None of These Things Move Me

The consciousness of “None things move me” is a complete blackout for all ap­pearances. It is a sudden elevation above what “seems to be” into the Place of what “actually is.” The Judging from appearances and the judging righteous judgment are two radically different things. One is judging from what you see with the limited senses, the other recognizing the finished mystery. When Jesus said “none of these things move me” he refused to enter into an emotional sense of values, hence he did not recognize the problem first and the ways and means of working it out—he immediately withdrew from the appearances into the place of consummation.

Hell can be transmuted into heaven the moment the “None of these things move me” is true to you. The moment you cease the emotional reaction to ap­pearances, at that moment you have defeated the pic­ture before you and it will disintegrate.

When you judge from appearances you are emo­tionally affected—and this running into the emotional state of life is like leaving the main current of a river and shoving off in a stagnant slough of thought, filled with all sorts of uncleanness good or evil is to become get emotional from about appearances, good or evil, is to get away from the Fundamental Principle.

You can only become emotional over a thing that appears real to you—and if the appearances are real then you can do little with them but to side in with them—magnify the evil and thereby bring endless difficulties to pass from the unreal premise. When you leave the clear stream of life for the slough of emotion—you immediately begin making the round of the slough, getting farther and farther into the muck of human beliefs. You continue in this state until you make the complete circle and again come back to the point from where you departed or else you succumb and go under by believing the appear­ances real and true.

“Judging the righteous judgment” is not pro­nouncing words over a so-called evil situation—but it is the judgment of that which is. It is turning the attention to the reality of life and not being “moved” by the thing that seems to be. This very sudden recognition of this will instantly take out all the fear and evil of the situation and give you a clear solution of what is to be done and accomplished. The moment “it is consummated” takes place in you the appearances, no matter however terrific, are finished —the last bit of substance has been taken from it, the old shell will crumple up and disappear.

The emotional handling of a situation inflates it like air does a balloon–nothing becomes something —until a tiny offense can grow into such proportions that it apparently occupies all space.

Does it move you—then there is something in you which has to come out—there is something in which can rend you sore—something in you which is going to react emotionally to an appearance and which resents, feels sorry, has pity or sympathy for an appearance of evil, and thereby is ready to leave the main current and enter into a slough of beliefs, filled with all sorts of personal uncleanness of thought.

“None of these things move ME” not any of them can change the eternal verities of life. Nothing can change the changeless principle. Return to this and the errors of the emotional pattern will disintegrate.

“What is that to thee?” Answer? “What is that to thee?” “Follow thouME” and you will immedi­ately take the inner route to the “It is consummated” state of consciousness. It is either something to you (and if it is you have your problem to work out) or else it is nothing but an appearance and is thereby a passing, changing thing of human thought and emotion.

This Divine indifference to the appearances is not a careless handling of the situation. When Jesus was in the consciousness of “None of these things move me” He was still aware that certain mechanics would take place to release the picture from its flames of hell—but He was not MOVED by the situation. He, being unmoved by the appearances, was able to han­dle the situation intelligently. If a savage in the jungle should see an electrical display he might, judg­ing from appearance, accept all sorts of conclusions. He might be so terrified that he would commit sui­cide from fear — but the electrician standing by would not be moved by the appearances — even if it were a very evil manifestation of electricity — he would be able to “Judge righteous judgment” and pick up the cause of the evil unemotionally. The mo­ment he did this the manifestation would cease. The moment you are at the place of “None of these things move me” you can then clearly see what is to be done to disintegrate the picture of evil. It is wonderful!

Remembering that “Heaven and earth shall pass away” but not the WORD, you have a knowledge of what must happen to all appearances and how tran­sient they all are. All appearances are deceptive and so if you are emotionally moved by them you will build up the structure around them necessary to keep them into manifestation.


Walter C. Lanyon


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