I Am The Light

“I am the Light of the world”—A light that “shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”  So is it with the I AM of you.  Once discovered and identified as YOU, it brings a LIGHT unto this “world” of human thought-taking shadows.  The moment this is established, you will begin to experience the automatic effect of light on darkness.  You have for ages been trying to “bring” the light from some outside region–either up (in Heaven), or from some far-away place of mystery.  From time to time you have apparently been able to do just this.  But your success was so fleeting and irregular that it came under the heading of “miracle.” Yet, “I AM the Light of the WORLD” stands and until you discover and identify yourself with your I AM—the Father to whom Jesus immediately turned and associated Himself in Oneness—you will not be able to dispel much of the human-thinking darkness which you have drawn to yourself.  It is wonderful when the revelation of your Permanent Identity breaks over you. It is this identification with the FATHER, “I and My Father are One,” that gave Jesus Christ the power over the shadows of His Jesus consciousness.  It was this nearness and naturalness of the Father within that made Him what He was; and it is this same consciousness which will change you and cause wonders to happen—miracles to the thought-clogged mentalities about you, but to you just revelations from the standpoint of your new plane of consciousness. The attempt to establish this new revelation is, of course, fraught with the limitation of a language, which is three-dimensional—and is trying to “utter the utterable WORD.” Yet by arranging its utterable words in inspired patterns, suddenly the unwritten or unuttered WORD  becomes real.   But first and above all, the question asked a hundred times in these pages, “Believes thou this?”  must be answered by you.  If, to the teachings of Jesus in their entirety, you cannot answer in the affirmative, then you are holding a reservation for some other than God Almighty, and have not yet recognized Him SUPREME.  It is futile to imagine that you can deny this omnipotence and hope to attain results with a divided allegiance.  It is all or nothing.  And it cannot be “all” on the three-dimensional, thought-taking plane on which we found ourselves, when Jesus Christ first came. “If you deny ME, I shall also deny you,” is quite normal reaction.  When you throw a rubber ball against a wall, it returns to you with the force with which it was thrown.  You are not surprised.  If you deny the power of Jesus Christ as a reality, then when you call upon it, nothing responds; for you have already established the consciousness which does not believe in IT, and are only saying words.  Be not like the heathen, who think by repeating many words to gain the ear of God.  There is only ONE WORD and the moment that is felt-uttered, it breaks itself up into thousands of human words, depending upon the language in which you think.

A man may think in any language or several, but he only “feels” in ONE, the unspoken language of the heart-soul.  So the universal language is the urge or sensing quality.  The moment it is accepted in recognition, it is able to say, “I believe.”  For it is not measuring by anything found in human consciousness.  It is wonderful when this becomes true to you.  For the moment it does, you begin to KNOW  in the right sense of the word.  It is not a “think-knowing,” but a “feel-knowing,” and this is not emotional or sentimental.  It is something so well balanced and so free from all the sensations of the think-knowing as to be free from any curiosity or questioning.  When this feel-know is touched, the manifestation will follow, either instantly or later—but at the precise moment when it should.

Imagine the cripple at the Temple gate ever dreaming of suddenly leaping and dancing, free and in perfect bodily condition.  He could have been able to think about only as the “impossible”—yet it took place, and mark you, he had no time to study any “system” of Truth or hear any dissertations on the subject.  He was able to “believe” or accept the gift, and the Father within answered for him, “Yea, LORD” in agreement, and came forth with full capacity to do that which he was called upon to do.  The only reason anything can ever take place in you is because the Father consciousness within you has full capacity to accomplish it.  Otherwise there would be no

manifest results.  If this Father consciousness were not already there, you could not implant it there by any amount of thinking, for it is entirely too fantastic for human thought to handle. You see then we are not trying to bring something new to you;  not asking you to create a “new” consciousness, or to do something.  We are merely calling attention to that which actually exists in you, and has always existed in you.  It was through the discovery of this that Jesus, the carpenter,  was able to do things that “Jesus, the Carpenter” could not do yet did.  Whatever has been accomplished, at any time, above the line of human thinking, has been done through this same discovery, in a degree.

True this “Father” may be buried beneath centuries of human thinking, intelligence and findings.  He may be covered with the deep incrustation of ” I have never seen it done, nor have I ever known any who has seen it done;” and to extricate the Father from this morass of beliefs seems a labor for a spiritual Hercules.  If he approaches it through the limitation of the material, he finds his Augean Stables too much for him—and gives up in despair. Perhaps he then starts a long and tiresome study of it all—and yet, remember the WRETCH at the Temple gate, with a life filled with evil, suddenly releasing this Father?  It thrills one to think that instead of all this human palsy-like movement of thought, the cripple was “suddenly” freed, and the entire manifestation of evil absorbed, transformed.  The old body was not destroyed, nor gotten rid of—but the union of Father and Son released the perfect manifestation.        Can you “believe?”  Well, not until this, “I AM the Light of the WORLD,” becomes YOU.  Until in a natural, normal state of mind you are able to accept this wonderful revelation.  Over and over again you “try” to do this—but presently you SEE what it is, and then you dare to call upon the Father as naturally as you would call upon your human father were he in the next room.  What would he do if you called upon him in the day of trouble?  He would rush to help you in every possible way.  So just as you know this to be natural—(it is what you and everybody else would expect) so must this calling on the FATHER within be natural, normal and easy.  I must stress to you that it is EASY and NATURAL and NORMAL.  You must not make an event of it.

Instantly when Jesus (the carpenter) called upon HIS Father, HE (Jesus) became Jesus Christ—“One with the Father.”  And this elevation caused the Light to shine in the darkness, to illumine the human situation, and reveal the nothingness of the mortal or matter thinking-pictures.  So powerful is this Light that no combination of laws, thoughts or opinions can or will stand against it.  In the case of the cripple, we see it wiping out forty years of accumulated belief with the same ease as it might have brushed away a single thought.  Do you “believe”?  You cannot believe it with the human thought- taking process, for it is utterly impossible.

There is “so much to do” in your present situation before it is ready to manifest the new state of things, your poor mind is worn out trying to “dream”” about it all.  If you do not watch you will find yourself saying:  “Well, when I come (on earth) again, I will do so and so.”  When you come again you come with all the limitations you take with you.  For the experience of dropping off the body does not suddenly enlighten you.  You remark how natural it all was to Jesus, and the human mind says as an excuse for its failure to experience fulfillment, health and joy here and NOW, “Oh, yes, but that was Jesus, and He had a special power,” and so you will set up a JESUS against His own admonition:  “Call not Me good”—do not mistake who “doeth the works”—“Call not Me good.”  And in further defense of the revelation He made it plain that anything He had ever done, and even greater works, were possible to YOU.  Do you BELIEVE?  You must answer this yourself.

We have seen that the cripple did not have time to think about his problem—he had been doing that for forty years—but suddenly he was able to believe, and in that one instant—in the “twinkling of an eye”—was he able to change his entire bodily manifestation.  Yet all that took place was a showing forth of that which had always existed.  It was that which had been created “in the beginning,” perfect and eternal in the heavens.  It is wonderful.  It makes your situation so possible of change.  You are suddenly released from a straitjacket of human thinking, which has bound you, and crippled your capacities.  No body could of itself be crippled or ugly or aged.  It must have over it a bondage of hateful human thinking, which like unto many ropes and chains cut deep into the flesh and fester, in ugliness and discord. Break any of these cords or ropes of human thought and it experiences what the world calls “a healing,” but it is only an aperture through which the Light has come into being.

All this seems vague and hypothetical, yet in reality the moment the thought force is taken away from anything that thing comes to its natural form and shape again.  Just as a soft rubber ball crushed in the hands will return to its normal, perfect symmetry the moment the fingers have released it.  Break the thought on a given problem and the abnormal manifestations of that problem go out of the picture.  Where do they go?  The force that was formerly used to hold them in place is absorbed and picked up, and the moment this occurs the manifestation which was sustained by this force drops out of sight.

So you begin to see what it is to “Be still and know that I AM God,” and why Paul, in an impassioned moment, when he had cut through to this ONENESS, literally “screamed,” “Know ye not that ye are Gods,” trying to bring to the Greeks (who understand so well the “gods” and their alleged unlimited powers) just what it must mean to know what “Jesus” was revealing to the world.  “Know ye not that ye are Gods?”  was some question to ask the ancient Greeks who believed so strongly in the powers of their gods.

When Jesus asks you “Believest thou this?”  you are confronted by the same thing.  Do you believe it is possible for you to do the WORKS that HE did “and even greater works?”  In other words, do you believe that “you are gods”?  Many human minds have tried it and thought to set up a “human god,” only to have him fall in due season with all the trade-marked trappings of his reign.  Yet the question stands.  Will you do the works of Jesus Christ?  Or will you still parry the question and make what you think are “modest” excuses?  Are you afraid, or do you still want to “save your darling (personality) from the flames” of LIFE which will consume it in order that your Permanent Identity may be made manifest?  It is wonderful when you begin to glimpse this Father-within consciousness as natural, normal and easy, and dare to “Call upon ME,” and instantly experience the change which the Light brings to the shadowy valley of thought in which you have been living all these centuries.

The coming of light to a shadow-world does no overcoming or setting aside of realities.  What seemed so real and impossible to the Shadow Kingdom is no problem to the LIGHT.  For instance, if it were possible for you to enter a two-dimensional kingdom and see it working, it would be one of length and breadth with no height, and everything would have to take place flat on the ground.  Circumscribing a shadow with a square of darkness would not constitute any problem for you, but if the shadow-being had consciousness of it he would know this to be a wall over which he could not climb, and he would have a problem.  This problem would be as real to him as yours is to you.

Then, entering this present kingdom with its consciousness of the third dimension, “height,” would instantly make nothing of all the problems of the two-dimensional.  A wall of shadow is nothing to you.  You will glibly say, “it only seems to be a wall.”  But to the two-dimensional being, it is solid, made of the same substance of which he is composed, and has the same power to him as a wall of matter has to you.  But you find a wall of shadow nothing.  You use no force or effort on it, nor do you try to suggest ways and means of overcoming it.  While the shadowy being complains of its reality, you are not concerned with its—to him—awful manifestation.  But there is no way for this other to escape his prison, except he enters the third dimension.  The moment he does this, he too, sees his prison nothing but a shadow, and smilingly walks through it.  It has no bondage for him NOW.

Thus when Jesus came to your world, he found you bound by many prisons, all of them as imaginary and unreal as the shadowy wall to the shadow man.  Yet even as the latter protested about the reality of his condition, so do you spend your entire life trying to overcome matter with matter.  You can picture a wall so solid that nothing can penetrate it, and can back this up by the testimony of the entire race of your world.  You can argue and wonder and speculate.  Unless you accept the revelation of Jesus


Walter C. Lanyon

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