O Colorful One

     I AM the Great White Light in which all the visible and invisible color of the universe and heaven rest. My name is O Colorful One—I am full of light that is white and glistening and at the same time is multicolored and many-hued. My white light passes through the prism of human thinking, reasoning, or teaching, and takes on seven distinct rays. And man, looking through a glass darkly and with the double eye, sees as many different paths all claiming to be the truth; but so long as a man remains in the personal idea of the truth he had not yet seen the Great White Light of his True Self in which are hidden all things—hidden only to the eye that is double.

      He may follow a single ray of colour, think­ing that he at last has the truth, only to find that it terminates in disillusionment. One by one he may exhaust the paths, until finally he comes to the Great White Light of his Soul. It is the whole garment alone that can satisfy, and this comes, not by a mediator, but through the Christ within, and until man learns this he will go seeking in every strange place and chasing every will-o’-the-wisp of colour, hoping to fund peace and the All. He will find what the man finds who believes literally that a pot of gold hangs at the end of the rainbow.

     Pretty soon he begins to see the Great White Light of his Soul—and, as he recog­nizes this, he sees hidden in this’ all the glorious colours of Soul. A million colours and tints burst upon his startled eyes as he goes from glory to glory—for he suddenly realizes that for the first time he is seeing. “Having eyes, ye see not,” is changed to the glorious explanation, “Whereas before I was blind, now I can see.” He is thrilled with the exquisite bliss of the awakening in the new heaven (state of consciousness) and the new earth (manifestation in the flesh). He finds there everything that he has tried for long years to demonstrate by one means or another. He finds there overflowing abundance of the All, and he is unafraid and naked. There is nothing between him and the truth—he is lost in the great swirl of colour, of light, and glory. He is bathed in its golden mists. His feet are lovely upon the mountains of inspiration and along the still waters, limpid and blue. He lies upon the breast of the new earth under the shifting gold-dust of the sun of life. He tastes of the bliss of the peace which passeth all understanding. He is suddenly One with the Universe, with the All. He is everything and nothing at the same time. “When a man loses his life he shall find it” –when your personal sense of trying to run the universe is ended, and you are willing to let go of the petty personal desires, you shall taste of a fruit of life that will again admit you into the portals of your lost Eden.

     Ah, how fair it stands, and has always stood, awaiting the one who could lay aside his dusty, worn, travel clothes and put on the white, shimmering robes of the Son of the Living God. “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the glories prepared for them that love thy law. “What you are about to experience when you can give up or let go of this tinsel personality—painted with the colours of effort and struggle to be or do something personal—is so far beyond anything that has ever been written or told you that the comparison is absurd. What you lose when you give up or let go of the personal something is the difference between Jesus and the Christ. And this giving up is not a straining thing when once you understand the truth as taught by the Master.

    Gladys Smith may have been the teacher’s pet, been called a pretty child, and been the pride of her family; but Mary Pickford ab­sorbed all of this Gladys Smith and expanded to a creature beloved by thousands. She pushed out the border of her tent beyond anything little Gladys would ever have dreamed. Do not be afraid that your darling —the little personality that has perhaps to your eyes attained such wonderful things, and wants credit for it always—is going to be lost by giving up and letting the Christ into expression. You will lose nothing but the prison of a name and a following, and find a Name and a hollowing a million times greater than the little consecrated soul you thought you were when working to bring in the millennium and to save the world.

     He who travels alone travels far—no man along the way can discuss these things with you. Either you do or you do not know that within you lies this great fountain of life which gushes up into a pure white stream—­shoots far up into the azure skies, and is transformed into a mist of glorious colour by the Sun of Life.

     You are this fountain of pure White Light which is everything and anything. It can be that which it will, and is so chameleon-­like that it can harmonize with its surround­ing either for protection—lost to the human eye—or to bring forth a glorious revelation. The great floods of understanding will ever be able to speak in that colour that is un­derstandable to the listening one. Thou art all colours, twinkling, blazing, flaring up into expression.

     O Colourful One, the soul of me, only through this great at-one-ment can I ever find the satisfaction of life. Only when the impersonal comes to be the personal can I re­possess my universe and find it heaven here and now.

     Many have whitewashed themselves over with a false humility and set themselves in the highways of the world, proclaiming in all their meekness that they are the consecrated souls, and have come to save the world from sin. They have come to save nothing, not even themselves; they are merely selling My robe, casting lots for it in the open market of life—drawing their white garments away from Me, and making themselves official stone­ casters. Do not imagine that any personal teaching,’ however high, will satisfy you ­nothing but the discovery of the Great Soul of your True Self will do that.

    “Let the filthy be filthy still”—let the personal teaching remain personal—you will find your soul in due time. A filthy mind is always seeing filth. A nude statue made to represent the truth is to him something obscene and dirty. Find out what a man is condemning, and you have a concrete picture of that roan. You give yourself away when you criticize another; you are only letting the wise man see your self which is hiding behind a personality.

O Colourful One—the soul of you—is that which makes you to know concretely-right here and now:


“I AM the light of the world [your manifest world]; he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness [human beliefs], but shall have the light of life.”


The I AM, the O Colourful One, will cause you to see the impossibility of walking longer in the human beliefs and limitations of life. Many things that you formerly consigned to the “yes-they-may-be-possible-when-I-get-the-understanding,” will be natural. I have things to show you that I cannot tell you.

     Dominion, dominion, dominion, not domi­nation. This is what I give you. There is no need to dominate in the Kingdom of Heaven, for that is only bondage. What you dominate occupies your whole time and at­tention, and hence dominates you indirectly. I give you dominion, for you have the cloak of invisibility, the cloak of many colours, any colour. Do you understand, O Colourful One? Yes, your soul leaps with joy with the bound­less possibilities of the Sons of the Living God —with the serene joy of the expression any­where, and at any time, in the manner neces­sary. Not just a painter, or a lecturer, or a dancer, but an O Colourful One, who knoweth the deep things and can give to every man that which he asketh—not as a personal gift, but by way of self-revelation.

     I AM a pool of iridescent flame—in Me is all; without Me is nothing. When you are lost in My will, then you automatically func­tion from the heights of bliss, abandon, and expression.       Your individuality is not lost; it is found. The deep springs of unknown talent and accomplishment gush forth into expression. You shall speak with new tongues, both literally and figuratively. You shall be at that instant just exactly what you recognize yourself to be—when you do not strain to recognize it, but just are it by re­cognition and assumption—very easy, as the colour of white broken up into the rainbow melts from one to another hue.

    O Colourful One, is the soul of you. It plays into expression, as the light plays on the water—there is no resistance to the light. It does not need to combat its supposed enemy, the darkness. It finds nothing there to fight, so the human mind, when lifted to the understanding of the Son of the Living God, will find that what it formerly considered obstacles will disappear. What to Jesus was a problem was nothing to the Christ—what to you as a human personality may seem an impossible, insurmountable obstacle is nothing to the soul of you. The tiny resources which you hugged to yourself as a personality become as a drop in the bucket compared to the overflowing of the windows that are opened in heaven when you recognize the Power of the Son of the Living God.

      Saul, going to his duty of fighting sin and evil, is blinded by the white light—so white that the human eye has not yet perceived it. It would blind the human eye, because of its limited capacities, and because of the in­describable colours and hues. Millions of tints and nuances are revealed; but by this very blinding is the obstruction removed, the name changed, and the way opened—the new way. All this is just in front of you—you who read this page. Do you hear? You? When will you lay aside the trinkets you borrowed from your masters in Egypt? They have served you well, but they are also souvenirs of your bondage.

     The letter that you study is merely a memory of your bondage to the human con­cept of truth. Presently you shall cast that aside, and exclaim in the soul rapture of the Son of God, the O Colourful One, “I AM free born—I AM a Son of the Living God—I AM a joint heir with Christ.” Glory, glory, glory –and a flood of white light, with its billion of colours and tints, shall descend upon you, and your eyes shall be open, and you will know that “It is well,” and that nothing matters but you and your soul.  And in find­ing this out, then for the first time, and in the true sense of the word, everything matters, and is your special charge, and the command, “heed my sheep,” will be literally under­stood and not mutilated into a personal service.

    I said “Feed my sheep”—not destroy my sheep with the personal fears and personal teaching. Who are you?—standing there with that great mantle of personality about you—passing out some tabloid statements of how to get things and how to attain spirituality by following after you? He that setteth himself up shall be abased. Remember­ing that the Master had no patience with hypocrites, have a care that you be not classified with those who were called “vipers.” To whom will you be Judas? You may be running about smartly correcting others, and thinking thereby to win a special reward. Watch!

    O Colourful One, the soul of you will cause the mantle of secrecy to envelop you. You will not care to chatter about the findings of truth—they will be too precious. Once you have been shown the jewel, the pearl of great price, and seen the luminous floods of colour of your real self, then you will know that nothing matters but the following of your own soul instructions. How and whither, no man knoweth. He that hath many cares must remain with the household of the human thought, and try to set it in order—and at the same time he may be a doorkeeper and have many duties to perform.

     Do not think, because you discover your True Self, that you will sit idly by and pass out wisdom on a golden platter. You will live and release wisdom on rays of light that the whole world will see. Fear not! If there is anything to you, your fame will find its wings. The dogs barked at the feet of the Master as he passed through the streets of Jerusalem—the holier-than-thou dogs, and those who would have destroyed him. Fear not: I AM mightier than any combination of human belief. Those that are for thee are greater than those beliefs that are against thee.

O Colourful One, soul of me, shine forth—­that is, the word shine forth in the particular nuance of expression that is necessary at this instance to bring out the glories of heaven on earth. Can you see how heretofore you have asked for nothing, for you have not known how to ask? You have asked for some trifling thing in order that the human self might be glorified—in order that you might gild over a human personality and make the world fall down and worship you; but now you ask in the true way, that of appropriation. Can I speak plainer than:


“Ask, believing, ye receive. 
Before ye ask, I will answer.”


Am I then, the soul of you, a liar? Is My word broken constantly and not fulfilled? Do you hear? You who read this page? You? Do not ask another—ask yourself. What are you afraid of? Letting go? Letting me direct your way? Are you going to bend it in order that it may suit another’s idea of you, or what another thinks you should do and accomplish? Be still! Until you can get over that you can never know peace.

     Come out from among them (human thoughts) and be free. A man’s enemies are those of his own household (consciousness). These are the only enemies you have, and yet you have a world full of them, because you see your human thought reflected in a million mirrors of the universe. What hope is there for you to change the reflection in the mirror? I said, “I AM a new creature in Christ Jesus” —I call to your attention over and over this statement, for finally you will hear it—a new creature has no need of the old appliances, bandages, and appurtenances—fears. Do you hear? You who read this page–right now? You?

       The open road lies before you, no matter if you are bound head and foot with human beliefs.    I say unto you, “I”—the O Colour­ful One—the soul of you. “I” say to you—to you who read this page—to you—are you listening (feeling)?        “I” say to you, “Rise up and walk.”

       Do you hear?    You? I AM speaking to you from out the depths of your very being—I am speaking to you from out the fount of life —I am telling you something that is already possible, awaiting acceptance, awaiting recog­nition. The open road lies before you, the road upon which all things are discovered, not created. It is the Way of Life, and it leads all over My Universe, and goes directly to its Robe, and Ring, and Upper Chamber, and finds its purse and scrip. Do you hear? I AM that Way, the Blaze of Life, the O Colourful One. I go before the human mani­festation, and see that the way he travels is clear, and that there shall be no stones for him to stub his toe against. Are you afraid? I shall clothe thee in the many-coloured, seamless robes of pure white which shall be all things to all men.

      “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I did not say you should be patched up and fixed up to look better and to have more of my goods—I said ” BE “­now, here, at this instant, “BE” ye ” transformed “—not temporarily changed—glistening, shimmering, shining, white and all colours at the same time. It is wonderful-wonderful -wonderful. Heaven and earth are full of thee–of thee, of thee-the all-inclusive, the One of which you are a point in consciousness. All my glorious Self pours through you into expression and yet all of it is left. No amount of hearers can ever exhaust music. Because a person listens to music he does not destroy anything of its volume-and yet he has it all. So will it be with you.

      So will you go into your own garden and find the eternal Christmas-tree-the gift tree, the tree of life, situated beside theinexhaustible river of life—and you shall be at peace. It is wonderful, O Colourful One; it is glorious. You who read, do you hear? Be quiet, then, let go, and see the salvation of your True Self pour out into expression. Even as I now pour out the words to you on this page, so will I pour out to you your true and wondrous expression. It is well.

      You shall descend into the cleansing pool of life and there taste the bliss of heaven. It is well with you—the myst-i-fications of the earth beliefs are even at this instant becoming more translucent and clear—then “through a glass darkly” is beginning to become “then face to face.” O glorious, O Colourful One with healing in your wings, with the strength that is beyond all human limitations in your arms, with the glory of youth eternal written all over you, you are even now stooping down to the human belief and lifting up the poor little personality until it shall be swallowed up in the million hues of spiritual wonders of the Kingdom here and now.


Walter C. Lanyon

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