already repro­duced something that is objectionable” you can yet return to the “Secret Place” and there destroy the thought which created it in the first place. Remember to look only to the cause; the effect will take care of itself.

     Having decided that you will rid yourself of some claim, you must learn to meditate upon the state or condition which you wish to replace it with. Idealize it, praise it and know that you have dropped the seed into fertile ground and that it is springing into birth.

     Keep silent about your shortcomings, your faults, your fears and sickness—-the more you repeat them the more real they become to both yourself and others, and voicing these errors only accentuates their reality. Eliminate weak words from your mind and your vocabulary—-see how often you can substitute a powerful word for one of limi­tation and weakness. How often do we hear the expressions “I was scared nearly to death—-tickled to death—-I nearly died laughing, etc.” all of which have their effect on the body and mind of man. They areweak wasteful words which could and should be replaced with words of beauty and life.

    After a little while of this watchfulness you will find it becoming a habit—the habit of speaking only good-strong words and of thinking this kind of thoughts—-you will then enter into a perpetual state of happiness for you will be free from the limitations that your false words have fixed upon you.


Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

Chapter Three

      In most people’s thought the word “cast” means to fling away—to let go of with the thought of no return, but in theparable under consideration, the word has quite a different meaning.

      In the first place, the expression came into use by reason of the rice planter. He was casting his bread upon the water—and italways returned in many days, increased.

      This is a much more fruitful interpreta­tion to consider than merely throwing a crust of bread upon the waters to be washedinto the port of some needy one. It carries with it the idea of progress. When we give, we plant. When we cast the word of Truth from us—we literally plant the seed of Truth and in many days we again see the “bread” increased, returning to us.

      This is particularly true of work done for others. It springs into full fruitage and we again are’ refreshed by a return of the word. For we only keep that which we give. The thing which is unused falls apart or rusts. Of nothing is this more true than the unused talent which we hold in the innermost part of our being.If we conceal it from others and withhold it, in times of great trouble when we seek it we find that it has vanished. The seed of anything cannot be kept in­definitely—if it is not planted or cast upon the waters sooner or later the life (spirit or inspiration) of it dies, and we have nothing but the material form (the letter). Nowthe letter without the spirit is dead, and so is the seed without the life germ.

      Confidently does the planter scatter his rice upon the waters—it disappears im­mediately from sight. Does he become fearful that it will all be consumed by fishes and insects? Does he immediately after planting go for a net and try to regain that which he has cast away? No. As he plants he also knows that the increase is already his, and this increase comes byreason of his ability to let go of the seed.

      Do you know that you cannot cast a word of truth from you that is not produc­tive of good results, though it may not beimmediately visible to you? Do not be afraid to speak the Truth whenever you see the water is waiting for the seed. It will return unto you with the increase in many days.



Chapter Four

      That which underlies, overlies and encompasses all true being; that which permeates infinity; that which con­stitutes all force and energy that is God; Principle.

      God, the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent force of the universe is the one and only cause of all that is.

      God the great and universal law of every­thing is expressed through his idea man bringing into view his wonderful attributes,which are love, purity, truth, health, etc, etc.

      Everywhere we look we find God, from the chirping of the cricket to the “Music of the Spheres,” from the energy of the most minute insect to the tremendous force of the mighty river.”Wherever we look, wherever we listen, we hear life murmur and see it glisten.” A whole Universe full of throbbing vibrant life, charging the least atom of being with its magnificent energy and power. En­dowing us with its super strength and plac­ing in our hands the scepter of dominion. “I have not given thee the spirit of fear, but of power and a strong mind.” Such is Life, the vitalizing substance of God which flows to us constantly, regenerating and rejuvenating us and making us anew.

      The attributes of God are brought from the abstract into the concrete through the medium of man. Here we see man inspiredwith generosity and kindness, he goes far into the by-paths of life doing good and on missions of Love. Gradually he takes on the Christ-like quality of compassion, and we understand what is meant by the ab­straction compassion, and so on through thecategory of his attributes.

      The bringing forth of these attributes enriches -the nature of man, enlarging. his vision and pushing out the “borders of histent” until the practical demonstration of all ‘his “attributes is made manifest and man reaches the perfection of which he now but dreams.

      God is health and since in “Him we Live and Move and have our being”—we are literally in a sea of perfect strength. We have but to let go of our limited sense of health to bring into manifestation the universal law of perfect health. We cease tospeak of “My health”—and think no more of it than we do of the great envelope of air that enfolds us. We simply draw on this vast never ending and inexhaustible infinity of health and life and it is ours. When we learn to dismiss the personal idea in health a permanent demonstration of health is made. Man can then be truly “absent from the body and present with the Lord.”

      As man becomes conscious that he is an instrument upon which breathes the Divine impetus or energy, he gives himself over to the Master for the Work which will best express Him. His talent which has long been buried under the debris of materialwonder, worry and reasoning, is now un­covered and brought to light, inflated, as it were with the Divine breath or energy andturned to some good account. As he pushes this talent to its limits, the Master of the Garden returns and finding him a faithful servant he adds the ten talents and the power to bring them into manifestation.

      As man drops the limited personal idea of supply, he gains the unlimited substance of mind, and he ceases to speak of “mydollars and land.” He uses that which he needs and that which comes into his hands as legitimate supply. It is in making the con­nection with the inexhaustible source of substance that man demonstrates his needs.

      Since all good things come of God, desire is born of Him, insofar as desire is good, it is, so to speak, the thing in its incipiency which is pressing towards man for expression. Once man is properly contacted with God, the infinite cause of all, he becomes a channel for all good and his desires run and disportthemselves into the “flesh.” That is, they materialize.

     A knowledge of God as First and Only CAUSE lifts man above and beyond all man made laws, all universal beliefs and fearswhich the flesh is heir to. That which has heretofore been considered with a certain amount of reverence, inspired by fear, is immediately uncovered and made void. Recently a case of fear and failure came to my attention through the. so called law of the planets. The person in question had had a horoscope cast at an extremely large fee and by a so-called master, but when itarrived it was so pernicious and I might say vicious in its treatment of this life, that the poor subject to whom it belonged was of all people most desolate. There was not a single redeeming feature in the whole thing. And all this was heaped upon a poor indi­vidual because, (without consent or know­ledge) he had been born upon a certain day, A fear took possession, followed by depres­sion and gloom, when the case came to my attention. _All the bright hopes and am­bitions were suddenly dashed into the dust and an aching void stood before and stretched out over weary years. Then it was that the asking of a simple question put to flight this nightmare and forever broke the self-mesmeric state of horoscopic Law. “Who came first God or the Planets?”—and since God is all power and all present, what need or reason would he have for assigning to a group of stars power to annihilate one of His children? If God is all-power and all-present why should you fear such a so-called thing as influence of the planets which are millions of miles away and derive all their power from God? And so through the application of God as First Cause man can destroy with scientific certainty all fear of unknown in­fluences and forces, and likewise heredity,pre-natal influences and pre-dispositions, ec­centricities and faith in mediums, diviners and wizards. They stand powerless and Imight add senseless before this one and only Primal and Ever-lasting cause, GOD.

      When we seek Him in the temple of our bodies, we find him knocking at the door of our sin-bound hearts. There in the darkness of material fears, failures and worries. He awaits us, ready to sup with us in perfect contentment and to place in our hands. The scepter of dominion. And gradually we come upon the sacred word “Father,” which is breathed from the inmost recesses of our soul with the velvet lips of silence. What a glorious, swelling paean of praise breaks forth, as though it would burst the delicate heart. Like the vigorous mountain stream tearing, and dashing through the ravine carrying tons of refuse and debris before it without a conscious effort, so thissoul­-stirring word “Father” when spiritually discerned crashesthrough time honored material conditions and customs, washingeverything clean with the River of Life. Presently we find the body a “well watered Garden” by the banks of the ever flowingRiver of Life, and we find it an exceedingly pleasant and comfortable place to dwell in. As we learn to live in this River of Life, to direct its course upward instead of down­ward, we come to a fine almost mystic thing, a power which though mental andspiritual is almost visible. It goes whither it will, regardless of material conditions, and accomplishes wonders by merely restingupon an object. It sweeps away the dirty web of material reasoning in which man has been ensnared so long, it takes issue with disease and heals without an effort, because it is conscious only of perfection. It trans­forms that which is torn down and mutilated and looses the chains of the captives of sense.

      And presently man learns that the Garden so well watered and cared for is also a temple. of the living God. A place wherein he may retire from the worldly strife and stir and commune consciously with “Father.” He soon learns that in time of trouble he can hide in the tabernacle of His God that he can enter suddenly into the counsel chamber of His God and ask advice and guidance that he can carry his load of gratitude to God and “Bear a song away.”

      And after he learns the word “Father” in its spiritual sense and meaning he comes upon a new word and that is “Brother,” a word which he carries from the inner sanctuary out into the world as a sweet incense and anointing oil of love to pour upon the broken hearts. And as he ministers along the wayside of life, presently the FATHER speaks and says “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these ye have done it unto me.”

      What more shall we say of Such a radiant Love which enfolds us with a tender mother affection—which soothes and forgives and offers us anew His gifts in super-abundance.


As a Man Thinketh  

Chapter Five 

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” On every hand we heara great deal about the control of mind over matter. In fact we have always heard of it, but a large majority of us have passed it by with the comment “will power,” “not lasting,” “theory,” etc., etc..

      First, does the thought affect the body? Take for example the boy who wants to go swimming and has been told, no. What isthe expression of his face, and if he has work to perform notice how he moves with the action of an aged man. Say to this boy”you can go.” It is like touching an electric button. Life literally shoots thru him. He jumps, throws his hat in the air, smiles untilit is positively contagious and then runs off, happy as a lark. Did thought have anything to do with changing a lagging, fatigued body into a powerful little machine that operated at a tremendous high rate of speed? Think about this. It is by these simple steps that we are going to build up to things worth while and that will accomplish.

      Bring a message of death into a happy family, and watch the rapid change. They have seen nothing. Actually they knownothing for a fact except what the paper says. Tears start, souls are wrung, agony comes over all, and the cheery, happy home is made unhappy in the twinkling of an eye, by what? A change in thought.

      Suppose, after seeing this grief displayed that the message proves to be a mistake. In an instant the family is rushed back into joy and happiness. “All shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye” by thought. I ask you what has become of the sorrow? I ask you where did it come from and where did it go? Think on these things, they are steps to the temple of thought we are build­ing.

      How many of us have not seen a violent headache follow a great spell of anger or hatred? No blows were struck and yet theperson by his thought caused himself to have headache. You have also read or heard of cases where people fell dead in a fit of anger. Apoplexy from anger is not an uncommon thing, even recorded in medical journals.

      There are many kinds of thought, but suppose we take that of FEAR for a moment and look into it.

      As a child you probably copied into your writing books this old adage “Cowards die many times before their death.” We haveall heard of death which has been caused by fear. It is the task master of the age. It is the thing that stalks about in darknessand makes slaves of us. It is the thing that keeps us under and in bondage, either to sickness, poverty or public opinion, but it is glorious news to tell you that when you examine into fear you find it is made of the same substance as the ghost of childhood.It is nothing but a state of thought. Where does the child’s fear go when you bring a light? Yet men go on fearing and teachingthe child to be afraid.

      You have often read the old fable of the Plague going to Baghdad to kill five thousand people. Later when met he was accused not of killing five but fifty thousand. “No” said the Plague I killed only “five thousand—-FEAR killed the rest.”

      So now we come to the conclusion that the “greatest gift” which God has given man is the power to “Think.” ‘We begin to realize that to think we must have thoughts and we begin to see that the state of body, thus far at least, is effected by the kind of

thoughts we think.

      We shall liken ourselves to a very fine and sensitive plate which records everything with which it comes in contact. What would be the natural instinct if you had such a plate? Would you not want to protect it from meeting disagreeable things and shelter it from disagreeable subjects? I think so. So we find that the very first and perhaps one of the simplest tasks to begin with is to place a guard at the entrance of the temple that “nothing which defileth or maketh a lie can enter.” In plain English we will begin to watch our thoughts, and not give our time to rash thinking along lines which are sure to produce evil results.


Invisible Power

Chapter Six

      In entering upon a critical study of a subject so vast as our Mental Heritage, perhaps the first stumbling block whicheveryone encounters, is how can an unseen, unfelt, almost unknown “something” which is abstract in every sense of the word be applied to affect my everyday material life.

      The doubt that this is a present possi­bility is. the very thing which holds many from the study of the most exact and atthe same time most remunerative of Sciences in Life; in fact we might add, keeps them from investigating and applying the one science which in applying properly would enable them to understand and operate all other Sciences with greater ease and intelligence than could possibly be gained from approaching the subject from the other end.

      At the beginning of our journey into that vast and wonderful country of desire, we are first confronted with doubt. Jesus, the great­est healer the world has ever known, said in plain language that all about us was a great undeveloped thing called the kingdom of heaven, that is that all about us lay the very things we most desired, yet we “having eyes see not and ears we hear not”-because the material sense at once demands that we handle the kingdom of heaven with our material hands and thrust our hands into the wound of material workings before wecan accept a thing. We are, as I have said, at the very beginning of our journey beset with the most dreaded of mental obstacles “doubt.”

      Like Thomas a great many of us stand ready to believe if we only can “thrust our hands into the wound” and make sure that it is identically the same wound that a material sword or spear has made. If we have this proof at the beginning we are willing to go ahead gaily, for there are few people today who do not realize, in some measure at least that, there must be a cause, a primal cause, for all our longing and desires. We, as” a race, have come to the place where we ask ourselves over and over, why do I have such desires with no seeming possi­bility of fulfillment. From where did these desires originate, and gradually individuals are merging from the struggling mass of humanity and entering into the “kingdom ofheaven on earth.” They do not necessarily change their place of residence, they are not suddenly borne off on wings, or carried out of sight, no—the kingdom of your desires is not a locality—it is simply a state of your mind. Again to quote the Master Meta­physician “Look not lo here, nor lo there for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand; it is within you.”

      But how to get there—how to come within sight of our Kingdom of heaven might be put in a more simple way—“How am I to rid myself of this colossal doubt” which assails me when I cannot see, feel, hear, touch, smell this wonderful thing towards which I am journeying or striving to journey.

      Some one has said “Reason is the most active human faculty”—The master Meta­physician admonished “Come let us reason together.” “Let us then reason a little on the subject of the invisible power which is to change our lives.”

      When we stop to consider for a single moment our existence, we find that without a question of a doubt our whole lives are guided by something that we cannot see. Take the municipal law for instance: Did you ever see it? Did you ever smell it? Did you ever taste it, hear it? No, you never did. In reality there is nothing tangible about it. You cannot in any way contact it with anything material, yet you know that in your very community it exists all the time and that it is active and that youare protected by it. You are not afraid that the average man in the street is going to snatch your purse, is going to kill you, is going to break into your house—and yet neither you nor he can see anything called Municipal Law. Yet it is there and operates all the same.

      “Ignorance of the law excuses no man.” If a man break the law, though he plead ignorance he must still pay the penalty. Ifhe kills a man and thinks in his ignorance he has a right to, he must soon feel the invisible thing close in around him like a net and exact the utmost farthing from him.

      If this be true of the material workings of a man’s life, it is much more true of the mental side of his existence. If he pays the penalty for a broken material law, he will also pay the penalty for a broken mental or spiritual law, and every day we have ample proof of the law breakers all about us. This man is sick, this man is unhappy, this man is poor, this man is friendless, all these conditions are the direct result of broken mental laws, and when we come to realize this and face the matter squarely we will know that our ignorance of the law was not excused and that we have paid dearly for it, and set ourselves about learning the proper applica­tion of the most vital force in the universe.

      Reversing the generally accepted idea of the workings of the Mind, we find that it is

simplicity itself. Once we have gained stand victory over doubt, we find that we stand at the foot of a wondrous flight of steps, each one a distinct gain and growth leading to final victory over the so-called laws of ma­terial life, and at length placing us in the midst of the Kingdom of heaven—right here and now. We suddenly apprise ourselves of the startling knowledge that we do not have to die to get into heaven but that by proper living and thinking, we can live ourselves into it right here and now. There are many in the world today who are fast approaching the walls of the “city four square” which is the city beautiful of their every desire, and you too can win this goal, if you are willing to devote a little time each day to proper thinking and a proper application of thought to your daily life.

      Let us not be too anxious—let us not be too observing of our progress, but rather keep our eyes fixed on the goal and not onthe road leading to it, and presently while we are still busily engaged with working out our salvation, we come within sight ofthe city of our dreams.


Think on These Things

Chapter Seven

    “Now are we the sons of God .we know that when he shall appear (be made manifest to us in the flesh) we shall be LIKE Him for we shall SEE (understand) Him as HE is.”

      The time for the awakening of man to his divine heritage is at hand.

     God is Mind—God is Life. If God is the only Life of Man, then all there is to man that really matters is God. Life is all there is to you—when you cease to think you cease to Live and when you cease to Live, you cease to have a consciousness of God.

     What we know as Man in the highest sense of the word is merely God made con­scious.

Think of this for a moment. God is the infinitude of Mind. Think of a limitless Mind. Now then certain ideas begin to come to the surface of this mind and become conscious. If we can imagine a speck in Mind and this speck being conscious then we can get the idea of the Man of the God man which is an individual expression, though joined to the parent Mind, as the branch is one with the tree.

     If God is the only Life of man then all there is to you is God. You are simply the means of God being expressed in His highest form. “God without man would be a nonentity”—that is if these points of con­scious or expressions were to be taken away, then God would simply be the great vast Mind unexpressed.

     If your life is God—then look into the nature of God and find out what at is your precise nature.

      Suddenly when you become conscious that your very own life is God—you are awake in a way you have never dreamed of being before. You realize that you have dominion for you are no more asking the body or material conditions the what and wherefore of life, but you take the reins in hand and control the whole thing. You are suddenly the man in authority and this awakening will so open your eyes to the great healing pos­sibilities of this consciousness that you willimmediately begin the work of instantaneous healings.

     “Awake, awake, thou that sleepeth (those that imagine there is a man idea separate from God) and Christ shall give thee light.” You shall awake with the brightness of His coming for’ he is surely coming and when you just hark back to the idea that my LIFE is very close “closer than breathing, nearerthan hands and feet”—because God is all there is. God is infinite.

      You are simply, one expression of an infinite Mind—individual and progressive but never separate—never subservient to matter—never at a loss to know what todo—but always speaking with authority and power.


The Lord is Mindful of His Own

Chapter Eight

     Fear Not—the Lord will supply your every need. Only believe. When the people needed bread it appeared each morn and covered the ground. Then they called it Manna—today we call it mushrooms. God has infinite ways to ac­complish his works, and not one of them is wield or mysterious. They are pleasantly natural.

     Fear not, he has guaranteed a safe passage through the storms and through the fire. His refreshing thoughts are today found gushing from every page of the holy book.

    Come ye and drink. This is the draught of Life and will give thee eternal life.

     When the oil ran low and there was nothing left in the house the Lord supplied joy and the oil started flowing again. Remember that the cruse of oil is ever full as long as the heart is full of joy. But doubt and grief thicken the oil and it cannot run.

     There are many gifts, to one he gave one thing to another something else. You shall look within and find out what your gift is and use it for your growth.

     Did you know that we are all prophets? We can all prophesy good in the absolute. There is never a sick one who comes to youfor help that cannot receive the joy of your prophecy. As you develop this constant prophesying of good it shall become a power to you, so wonderful and strong that you shall at last be able to not only prophecy but shall be able to “bring it to pass.” You shall then raise the gift of prophecy to demonstration.

     Begin prophesying today—start right now with any untoward condition that is about you and prophecy its complete correction.Every time you see it repeat your prophecy and one day it will come true.

     Do you know that ships that pass in the night and signal each other in passing some­times anchor at the same port. So livethen that those who pass you on life’s high­way on seeing your signal of good cheer will desire above all things to anchor near you. The vision you hold before you is the thing you will eventually become. As you grow your signal will reach further and further until it shall encircle the entire globe. To­day the spoken word is heard around the entire globe; tomorrow the thought back of the word will penetrate infinite space and find its level.

     Your signal tower is also a station which receives messages for which it is attuned. You are the sole judge whether these shallbe songs of joy or hecatombs of tragedies. You alone are the arbiter of your fate and shall glean from the great world that which you most desire. The world shall be your text book and in it you shall find the Truth.

     Make the underlying melody of every message you send out Love and love will come back to you. Be sure that while you are looking for that which is not true that you do not miss the Truth itself. Nothing is so mean or despicable that it does notcontain some grain of good, and there is nothing that lives and breathes that does not respond to the gentle touch of love.

     What a message then to flash to the world each morning: “God’s in his heaven all is well with the world.”


Your Problem

Chapter Nine 

    I KNOW not what your individual prob­lem may be, but just the same I bring you the glorious message that YOU CAN change your present condition; YOU CAN change sickness to health; YOU CAN change poverty into wealth; YOU CAN be that which you desire to be. Further I say to you that the castle of your dreams CAN BE ATTAINED here and now by simply gathering up the loose ends of your power and centralizing your energy and force.

    Of course there are different kinds of thinking and so there are different stages, degrees and kinds of life. When a man stopsthinking he is dead. Is this not so? Even a lunatic thinks, though he scatters his thought over a great field, taking on thethought of everything that passes by.

    Many people scatter thought and are in a constant state of confusion. Such people are like the chameleon placed on a highlycolored oriental rug—he changes so rapidly that he represents no one color but is in a constant state of change. Nothing definitein the way of color.

     The subject which we are going to take up is so simple that it seems difficult—but since you are seeker of light, let us examineinto it with unprejudiced mind and try it and see if it is not the Truth.

      Everybody realizes thought is the dynamic force of the universe. Without thought where would we be. Take your own home for instance what would happen if thought properly directed were not in use.

     Do you believe in thought and its affect on your life and body? Go into a church where it is quiet and see if the quiet thought of reverence does not immediately take possession of you. Go into a theatre where thousands of people are laughing and cheer­ing and try to weep. Go into an orphan’s home and look into the wistful eyes of half a dozen children and try to keep the love thought out of your mind. Go into a peni­tentiary and see the long lines of men marching to and fro and then try to keep the thought of compassion down.

   Your whole life is made up of thought—–what you think is what you are.

    “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” has been “quoted over and over and the truth of it finally dawns on every one who is really thinking. Our lives are exactly what we think them to be; our position exactly what our thought has made it; your health exactly what you have held in mind regarding your bodies and other people’s bodies.

     “Nothing is either good or bad but think­ing made it so” might well be rendered. There is nothing EITHER good or bad that is not made by thinking.

There is no limit to what you can do when you get hold of the idea of right thinking. There are no walls which will not crumblebefore the right understanding of the power of thought. There is no mountain which will not be removed and cast into the utter­most parts of the sea if you handle your thought correctly. And again I repeat that the process of thinking rightly is so simple that it seems difficult.

     Everybody is seeking the “Kingdom of Heaven” some of us are looking one place and some another, but all, even the grossest materialist is seeking this state of happiness which he thinks of in terms of heaven. The great mistake which has always been made, and is largely made today is that we seek this Kingdom in some locality, generally quite remote to our present place, instead of seeking it in the only possible place it can be found—-i. e. “WITHIN YOU.” Now heed this-the Kingdom of your desires ful­filled, lies WITHIN YOU.

     The world or heaven within is lying there waiting the coming of the Master—you are the Master and we are going to go hand in hand into the Kingdom of your most cherished desire and find there that which. will make you happy, healthy, prosperous.

    Keep in mind that there is no mystery to this work, no hard concentration, no strained positions to be held or forced thoughts, but a natural unfolding as beautifully easy as the unfolding of a rose in June.

    That which you see about you, after all, is the result of that which was at one time hidden in the inner world. Like the seed which was dropped into the earth, when it busted through the darkness or the invisible it came out into the objective world and was seen. So with these wonderful flowers ofyour desire—when they receive the touch of Life which your thinking is presently going to give them you will soon see them bloom­ing everywhere. For as we have already said, thought is life. Up to this time the Kingdom of your life has been full ofseeds but no urge or life was felt in them so they remained in the darkness of the, in­visible.

  The secret of Live thinking is what we are going to learn.

   All about you is the great Mind of God. The Mind, out of which all things were brought forth and from which all things willeventually be brought forth, for it is the formless substance of things hoped for. Now Thought is the creative force which acts on this formless substance and shapes it into that which it desires. Thought makes the mould into which this substance is pouredbefore it is made manifest in the flesh.

   Before an architect can build a house he first conceives it in his mind as complete and perfect-he works out the details of every little part and then he sets it down on paper and as he does this he keeps on reaching further until the mental mould that he made and filled full of the formless sub­stance of Mind finally becomes the picture which he first held in mind. There is nothingunnatural about this. Take it in your own life for instance, what do you do? Are you a business man or woman? Do youwant to write a letter? Whether you know it or not you have the picture of it formulated in your mind and then you go to work and finally the thing which was just a thought in the beginning finally becomes a piece of paper with a message written on it. You made the mould and poured it full and finally you have the result. Perhaps you are a house-wife—and instead of a letteryou think of a pie. Perhaps you are a Minister and you think of a Sermon, but no matter what line you follow, no matter what your station in life the Law works just the same.

    That is reasonable you say, and the next step is too.—When we come to the point that we can recognizes that Thought is the creator, then we come, to the matter of quality. What is the quality of your thinking.

    Perhaps you say “Well I never did think of this sickness and I have it—or I never did think of this poverty and I have it,” etc.

    Let me recall to your mind the story of the cobbler who sat working at his little bench when a camel looked in at the window.The Cobbler worked on and so the camel put his nose in and not receiving any re­sistance he pushed his head in and then his neck and then his hump and then his whole body sprawled into the room crowded the cobbler into the corner so tightly that he could not do his work. “How did you get here, I never invited you in,” and when he looked at the small open window he almostknew it; was impossible for such a large animal to get through such a small opening. But since the camel stood against the closed door it was impossible for him to get out any other way than the way he had come in so then the work began in earnest.

    Thought is something that needs atten­tion. We must watch it and see that the quality is right. If we want camels of sick­ness, unhappiness and poverty to crowd us out of our birthright, then all we have to do is to leave the window open and unguarded and presently we will be crowded over intothe narrow corner of our already too narrow existence. All the light will be shut off and the air will become foul with these hateful animals which have crept in at unguarded moments.

     Now the matter of guarding your thought need not alarm you—it is not nearly so stupendous a job as it looks, it is merely re­fusing to accept the destructive thoughts that come to us.

     We have got to learn now to judge not from appearances, but to judge righteous judgment. No matter what the seeming conditions of a thing may be—we have en­listed in the army of right-thinking people and we are going to change the face of the thing and see the new fine thought mani­fested right before our eyes.

     Mind is like a great storage plant with millions of volts of static electricity waiting for an outlet. Thought is the dynamic force which connects up with this great storage house and the result is seen in what we create or what the thought pattern was that was taken to the power house. Now Mind is always and eternally good and when it is applied properly will accomplish un­dreamed of wonders, but we must not at­tempt to use this great force wrongly and expect good results. If an electric wire is left to lie on the ground and a child steps on it and is killed, you could not say that electricity was bad, for you know that same force that seemed to do the damage to the child could have been applied to carry a message thousands of miles or could have run a street car or a thousand and one other things. Look then to the quality of your thinking.

I do not have to bring to your mind the various proofs of the power of thought.

All of us have experiences, some of the optical illusions and the sense illusions which are so common they hardly need mentioning. What boy has joined a secret order or fraternity who has not been burned with an ice cold poker or felt himself bleeding to death by a small stream of lukewarm water being poured over his arm. Inversely we all know of instances where thought has carried people far into the most difficult feats.Mothers have been able to do remarkable things for their children in , time of peril. Men in battle have been- swept on to victory; every­thing is the result of thought. Thought is all there is to existence, so now let us begin with an eliminating process.

     If we want wealth we are going to begin to eliminate the poverty idea. If we want health we are going to begin to eliminate the sick thought; if we want happiness, we are going to eliminate the unhappy thought, etc.

    How shall we do this?

   Listen: All that you desire, the kingdom of Heaven, lies within. Then the way to get what we want is to go within and bring it out.

“Not so easy,” you say?

“Perfectly easy,” I reply to you.

    “Line upon line, precept upon precept,” etc.

    Today we are going to begin the journey back into the kingdom and go just as fast as we can find the way.

     Let us take an easy position, somewhere in a place as quiet as is possible and then relax. Relax and let the chair hold you up and get perfectly easy physically. Now close your eyes and rest for a moment. Think of your­self not as a body, not as a person but as the same care-free individual you are when you dream at night. Remember how easy it is for you to pass from one place to another in your dream that is because you don’t have to bother with the material body and a lot of other paraphernalia, which we do when waking. Now then you can take this In­dividuality into the innermost recesses of your mind, by declaring “I Am One with the Father within.” This was what Jesus did. He knew that the “Father within” was Right thinking which enabled him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If you are one with the Father within you are ‘one withGoodness, with happiness with health with wealth.

     You are one with the great Powerhouse in which is stored infinite power to accomplish that which you wish right here and now and the way is not difficult and hard to find.



Chapter Ten

    Mind is infinite and you are a point in that Mind where it becomes conscious. You are not at any moment disconnected from this parent Mind, but as the islands are one with the earth and are merely an expression of the earth,or a portion of it drawn out into visibility from the complete sphere, so are you joined to the infinite Mind. You then are merely an expression or rather an expressor of this inexhaustible Mind from which you can im­mediately draw all that you can possibly desire.

   When you begin to realize your oneness with this Mind you begin to see that all these false claims which have bound youfor so long must fall away and that you are free, for you are Spirit and expressing your­self through a body, and not body inhabited by an unseen thing called spirit.

    You begin to realize that your great power lies in the fact that the YOU of you is Spirit, one in essence with the Great Mind of God, and that you can now come into your dominion by making the connection between yourself and “your father within.”

    The more you realize that you are “One with the Father within” the more harmony, happiness and contentment will be mani­fested in your life. The more you will be able to tread upon the little troubles of daily life and surmount the obstacles which con­front every traveler in the journey from sense, to soul.

     Thousands have gone before you and have gained the Mastery, and it is also within your ken to do the same thing. There is nothing you cannot overcome by this simplestep, and as we go along we will find it becoming more simple all the while to “become one with the Father within.”

    Jesus was the greatest Metaphysician that ever lived and He gave, us a complete and perfect set of laws by which to demonstrate the harmony of being, which he explained to us was the natural state of man.

     The reason we are striving for this Mastership is because we are told it is ours and that we can attain it. We are to become dominant and forceful and be in authority, overcoming all the false and mistaken results of past thinking. “The works that I do you shall do also and even greater”—this was promised by the Master and if we do the Master’s work and evengreater, we too shall become Masters. First of all we want to learn the Mastery over thinking. To think correctly is not a dif­ficult process, but it requires a little daily watching and a little daily practice.

     The goal then before us is that of Master­ship. This means complete dominion and authority over everything which presentsitself to us and which would spoil our sense of harmony. In attaining this it is good to know that no willful force or will power is necessary, for that sort of control or Master­ship is temporal and soon reacts on’ the person, reducing him to .a pitiful state.

     Into the hands of the Master has been placed the WORD. The word is the vesture of thought and is there for the thought made audible. By the correction of words we can correct our thoughts as well as vice versa. By arresting evil, critical, revengeful words, we arrest the thought, condemn it to destruction and so rid ourselves of it before it has time to manifest itself. Sup­pose an evil word is spoken, how far-reaching do you think it may be— one single word has been known to end in the murder of a man. Do you think that words are not powerful?

    In the same way, one single word has saved a man. Prov.18:21. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Considerwell your words. Watch for a whole day and see how many words you can eliminate from your conversation that are weak.

    “I AM” are two words that we use thou­sands of times a day—and they are also the name of God. “I AM that I AM has sent you”—-If you say “I am weak” you are connecting up with a great storage plant and leaving your wires lie on the ground, disaster is bound to happen, for the word is powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword. “I am poor”—no wonder you are poor with your great feed wire cast down to the ground and wasting millions of volts of energy and power all for nothing. Yourwords then will determine the timbre of your thought and the results of the words are pretty sure to be after the pattern held in mind.

     Just for a little practice, sit quietly down and say to yourself. “I AM” MASTER OF MY DESTINY”—-repeat it, over five times, slowly and thinkingly—-and see what a fine feeling it gives you. Why? because it has started the currents of this great Powerhouse on a constructive mission.

     There is magic in words—-take the words I CAN and I CAN’T and see what mental attitude accompanies them. Look about you for one of your friends who is making free use of “I can’t” -and you will see not only a weak mentality, but likewise a weak body which is more than likely encountering endless obstacles and who more than likely is assuming the role of a martyr. Lookagain at the “I can” friend and nine chances to ten there will be a smile on his face, a bright twinkle in his eye and when it storms within your kingdom you feel like running post haste to him and listening to the dom­inant ring of “I CAN.” What a song, what a thrill, what a joy to hear it “I Can do that” —“I can do that.” Try it for a few times —-then come along a little further, “I CAN BE WHAT I DESIRE TO BE”—-how’s that? —fine, isn’t it. Gives you the thrill of real living.

     Remember that words voiced of others usually find lodgment in our own lives and before we know it the camel which is just an embryonic thought in the beginning has pushed us into the corner again.

     Don’t criticize, God has relieved you of the unpleasant duty of passing judgment. “Judge not”-for the law is absolute, the judgment you render to another is surely that which will be rendered unto you only it will be pressed down and running over.

    For a week, watch every negative word and eliminate it. See what a vast number of times you have had to withhold your speech, but see if at the end of the week you have not gained something. “She is so hateful, he is so dishonest.” Unless you knew what hateful thoughts and dishonest thoughts were, you would never be able to pin them on another. “Yes, I know, but he actually steals”—-is it going to help you or him to tell the world about it? No, it is going to add one more grain to your dis­comfort.

      Your word shall not return unto you void but shall accomplish whereunto it is sent.

      What kind of words are you going to send out?

     The power of the word has been tried many times in sport. Two or ‘three have decided to greet a perfectly well person with this speech “How bad you look this morning, you must be feeling bad,” and the result produced was sickness. In some of the heathen Islands people are prayed to death as effectively as if they were given slow poison. Unless we get hold of the powerof right thinking, we are subject to all these wandering thoughts of which the world is full, and unless we reject them they enter. To return to our illustration of the camel, we are crowded into the corner, not knowing why.

     “Speak as one having authority”—-SPEAK —-the word again is brought into play. Do not be afraid to speak your heart’s most cherished desire, into the infinite Mind, into the formless substance and know that it will manifest itself in the desired result. “Only speak the word and it shall be done.”  

      When you sit in the silence and go within, you can speak the word, you can speak the

desire of your heart, knowing that your word shall not return unto you void, but shall accomplish, then as you hold yourselffrom weak, vacillating words and thoughts you will see the seed word germinate and the idea push up into visibility, for words are seeds and “we reap what we sow.”

     Sow a crop of sick words and the harvest will be sickness, sow a crop of health words and the crop will be strength and power. Some seeds germinate instantly and come to light with the magic of the Japanese water flowers which bloom as you watch them. This is what is called instantaneous demon­stration, but it is only that the word was spoken true and the pattern which it set before Infinite Mind was immediately made flesh or visible. Some words are slower to germinate, but sooner or later all of them come to life and bear after their kind.

       Now do not throw in a handful of wheat and then cover the ground with seeds of vicious plants and expect to have a goldenharvest, be persistent in sowing good words, words of power and happiness, words of strength and courage, words of prosperityand presently the harvest will come. Some people spend fifteen minutes a day in the silence saying good words and thinkinggrand and noble thoughts and then come out and spend the rest of the 24 hours in the most vicious of thinking.

      The more we understand of the Power of right thinking, the more we will be able to make these words appear before us clothed in demonstration.

      One thing we must learn as we go along is that if we have been in the habit of con­demning either ourselves or others we are to stop this action short. “‘Neither do I con­demn thee” does not only apply to our mis­judgment of others but also has to do with ourselves. We are learning that we must drop off the “Poor Worm of the dust” at­titude and take on the glorious “Sons of God idea. We must stop degrading the Temple of the Living God by calling it old, worn out, sick, crippled or ugly and begin to praise it and to outline upon it beautiful and noble images. We shall hold in thought the model we wish to carve upon the blockof stone before us.

      We are all sculptors of our own lives and the block of marble before us is given us for the purpose of carving out somethingbeautiful. If your mind is filled with ugly and angular outlines you will never produce .a glory of beauty in your statue. If yourthought is full of hate, criticism, sickness and poverty these you will surely trace on the stone before you, and this stone is to bethe “Temple of the Living God.” This brings the Power pretty close to you doesn’t it?” Well, the power is within and thesooner you come to the full realization of the fact the sooner you will begin to change the design which you are carving on themarble in front of you.

      Another thing—-remember this—that you are the Sculptor and you stand with chisel in hand ready to work, and that as you stand you are vested with infinite power, infinite beauty of design, infinite ability to accomplish any design which comes into your thought. You are the Master Workman—there is nothing which you cannot do.

      Master workman, pause right here and see what is the pattern in your thought? What are your models and do you need a new set? Again if you are occupied with your block of marble carving the design in your thought you have no time to watch the next sculptor as he works and either envy or slander his work. While you look away your chisel may slip and you may make an ugly incision which will be hard to remove.Keep well to your task and quietly work out your design.

      Remember that the word which is planted in secret will come to light, but do not trample it down nor dig it up every few moments to see if it has germinated.

     Plant it and leave it, watering it with the great Powerful words, “My word shall not return unto me void” for I have made my connection with the great storage house of Infinite Mind.Keep it secret, as the seed needs the darkness to germinate, so your ideas and plans need the secrecy of your mind to germinate. If you call it from the housetop, you will dissipate all your energy’ and the seed will die because it has been sapped of its vitality. If you discuss your plans with others before they have fully matured, then you will have the weeds of their wrong thinking to battle with. Keep your work a secret, when it is ready for the world to know, it shall by so evident that no word from you will be necessary. How often have you known of some one who told what they were going to do, utterly fail in it and finally by angry if any one asked them when they were going to do a certain thing. If the energy they had. spent in telling andrepeating this bit of news to another had been conserved and applied, to the right channels of thought, they in all probabilitywould have succeeded in accomplishing their desire, and’ then would have been plenty of time to have told. Guard your work, com­mune freely with the “Father within” for that is the source of all power:—praise every atom of good you see both in yourself and others, praise every atom of health and glorify the temple in which you are living. Remember you are Spirit and not body, and that the temple you inhabit is under your control.Remember that there is nothing which can in any way sidetrack you but your own thought about a thing.

      Perhaps you think you have already spoiled your block of marble and there is little hope of doing anything with it. This is a wrong thought, for the infinity Mind with which you can make direct connection can easily correct and erase any ugly designsand give you a new and fresh chancy. Even marble becomes plastic under the touch of the Infinite Mind.

     Opportunity is never lost—it is only lost sight of for a moment.

      Remember then that you are Master that you have in your hands the Word which is Powerful and which will accomplish where­unto it is sent.

     Remember then from now on we are to watch the words that no weak, idle words are included in our talk either of ourselves or others.

     Remember that you are a Sculptor at work and that you can chisel only what you see in thought.



Chapter Eleven

     The reverse of a lie is the Truth. The reverse of Sickness is health. The re­verse of poverty is wealth. The re­verse of sorrow is harmony and joy. All these things, all these reverses are going to be brought about in your life, because we know that happiness is real and eternal and that unhappiness, discord and poverty areunreal, hence they have neither power, place or permanence,because they are simply the result of evil or wrong thinking.

     We know now there is but one power and this power if rightly used can be made to do anything necessary to bring into manifestation our desires, but when our desires are wrong, weak, sick or bad then the power is turned into these channels and produces after the patterns- shown on the mount. Do not blame God for your condition. Look to the patterns you are holding up before you and see where the true fault lies.

     This seems like a colossal statement, but the day is passed when we creep along page after page trying to get at the meat of the truth. I am giving you plain facts in a plain simple way, asking you to accept them until you find out they are false. You can ‘put them to the most practical test at once and if you find them wanting do not go further.

     For a little test work let us try this simple thing. “Suppose you are pitying yourself and your lot, suppose you feel like the,whole world is all wrong and as you go along the way with, a heavy heart, you think your lot is the worst in the world. You cannot see any of the beautiful flowers along your way, nor hear the birds nor catch the infinite harmonies of soul, until you suddenly pass a man in a wheeling chair and at the corner meet up with a blind man, and a little further on chance onto the deaf and dumb cobbler. Suddenly the whole thought that you hadbefore is reversed; you find that you have infinite things to, be grateful for. What would any one of these unfortunates, give to be standing in your place? Gratitude wells up in your heart andyou have, sud­denly reversed all the downcast thinking and you are actually, counting your blessings and are happy. Now this is a very simple little example, you can try it any time you are downcast or unhappy—you will only have to walk two squares to find out you are pretty well off. And it will also bring to your mind the grand verity that what is true of this little test is also true of the more severe conditions which you are entertaining mentally and you will find that by the re­versing process you can if you are persistent overcome any untoward condition. Every­thing is thought and thinking is the very life of both you and the Universe in which you live. Now remember this simple little point that thought is the only action in the universe. You have to think before you can do the slightest thing, though perhaps you havebecome so used to it so habituated to doing certain things that it is uncon­scious thought, but just the same it is thought.

     At first the job of reversing is not so easy. Perhaps you are suffering from a con­dition of poverty and when you reverse theorder and say, “I am wealthy because I am spirit and one with the Father of all wealth, the source of all supply,” it seems like telling a bald faced lie, but never mind how it seems, don’t for once, after you have taken your stand at reversing let the idea of poverty take the floor again, no matter if it seem actually to, be a solid and concrete fact. The reason it seems to be a fact is thatyou have thought it so long and so hard that you have solidified it and made it some­thing which appears awfully real, and you have held the poverty mould in front of your eyes solong that you reproduce the design without being conscious of it. Start the reversing process, and you will begin to see a slight stir at once, and ways and means will begin to open up for you that you have not dreamed of.

     Now do be reasonable about these things. There, is nothing which is going to drop down, from the skies into your lap as you meditate upon wealth, no unreasonable things do I ask or call to your attention, but as you know you are one with the Father within and that all things are open unto you, new ideas will come to you which if acted upon will open channels of supply for you that will meet your every need.

     Do not be afraid to follow the leadings of your heart after you have gone into the silence and listened attentively, for the still small voice, as all ways will open up for the ac­complishment ofyour desire. “Be not afraid —only believe.”

     One of the greatest difficulties that people encounter in making the word flesh is that they lack singleness of purpose. They change their ideas with such rapidity that they constantly have a changed pattern before the mind and as a result it can reproduce nothing. Another serious mistake that is made is the attitude. “Leave it with God” and holding the mind a perfect blank with­out desire, wish or formulated plan. This may be all right for the introduction off Love,

faith and hope, but if you have some desire which has to come forth in the material you will have to hold a design, exact and com­plete before the mind constantly in order that it may be reproduced and brought forth in completeness.

     If you sit down to draw and try to draw a circle while you hold the image of a square in your mind what kind of a picture will you bring forth. Probably a hexagon, neither a square nor a circle. This is true if you desire today to be a carpenter and change it tomorrow to a preacher. You must have singleness of purpose, and take your positive stand. Decide just what you want and then outline perfectly-in your mind and each day hold the pattern up, knowing that the Father will open the way for the accomplish­ment of it for you are making your con­nection with the infinite source of all power and that nothing can keep youfrom ac­complishing your desires.

     When the eye is single then the whole body or temple or work shop is full of light. Now if you will take a check over your desires and see that you are not changeable, but hold fast to one set plan and pray to the Father in secret you will see the manifestation come forth openly. There will be plenty of light to guide you and your dream will be accomplished.

     Once you have taken the reversing method turn not back, neither give away to doubt because of, appearances.

     In Australia there is said to exist a white ant which eats the wooden frame of a house entirely away many times unbeknown to the owner of the house. All of a sudden the house will collapse and go to the ground in a heap. Perhaps the brick or cement house stood in perfect order this morning and five minutes later it is a heap of dust and debris. This is the way the reversing works. Per­haps you cannot see a single bit of difference in the problem and perhaps it stands day after day just like it did, but if you are faithful and refuse to accept the lie, one morning it will collapse and disappear. Just like the walls of Jericho—they did not fall the first time, neither the second, nor the third, nor yet the fourth, but one morning they crumbled away and. wereno more, and that is the process of persistent reversing, finally the model before, the mind has, become a habit of thought and the Mind goes to work to reproduce almost unconsciouslywhat it desires.

     Believe this or not, it is the truth, and you can prove it if youwill only be a little patient.

     When you reverse, the lie and cling stead­fastly to the fact that you are one with the Father within which is Spirit, and that Right thinking is the Father within, you are sending out these seed thoughts into a very fertile soil and presently the crop will astonish you. New interests will come to you; new powers will manifest themselves in your behalf and you will find that through some little thing or other, perhaps it will be ever so small, the deed is done and you have overcome the condition which you have been reversing.

     I call to your attention the story of Arabian nights where two wealthy men had a discussion as to the best way of making a man wealthy. One said to give him a good big start, the other said to give him a little seed. So they agreed to try it on apoor tent maker. The first man gave him 200 pieces of gold and told him there was his start to independence. So, overcome with his sudden wealth was the poor tentmaker that he rushed at once to the market and purchased a large piece of meat for himself and family. He put the hundred and ninety pieces of gold in his turban as he hurried home to his wife, after having spent the ten pieces’ for food. On the way home a raven smelling the fresh meat flew down and tried to snatch it out of his hands with his sharp claws. In fighting him off, the raven by some chance or other got his claws hooked in the turban and flew away with the turban, money and all. When the rich man re­turned, he found the tentmaker in the same condition as before, and when he told him about the raven, the rich man laughed, but said to him, “Here is another two hundred pieces.” The tentmaker was again over­joyed and this time he hid one hundred ninety pieces in an old jar of bran as he went to the market to buy some food for the family. During his absence, his wife met up with a street vendor who was buying old vessels and she sold him the jar of bran for a few coppers. Imagine the man’s plight when he told his wife what was in the bran. When the rich men returned, the first one admitted that his idea had failed, so the second one took his chance. As he came along the way he had picked upa piece of lead, a sinker to a fishing net, which he presented to the tentmaker saying, “This is the beginning of your fortune, usecarefully and well.” The tentmaker thought he was making light of him and put the sinker on the shelf and went on with hiswork. That night a neighbor who was a successful fisherman came and knocked on the tentmaker’s door and asked if he had a bit of old metal which he could use for a sinker; that he had lost one and that the shops were closed and he could not get any­thing at that hour in the night. Suddenly the tentmaker thought of  the piece of lead and gave it to the fisher, who said to him, “For this I shall give you the very first seine that I draw—if it be a hundred fishes or if it have nothing, the first net shall be yours.” The next morning he presented the tentmaker with one huge fish which was the first catch.

     The fish was so large that they could not possibly have used it so they decided to sell the whole thing at the market. When they did it was the first extra money they had ever had and so they invested it in some canvas and hired another tentmaker to helpmake another tent—as soon as the increase from this sale was made it was invested again and gradually out of the little leadsinker the poor tentmaker became a large manufacturer of tents and a rich man.

     The story is this—that from the tiniest seed thought if well planted and tended can grow the mightiest demonstration.From the tiny acorn the oak springs and the pat­tern of it lies slumbering in the acorn, per­fect and intact —there is no doubt as to what the outcome will be when you plant the acorn— it is going to bring forth an oak tree, and if it is properly cared for it will make a giant of the forest, or it can be trampled underfoot because it is first small and of no particular value. The tiny seed of your faith when planted will not send up a mighty oak with one bound, but it will push up a slender plant which if you watch and guard carefully will at last be the sturdy oak of your need. The thing that tramples the demonstration into the ground is the fact that we allow the wrong thinking process to come in and destroy our moulds of good.

    Take your positive stand today and reverse the lie as it comes to you, no matter what it says—reverse it—and keep reversingit right in the face of the most evident facts to the contrary and presently you shall see results which will startle you.

     Suppose you are ill–suppose you have a certain diseased condition of the body—when you plant the first seed thought ofgood when you know that you are spirit and not matter that youare one with the su­preme source of all life, then you are begin­ning to prepare the ground for a crop of perfect health, and nothing can keep the de­monstration from you, except you turn back.

     The way is not difficult—it is not impossible but is just a matter of keeping up the re­versing process.

Such an affirmation as “Everything which pertains to me andmy affairs is well and good right now”—repeated and thought over will do wonders in a short time. For right thinking is all thereis to the Divine Mind and wrong thinking all there is to MortalMind—they are one and the same thing merely used or misused.

     You shall make your decision today whether you will continue to misuse this force or power for evil results, or whether youshall start the principle of reversing into action and turn again and be saved from the evil of your thinking.

     Like attracts like you well know, you can­not expect to attract wealth if your mind is full of poverty—you cannot expect to behappy when your mind is full of wretched­ness and inharmony. You cannot expect to move an inch if you positively know within yourself that you cannot move an inch.

     I have often heard it said “that is just MY luck”—when some evil seems to over­take a person—of course it is just their luck for they have claimed it—how could they expect it to go to anybody else. Their mind has attracted it and held it and it hascome unto them. “Loose him and let him go”—loosen all these old dead beliefs about a personal luck, a personal devil, etc. andyou will see that they were only hanging around because you were holding them to you and for no other reason were they there.

     Another thing as we go along the way—when we start the reversing let us cut out the malice, hatred, judging, condemning and criticizing others. We have no time for this now—let them alone  “what is that to thee”—follow thou me—follow the new pattern which you have set before the clean tablet of your mind and watch that you keep your own eye single and pay no atten­tion to what your brother is doing, saying, or advising—follow’ the inner voice and be saved.

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