If anything can rend you sore it must come out of you­ even as it did out of the other lunatic who was sitting in the graveyard of his ancestors playing with their bones, their ideas, and beliefs. When the dumb spirit (the personalizing of evil in the individual) “rent him sore, and came out of him: —- he was as one dead.” He did not have enough consciousness of God to stand up any longer— and then he was rent sore. The old beliefs you have cherished for so long—no matter how many thousands believe them—have to come out of you. So we bless and praise the Lord when He enters into the temple of your body, and sends one of these devils out—sends it to the surface where you can see it for what it is—and if it rends you sore—it has to come out. The moment you realize this you will loose him and let him go, and people will call it a miracle, but you will know it is just another belief which has entered into the swinish state of human thinking. 

It is wonderful, for the Chastisement of the Lord is merely the LIGHT in the temple pushing these devils of belief to the surface to get rid of them. They take on all sorts of shapes and forms and powers as they come to the place of elimination—for they do not want to give up the only thing that is giving them life and that is your belief in them. It is wonderful how you rejoice for it is at the place of elimination. 

Why make ye my Father’s house a den of thieves? You answer it, and then let this wonderful LIGHT circulate through your temple until it drives all belief in “health” and “sickness,” and a thousand and one other things you have taken in out of the temple. If it rends you sore and they say it is hopeless and incurable—rejoice for it has to come out of you, and all you have to do is to “Loose him and let him go” to receive the blessing of the Power of the Lord. 

“By what authority doest thou these things?”— by the authority of ALMIGHTY God. —Can you match that? Have you a ‘greater power to offer? Do you know of any­thing that is greater than the whole? That which created everything is more powerful than any part of the created thing—hence the Lord is still greater than your material­ized or personalized belief of evil. All you have to do is to recognize this to sec it come into manifestation—rising out of the sea in all its beauty and loveliness, even as Venus rose from the sea a thing of beauty. 

The fourth dimensional being that issues from the fire has no smell of fire on his garments—but has transcended so many of the laws of matter—still is he “IN the world, but not of it”—not of its thousand and one beliefs in evil. Surely, then “This is the Lord’s doing: it is marvelous in our eyes.”




Nietzche said: “Stamp the Impress of eternity on your life, for that contains more than all religions, which teach me to despise life — Teach me many times to wait for heaven in some time to come — Teach me to discount the very words of Jesus Christ — ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ “

Higher dimensions of Life enter through the INSIDE — even as the oak tree enters into existence from the inside — Recognition.

All so-called growth comes from the inside out. The seed is the point of expression. From a pinpoint seed comes bushels of vegetation — flowers and seeds. From the invisible comes the revelation of the All. A seed then might be considered a point for exposure — since the flower already exists, but must come into visibility.

So-called growth is in reality merely the entry of a higher dimension. If “before you ask” — is a definite law then it is and must be recognized. As we contemplate the finished mystery, we begin to see it come into full manifestation.

The suddenness of the LAW of Jesus Christ makes it apparent that we should contemplate the LAW rather than the signs following or the mechanics.

We hear John the Baptist saying “REPENT” — which has as a true meaning — “CHANGE.” Suddenly, you must CHANGE if you are to SEE what follows — “Repent ye: (Change) for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Nothing will make it appear — nothing will cause it to appear — it is necessary to CHANGE instantly — and that is like suddenly being elevated to a point above the wall of belief which has been obstructing your view.

You create nothing, you do nothing — you recognize — and you CHANGE regardless of that which has gone before.

Change — CHANGE — Away with ah the tedious mental processes — CHANGE — in that sudden transition all the old ideas of “Repent” are swallowed up. There is no time to handle imaginary evil and conditions which have already passed away the moment you change. Change from Hate to Love and the hate conditions pass away like so many strands of cobweb in a hurricane.

The EVIDENCE of the UNSEEN comes when we Repent — Suddenly, “Change” the whole mental process and enter into the new dimension of Life — the Substance of things not SEEN — the unseen becomes the reality holding the manifestation into view. There is the mystery of awakening — of suddenly coming into the reality. CHANGE.


Walter C. Lanyon

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