He Made Darkness His Secret Place

We ignorantly worship God as made in the Image and Likeness of man. His capacities are limited and his mind is given to all the ugliness of human thought. “Who hath known the mind of the Lord?” The infinite reaches of His intelligence cannot be more than glimpsed by the finite mind. It is only when we begin to merge into the ONE that we discover what the “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard” – reaches of LIGHT which defy all words.

“He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.”

The wisdom of God, being foolishness in the eyes of man, is hidden from human thought. The Illumination of His Presence throws dust into the eyes of human reason. Man is blinded by the LIGHT of what he can neither understand nor yet believe. The wise and prudent cannot enter His pavilion.

God has made darkness His secret place. The LIGHT of His Presence is so intense it is unseeable to the eye relying on the human thought equation. It is or was reported that five miles above the earth is darkness, the veil of ether cannot be seen through – though the sun’s rays penetrate it. Something to consider! Man keeps on discovering new levels which neutralize the former discoveries. Watch!

“My sheep” those who have recognized the VISION will follow the instructions to the sheep – and instead of arguing and trying to set someone right, will “let the filthy be filthy still.” They will find other uses for pearls than casting them to dogs and swine.

The ceiling of human reasoning is reached by judging from appearances. It makes its deductions from hearsay. The moment a broadcast of evil is made, it is acted upon, accepted, and very shortly brought into manifestation after which the pattern is multiplied a thousandfold.

Recently a streetcar strike was held in a western city. No transportation on the streets except automobiles. It was surprising how many accepted the verdict and found they were unable to go anywhere. The general excuse was, “Well, I couldn’t go because there was no transportation.” And yet many of those people were studying to learn how to rid themselves and others of so-called incurable diseases.

“Who did hinder you?” What you accept from appearances is true to you, regardless, but to no one else. When we stop trying to demonstrate over conditions and things, there comes the consciousness and the willingness which takes shape and form after a manner unknown to human thought. You do not accept evil in any form regardless of the appearance. Presently you will find it does not exist even if it does exist, just as the lack of bread did exist and five thousand men testified to the lack – but ONE DID NOT. ONE with God is a majority is the basis from which Jesus operated. If He had not, we would have been minus any realization of God. The moment He became one with God, He disregarded any and all appearances and went through closed doors of human belief. It makes no difference if every other one of the ten thousand have fallen by a belief in disease, “it shall not come nigh thee” unless you give it a body and form and permit it power through acceptance.

Daily broadcasts of evil are always present, and you operate from that level and evil will result, or you do precisely what Jesus did and discover that literally “none of these things move me.” Nothing moves ME, the Christ – everything affects the Jesus (John Smith).

Do not go out to battle the midnight and storm of human belief when you refuse to accept appearances. It is not overcoming – it is recognition of God in whom there is no obstruction – a willingness to follow through, but not to “stand praying” in the old sense of the word – an acceptance of it all, an appropriation.

Cleopatra knew plenty of human strategy and so-called diplomacy – yet she could not handle the asp. A child can. Can you? Why? The asp that a child could handle with impunity took Cleopatra out of the picture. Be sure you are not playing with spiritual powers, trying to do tricks. “The … child shall play on the hole of the asp.” Can you?

You see why God is HID in darkness. Darkness begins at the limit of your human sight. In the relative sense of things, it is called ether – yet this great envelop of darkness called ether which scientists have discovered and which is apparently void of light, is easily penetrated by the light of the heavenly bodies. There is not much use trying to hold to the darkness of human ignorance any more. “I have a way ye know not of” – no use trying to find it. You have to discover it in operation, which you will do when you are willing to accept GOD and not the beliefs of man. If a man-made law can stop the action of the child of God, what can that child do with healing?

Gradually you release the words: “Judge not from appearances” (from the shell of human thought) and find they mean just what they say.

It says “JUDGE NOT” – regardless of what the ten thousand who are going to fall by them, say. “It shall not come nigh thee” because it cannot. You have not accepted it. Your illumination comes from another source. You keep silent before ME – and, likewise before the ten thousand who are functioning in the evil belief. You follow ME into the “darkness” of SPIRITUAL LIGHT and see through the whole thing. “He made darkness his secret place.”

The Unknown God whom ye ignorantly worship was declared to you, accompanied by thousands of proofs. If you must thrust your hands into His side to see, you are going to receive no blessings.

The “stigmata” which His body bore, has been reproduced by many people who have become so emotionally moved by His blessed Life, they have symbolically gone through the passions and found the “marks” visible on their bodies. It would do no more good to put your hand in the wounds made by the emotions of the human mind, than it would be to have put your hand in the wounds made by the nails in the flesh of Jesus. The blessing comes from recognition and not from regarding the manifestation. The signs that are to follow can do nothing else. They flow from consciousness through the walls of human belief, no matter what name or from what cause. Bread appears where there is not even wheat. Money appears where there is none. Life appears in the mass of physical corruption. Yet none of these things can be done to prove the TRUTH. They are proven because of the TRUTH; they are released because of recognition. The LIGHT shines in darkness and the darkness of human mind comprehends it not. It is there for those who wish to experience the darkness being dispelled.

“The ground whereon you stand is HOLY GROUND” – for it is a discovery and not something that has been redeemed from a curse of God – only the curse of human belief. Remembering “I come quickly and my reward is with me,” we disregard the appearances and enter into the “darkness” of HIS LIGHT. We are hidden in this darkness (to the human belief) of HIS LIGHT. We are “hid with Christ in God.” No human eye can detect or find us.

“He made darkness his SECRET PLACE!”

And this can be extended to the darkness that surrounds a given problem – and we suddenly discover HIM there instead of trying to inject Him with a hypodermic of affirmations. He is already there in the darkness – for it is written that “He made darkness his SECRET PLACE.” And now you know when Jesus disappeared from their sight where He went. He entered the darkness – or that place of Light which was so intense it blinded the human vision.

“And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places.”

It only takes a mustard seed in size. Have you that much?


Walter C. Lanyon

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