The moment a thing is manifested it is on its way out. Draw a hundred dollars from the bank and it is gone. Before you draw it out, it is there — yet it is not there — not the actual hundred dollar bill. You do it all in “your name” — and the moment it comes into manifestation it begins to disappear. It is so with all manifestation. God is the great Unmanifest — the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The actual SUBSTANCE; the moment it is stepped down to the point of manifestation it begins to disintegrate and to return to the original substance, unless stayed by recognition.

Unless man discovers that he Lives and moves and has his being in the ONE substance at the same moment it lives and breathes and has its being in him, he is only a temporary thing which is quickly passing into oblivion by all the evil means at the disposal of the mind which believes in separation. There is no separation between me and thee — there is One — yet I am the expression (the pressed out idea) of GOD, sent for a purpose — to bring, to release the LIGHT.

How can a man “renew his youth” if he does not know that he lives in the immaterial substance, which to know aright is LIFE eternal? It is wonderful when you glimpse it, — you begin to see you are actually LIVING in the invisible and immaterial substance of God and that this knowledge is what sustains the eternal freshness and newness of manifestation. Even as their garments waxed not old. How was it — unless the immaterial substance was always present, and as long as it is recognized, so long does the manifestation stay in place. It is wonderful.

“Heaven and earth are full of thee” and this alone will disintegrate the old beliefs and the “flesh shall become new like a child” because the immaterial substance is constantly flowing into manifestation and sustaining and refreshing the form and shape Spirit has given it.

Can we take it? Not as long as we argue about it. Not as long as we do not believe — believing is not a mental effort — it is a discovery. When the discovery is made, the manifestation takes place.

If you were before Abraham even as Jesus said He was — what about it? Whence came this manifestation of three score and ten, filled with evil, and that man must work out his living by the sweat of his brow? That is the chimera of belief: the mist that went up; — the hypnotism that came upon man when he descended to the level of freewill, and decided he would create again that which had been created and called very good.

Why did Jesus always return to the Matrix? Why does the sculptor return to his idea? The more he contemplates, the more accurately he is able to bring it forth and give it a body and form. “I go unto the Father” — I in the father and the father in me — all sounds like so much talk, until the sudden, quick, almost terrible recognition of the Presence is made.

“I go unto the Father” not to the idea of some man or the desires of some man, — but to the Matrix, the Father, and in that place of unmanifest substance I am completely renewed; — that is: I lose the accumulation of beliefs that have crystalized upon me like barnacles on a ship. It is said that a ship covered with barnacles if run into sweet waters will automatically lose the barnacles, and so is it with man — the moment he runs into God, he loses the evil he has accumulated for years through the ancestor teaching and belief.


Walter C. Lanyon

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