The Mechanics

WHEN YOU come to the place of recognition – and by that I mean when you have actually accepted the fact that the universe is under the direct control of a Power designated as God, or Life, and not subject to the limiting laws of evil belief, then you will see that before the chicken or egg, before the flower or seed, is a Power which conceived the thing in its totality. The supposed evolution from the invisible to the visible is only the sluggish action of the human thought, trying to account for everything through the elements of time and space.

An idea does not have to be worked out in the Universal Mind. As in the single grain of wheat lies the substance which eventually sustains a whole army of people, by a somewhat slow process of growth, so wrapped up in every idea is not only the means of expressing itself, but the complete expression in its entirety.

It is by looking at a single grain of wheat – putting it through the limiting processes of human estimation, and then pitting the findings against the power of consumption of the army of people – that man comes to a full stop and says that it cannot be done, or that if it be possible there is such a great time-lag which intervenes between the single grain of wheat and the thousands of leaves of bread necessary to sustain the mob, that it is hopeless to expect anything from that source. This may be true and reasonable from the limited human concept – it is merely used as an illustration of comparative sizes. An idea as small, symbolically speaking, as the grain of wheat, has within it the substance sufficient to fill the greatest cavity of human belief – not by a slow process of evolution from the invisible to the visible, but by sudden recognition of the Allness everywhere. How it will come into manifestation is not known to man – “not even the Son, but the Father knoweth.” The Son of you in this respect might be judging from appearances, and in a manner waiting for something to take place – might be speculating on how it could take place. The Master, recognizing this, knew that if the Son conceived the thing as complete and finished, and rested it, the mechanics of how it would appear would take care of themselves – and the idea would have within it the means of bringing itself into full expression. “Take no thought” is the command – after having laid carefully before the mind the fact that taking thought could not add one cubit to one’s stature, and asking the pungent question, “If ye cannot do that which is least by taking thought,” why do you try to change the eternal ideas?

Man is beginning to see that all the thought in the world is not going to change the eternal laws of the universe. Nothing shall be added to, and nothing taken away from, that which is all and in all.

By this sensing of the eternal facts of the universe the feeling of perfection and completeness of the idea in its entirety becomes a constant experience. Out of the chaos of the night of belief, in the blackest mire of human thought, man conceives light, and suddenly the darkness is absorbed – it has disappeared – and the experience not only seems to have been a dream, but actually has been a dream – a semi-conscious state. The experiencing of any evil is but a semi-conscious state. Man is conscious of some action, but his interpretation, through his belief in evil, causes him to experience what is termed evil.

“It is well,” if conceived as a reality, will set everything right in your universe. How? I know not – I am not concerned. It is so. “Believest thou this?” It cannot be reasoned out; all the human intellect in the world cannot explain how you can be prospered and yet have no increase of symbols or things, but the use of the invisible substance of the All. The unseen substance is part of that which “eye hath not seen,” but it is there, and man senses it. It is not necessary for him to have an outward sign; he finds that he has in reality experienced the use of substance – done things, gone to places, expressed himself – and actually his bank account has not had more symbols of dollars and cents.

So he finds eventually that his acceptance is pushed to a point of accomplishment. “Only speak the word.” A word of itself would do nothing – “Peace, peace, and there is no peace” is a fine illustration of what the empty word may accomplish. The living Word, the Word of God, is not clothed in any language. A hundred men, all speaking different languages, would understand the Living Word, whereas by merely hearing the different noises made by one another, to represent what the Word is, would be a veritable Tower of Babel.

Come, awake! a new day dawns, so far removed from the trying to make things happen by jabbering words at God. What have all the words accomplished? How often have you pleaded with God – begged, beseeched, beaten at the gates of heaven, and been turned away empty? Thousands are waiting in the desert for drink that you alone can supply through the new plane of recognition. You can give only that which they have already, as it might be said that Jesus gave life to Lazarus by calling his attention to the eternality of life. “And man became a living soul” – everything into which the breath of the living Word is breathed becomes a living manifestation of God. Breathing the breath of life into a man-I-festation is only another way of stating the power of recognition. It is a far cry from the glorious truth, “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass,” to the “How to have prosperity, health, and success,” by rattling off a lot of words in tempo or out of tempo.

“Prove me and see if I will not open windows of heaven and pour out a blessing ye cannot receive.” You will see that the ME is the Christ within your consciousness that is to be proven, and that the windows of heaven must also be in your own consciousness, for heaven is a state of consciousness – a state of self-expression or revelation. The blessing that is to descend to the Jesus is then directly out of the consciousness of the Christ – not in some far off locality, not something that has to be made to appear out of the skies or through some strange treatment.

Prove it you cannot, until you become fully convinced of the Presence of the Power of God, life everywhere – complete and whole, merely awaiting recognition. Then the ideas containing in themselves the complete expression will, to the human sense, appear to evolve into manifestation. But the whole thing – the how, why, when, and where – is in the NOW, and is done at the instant the recognition is made.

Man has nothing further to do with the proposition, but to lend himself as an instrument, a willing instrument, to bring about the manifestation through the beliefs of time and space. There is, therefore, no concern about the outcome; it is sure and certain, and has not one chance of not appearing, for in reality it is already there, invisible to the double eye, but plainly visible to the single eye of the I Am.

“Believest thou this?” Do you think it possible with this God Power, or will you still interpose a lot of traditional ideas and things that you have gained from going up and down and to and fro in the universe of changing, shifting belief? Yes or no? Either you do or do not; no middle ground is possible. All or nothing. God is, and is All, or you have two powers. What is the good of trying to fence with the idea any longer? If your eye is double to evil and good, then you cannot expect to experience the power of the Christ. Evil seems more real than good to most people, because they actually have accepted it as so, although they emphatically deny it. The least thing that happens to them they exclaim, “Just my luck!” – not that the exclaiming of this means anything; it is the accepted power back of it.

The mere words would mean nothing to a Frenchman; in fact, a whole string of negative words would mean nothing to him unless they were in French. We must get back of the symbol. A gramophone record has no power in its word, any more than the praying machines used in the Orient.

Be still, stop trying to tell Me what to do – stop trying to arrange the outcome of things. Be still – be still – accept the unspeakable Word of life which shapes in your mind as “It is well,” and lend yourself, a wholly willing servant, to perform the mechanics, if any be necessary, to bring this idea into manifestation. Do you hear? You who read? God is – you are – it is well. Get that woven into the fiber of your mind, and glorious melodies, complete symphonies, will be played across the strings of your heart, and you will become so busy appropriating the glories of heaven here and now that you will have neither time nor need of demonstrating the power – it will be a continuous manifestation of one glory after another. “From glory to glory,” from revelation to revelation, not in the impractical, intangible, emotional way, but actually “the Word made flesh” – the actual manifestation in daily life. You will be found walking in the garden – your garden – gathering fruits and flowers where you will. Not as a special favor for a few moments, after which you are to be turned out again in the desert of human experiences, but as an heir – an owner – one who appropriates that which is.

Came Jesus and stated the nothingness of time and space – “A thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday” – “instantly he was on the other side” – disappeared when in crowds. Dare you to think on these things? Not as a glutton who would consume the food in order to show his size, not as one who wishes personal power, but as one who travels alone into his own kingdom of self-expression and finds it normal and natural, as well as convenient, to be possessed of these powers.

“Be still.” If I could not tell you everything in Jerusalem because you could not bear it, I shall not always withhold it from the ears of those who are ready and who have washed their robes clean from all this self-seeking and this attempting to shout, “Look at me – I am holier than thou – let me show you my bag of metaphysical tricks.” Come away! Be still! Leave your nets – you cannot catch many fish, anyway, until you know that the substance is there in its entirety, and you have only to accept it to find the nets breaking with manifestation. Not for show, beloved, not for talk – do you hear? Be still, be still, be still. It is well – fear not. Everything is all right. Do you hear? You who read this page? This word Now? You?

In the twinkling of an eye it is done – so quickly the flurried human thought has not time to flash an answer. So overpowered and bowled over is his reasoning that he exclaims, “A miracle” – ‘”Some supernatural power at work.” What difference what he calls it or how he tries to explain it? He has to admit that it made itself manifest, not through his best accepted chain of laws, but in spite of them, and that those best and finest laws that he has conceived for himself have been completely ignored. Why will you examine into the human laws to find out whether it is possible for ME to express? Fold up your tent and steal silently away from the noise and clatter. I have something to say to you alone – I have something to show you – something to make your heart so full that it shall run over into the whole universe. It is wonderful! Do you hear? You who read? You?

You make and break all human law; it has no basis. A traffic law in one town may be broken in the next, while fulfilling the laws of that city. It is nothing but a human limitation. If it were an absolute law, it would be the same for ever, and breaking it would automatically produce results. This is true of all the laws of sickness, poverty, and evil.

Be still – I have much to say to you. When you are ready and willing, I will perform the works in such a beautiful, easy manner – even now as I write this book – even now as you read this page. Even as you now hold the finished manifestation in your hands, so I hold it finished and complete in consciousness, and am going through the mechanics of belief to bring it into manifestation, and to bring it into your hands. Do you begin to see? Do you begin to read between the lines the message that I cannot put on the lines because of the limitations of belief? Be still – be still. It is so – it is well with you NOW. 


Walter C. Lanyon

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