No Man Hath Revealed This Unto Thee

 No Man hath revealed this unto thee” or me. That which is coming through into man­ifestation in these latter days is not the result of some­thing revealed unto thee by man—it is the result of that which has been revealed to thee by the Father within. As soon as we begin to realize this even in a small way we begin also to have eyes that SEE—what the Spirit saith unto the Churches (temples-bodies) of mankind.

“Ask of the Lord,” and hear the Revelation within the temple of your Own being—within the Temple of the LIVING God. “Within the Temple not made with hands, but eternal in the heavens” — yea — ask what ye will. Do you hear? And it shall (not may­be nor perhaps) be revealed unto thee!

As “flesh and blood” in the matter-sense of life cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven because of the density of human thought — neither can this matter ­flesh-and-blood reveal anything unto you. The only thing it can do is to show the results of the Conscious­ness of the Father Within—but it remains void of any power to be a first mover, as it were.

“Not that which goeth in, but that which cometh out makes or defiles a man.” It is that which cometh out through the consciousness of you which makes or defiles. And that is why we are even now changing and transmuting matter into spirit, and spirit into matter, and are being able to see GOD in the FLESH — this new-blended substance of which the Temple of the Living God is made—a Temple so plastic and fluidic that it can mirror forth instantly the WORD or the thing which has been told in secret. And so “The Father seeing in Secret shall reward thee openly.”

“No man hath revealed this unto thee” — and therefore it belongs to no man or organization. As long as a so-called truth belongs to a man or an or­ganization it is colored to such an extent by that per­son or group of persons that it is practically worth­less. But “No man hath revealed this unto thee” is something different — for what it reveals becomes yourpersonal revelation—which in turn is released to the world in which youlive. It is this wonderful sweep of Light which brings its Infinite changes in a Changeless Principle. It shows forth the “invisible things of Spirit” —just as the white light is found to have all the colors of the rainbow within it. So the Father-Consciousness within you is ready to re­veal so much more than man has ever thought of or could ever accept or understand.

The literal interpretation of the name JESUS is “Reality tends to liberate.” Do you begin to see why the name (nature) of Jesus brings such freedom to the captive? But this is not revealed unto thee by man — it is the gift of Spirit which is within thee, waiting to be stirred up: the nature of Jesus Christ—Jesus (Reality tends to liberate) and the Power of theChrist to carry it through into releasement into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is wonderful — and as you serenely contemplate this revelation of Jesus Christ you will enter into your Inheritance and be at peace. New and awe-inspiring things will gradually become visible as this new day of self-revelation takes place in you.

Yes, “I saw thee under the fig tree” is part of the Holy Revelation that is coming through to you. You, also, will be able to “see what is under the fig tree,” and to understand just what is being presented to you at all times—no matter what its covering—and this will give you the power to “walk over the waves” of human limitations. You will “launch out into deeper waters” and find the sailing more harmonious—for you are leaving the shallows of human reasoning for the deeps of the Christ Wisdom.

You begin to feel a fearlessness of the journey, an assurance you have not yet known, and to understand why it is no longer necessary to “take thought” of this journey through life. You are receiving the revelation which does not have to be slowed down to the tedious thought-taking processes of mankind. In the “twinkling of an eye” all is changed before your very eyes, for “Flesh and Blood have not revealed it unto thee,” but the Spirit of the Lord has come unto you and given you a New Name.

Singing in the heart of you is this glorious Truth—“No man hath revealed this unto thee” —no man could. Your recognized Christ hath revealed it to you—and as you press farther into this Light you will begin to SEE and to KNOW something of the Height and Depth and Majesty of the Lord, in which you live, move, breath and have your being. You haveyour BEING or actual existence in this God, and so the moment you enter into this Presence consciously you begin to LIVE—to experience LIFE.

“No man hath revealed this unto thee.” Do you HEAR?


Walter C. Lanyon

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