Let God Let

“The Magic came to me at last — I discovered I was to Let God Let” —

Somewhere hidden away in this line came the remembrance of LETTING. The God-Spake thing — “Let there be Light and there was Light” — and when the whole manifest creation proceeded in orderly fashion — all of it appearing by the magic of the WORD “let” — and this further alignment of Letting yourself Let God — takes on a new and interesting meaning. You cannot make God do anything. In some places Jesus did not many mighty works — not because the Power was absent, but because the people could not “let” it take place — in other words they could not let themselves go to the point of Letting God manifest through the human belief.

“Let there be Light — and there was Light.” There was neither sun, moon nor stars — (all symbols of THE LIGHT) — created as yet. And then too, there were the plants in the field and no rain yet and no one to till the soil. When we are speaking of this God Power it is not something measured by human thought — it reverses all science regardless, for it is above the laws of cohesion, adhesion, gravity and limitation. Read for yourself and see.

The moment an invisible thing is slowed down to a point of visibility, which we call matter, it begins to disappear. The moment you drive a car from the dealers half a block, it is a used car — disintegration sets in immediately and the manifestation is only held in place by your consciousness of it. The moment you drop it from consciousness it begins to fall apart or disappear, that is why the command “Loose him and let him Go” is so important to you. What you hold in consciousness stays put until you loose it and let it go and then it has to go.

When you withdraw consciousness from anything the process of disintegration is very rapid. A house which is closed up though protected by every possible device starts to fall to pieces. The furniture will go down in tone — why? Because there is no conscious life there. You see how you world of manifestation depends upon your consciousness. No wonder then Jesus counseled “Be still and know that I am God.”

This all brings you to the place of “releasement.” You begin to releaseyour good instead of trying to make it appear. What a heavenly word to return to Jehovah. Since heaven and earth are full of Thee (the substance) there is plenty to release.

Release the Love of God through your temple/being and see it flood the world of yours with Light.

“For forty years their garments and shoes waxed not old.” Shows what consciousness does compared to the human law of life. Come then — let us reason together.


The word Assumption is better understood through the feeling than byhearing. It is a gradual merging of one substance into another, a sort of osmosis, just as alcohol absorbs and is absorbed by the oil of a flower and produces a third substance, perfume. It is nothing that can be forced — when the point of saturation is reached it is complete. The assumption of your God-given heritage which became almost completely separated from you, is not by sudden flight but by a gradual infiltration of the consciousness you are recognizing as Immortal.

Jesus invited this assumption, and said, “the works I do ye shall do also and even greater.” As you begin to see this recognition which eventually results in Assumption of that Virginal Mind, you will also begin to recognize that in a more or less degree this assumption has been going on for some time.

If you assume a thing as true — such as perfect health or wealth or what you will, you do not try by hook or crook to make a demonstration, but begin such a “letting” process into manifestation that before you know it you detect as in the analysis of perfume the aroma of the flower rising in clouds from the mixture of oil and alcohol. So is matter merging with Spirit into that third substance “Flesh” — “yet in my flesh shall I see God” — and you begin to prepare to see God in a thousand and one ways and degrees that never could have happened before. You begin to see God in the flesh — in the new assumed state of consciousness. It is wonderful!

At that point you assume the various phases of God — you heal, not because you try to heal, but because you cannot do anything else. The moment another person sees this “Light” and calls upon you, the Light lengthens and intensifies its power to a degree that is above the degree of the human congested thought which is producing the difficulty in the other. It is nothing you do — once you have made this assumption, it is something you cannot help doing. “Who touched me for I perceive that virtue (healing) has gone out of me.” And so it goes.

The assumption of your Christ powers — the mind which was ALSO in Christ Jesus — does not bring importance, self aggrandizement, etc. It brings a sense of integrity of purpose but with all a standing or a resting in the consciousness, leaving the results entirely to the osmosis or the permeation of the Light.

“Come to me,” requires not only a decision, but a complete assumption above human thinking and laws — before a heavier than water body can venture out onto its surface.

The assumption of LIGHT dissipates the density of matter laws and beliefs. The Assumption of the Virgin — the pure unadulterated acceptance of your Christ Consciousness will bring much into manifestation which has been hidden, lo these many years.


Genius is your capacity to know God. In God man finds the sum total of all talent — waiting to be expressed. If he can fix his recognition on this he will sidestep the limitations of human thinking.

We see the so-called child prodigy solving problems with ease which stump a great mathematician. Why? Does he think — apparently not — in a flash he has the answer — because the answer already exists. “Before you ask I will answer” the key word is “Do you believe?” not “do you try or want or wish to believe?” — do you believe in God? The more you stay you power on the Principle of LIFE the greater the interest accruing. Looking straight into the face of God causes you to die to some of the limitations of human thought. Hence we see a child of three playing a difficult concerto. His physical equipment is many times inadequate to the Power he has released through his temple. “Come and let us reason together.”

“Ye men of Athens know ye not that ye are gods” — know ye not that the very attributes and powers you are embodying in a marble statue are actually in you — awaiting recognition — awaiting the purity of consciousness which can “believe.” Mary magnified the Power within her — and the child was set on earth. You contemplate the law of mathematics or music and you increase perceptibly in the expression and the more you contemplate it the more the expression comes forth — the more natural it becomes.

There are ten talents if you can take them.


Walter C. Lanyon

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