Mind is infinite and you are a point in that Mind where it becomes conscious. You are not at any moment disconnected from this parent Mind, but as the islands are one with the earth and are merely an expression of the earth, or a portion of it drawn out into visibility from the complete sphere, so are you joined to the infinite Mind. You then are merely an expression or rather an expresser of this inexhaustible Mind from which you can im­mediately draw all that you can possibly desire.

   When you begin to realize your oneness with this Mind you begin to see that all these false claims which have bound you for so long must fall away and that you are free, for you are Spirit and expressing your­self through a body, and not body inhabited by an unseen thing called spirit.

    You begin to realize that your great power lies in the fact that the YOU of you is Spirit, one in essence with the Great Mind of God, and that you can now come into your dominion by making the connection between yourself and “your father within.”

    The more you realize that you are “One with the Father within” the more harmony, happiness and contentment will be mani­fested in your life. The more you will be able to tread upon the little troubles of daily life and surmount the obstacles which con­front every traveler in the journey from sense, to soul.

     Thousands have gone before you and have gained the Mastery, and it is also within your ken to do the same thing. There is nothing you cannot overcome by this simple step, and as we go along we will find it becoming more simple all the while to “become one with the Father within.”

    Jesus was the greatest Metaphysician that ever lived and lie gave, us a complete and perfect set of laws by which to demonstrate the harmony of being, which he explained to us was the natural state of man.

     The reason we are striving for this Mastership is because we are told it is ours and that we can attain it. We are to become dominant and forceful and be in authority, overcoming all the false and mistaken results of past thinking. “The works. that I do you shall do also and even greater”-this was promised by the Master. and if we do the Master’s work and even greater, we too shall become Masters. First of all we want to learn the Mastery over thinking. To think correctly is not a dif­ficult process, but it requires a little daily watching and a little daily practice.

     The goal then before us is that of Master­ship. This means complete dominion and authority over everything which presents itself to us and which would spoil our sense of harmony. In attaining this it is good to know that no willful force or will power is necessary, for that sort of control or Master­ship is temporal and soon reacts on’ the person, reducing him to .a pitiful state.

     Into the hands of the Master has been placed the WORD. The word is the vesture of thought and is there for the thought made audible.By the correction of words we can correct our thoughts as well as vice versa. By arresting evil, critical, revengeful words, we arrest the thought, condemn it to destruction and so rid ourselves of it before it has time to manifest itself. Sup­pose an evil word is spoken, how far-reaching do you think it may be one single word has been known to end in the murder of a man. Do you think that words are not powerful?

    In the same way, one single word has saved a man. Prov. 18:21. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Consider well your words. Watch for a whole day and see how many words you can eliminate from your conversation that are weak.

    “I AM” are two words that we use thou­sands of times a day—and they are also the name of God. “I AM that I AM has sent you”—-If you say “I am weak” you are connecting up with a great storage plant and leaving your wires lie on the ground, disaster is bound to happen, for the word is powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword. “I am poor”-no wonder you are poor with your great feed wire cast down to the ground and wasting millions of volts of energy and power all for nothing. Your words then will determine the timbre of your thought and the results of the words are pretty sure to be after the pattern held in mind.

     Just for a little practice, sit quietly down and say to yourself. “I AM” MASTER OF MY DESTINY”—-repeat it, over five times, slowly and thinkingly—-and see what a fine feeling it gives you. Why? because it has started the currents of this great Powerhouse on a constructive mission.

     There is magic in words—-take the words I CAN and I CAN’T and see what mental attitude accompanies them. Look about you for one of your friends who is making free use of “I can’t” -and you will see not only a weak mentality, but likewise a weak body which is more than likely encountering endless obstacles and who more than likely is assuming the role of a martyr. Look again at the “I can” friend and nine chances to ten there will be a smile on his face, a bright twinkle in his eye and when it storms within your kingdom you feel like running post haste to him and listening to the dom­inant ring of “I CAN.” What a song, what a thrill, what a joy to hear it “I Can do that” —“I can do that.” Try it for a few times —-then come along a little further, “I CAN BE WHAT I DESIRE TO BE”—-how’s that? —fine, isn’t it. Gives you the thrill of real living.

     Remember that words voiced of others usually find lodgment in our own lives and before we know it the camel which is just an embryonic thought in the beginning has pushed us into the corner again.

     Don’t criticize, God has relieved you of the unpleasant duty of passing judgment. “Judge not”-for the law is absolute, the judgment you render to another is surely that which will be rendered unto you only it will be pressed down and running over.

    For a week, watch every negative word and eliminate it. See what a vast number of times you have had to withhold your speech, but see if at the end of the week you have not gained something. “She is so hateful, he is so dishonest.” Unless you knew what hateful thoughts and dishonest thoughts were, you would never be able to pin them on another. “Yes, I know, but he actually steals”—-is it going to help you or him to tell the world about it? No, it is going to add one more grain to your dis­comfort.

      Your word shall not return unto you void but shall accomplish whereunto it is sent.

      What kind of words are you going to. send out?

     The power of the word has been tried many times in sport. Two or ‘three have decided to greet a perfectly well person with this speech “How bad you look this morning, you must be feeling bad,” and the result produced was sickness. In some of the heathen Islands people are prayed to death as effectively as if they were given slow poison. Unless we get hold of the power of right thinking, we are subject to all these wandering thoughts of which the world is full, and unless we reject them they enter. To return to our illustration of the camel, we are crowded into the corner, not knowing why.

     “Speak as one having authority”—-SPEAK —-the word again is brought into play. Do not be afraid to speak your heart’s most cherished desire, into the infinite Mind, into the formless substance and know that it will manifest itself in the desired result. “Only speak the word and it shall be done.”  

      When you sit in the silence and go within, you can speak the word, you can speak the

desire of your heart, knowing that your word shall not return unto you void, but shall accomplish, then as you hold yourself from weak, vacillating words and thoughts you will see the seed word germinate and the idea push up into visibility, for words arc seeds and “we reap what we sow.”

     Sow a crop of sick words and the harvest will be sickness, sow a crop of health words and the crop will be strength and power. Some seeds germinate instantly and come to light with the magic of the Japanese water flowers which bloom as you watch them. This is what is called instantaneous demon­stration, but it is only that the word was spoken true and the pattern which it set before Infinite Mind was immediately made flesh or visible. Some words are slower to germinate, but sooner or later all of them come to life and bear after their kind.

       Now do not throw in a handful of wheat and then cover the ground with seeds of vicious plants and expect to have a golden harvest, be persistent in sowing good. Words, words of power and happiness, words of strength and courage, words of prosperity and presently the harvest will come. Some people spend fifteen minutes a day in the silence saying good words and thinking grand and noble thoughts and then come out and spend the rest of the 24 hours in the most vicious of thinking.

      The more we understand of the Power of right thinking, the more we will be able to make these words appear before us clothed in demonstration.

      One thing we must learn as we go along is that if we have been in the habit of con­demning either ourselves or others we are to stop this action short. “‘Neither do I con­demn thee” does not only apply to our mis­judgment of others but also has to do with ourselves. We are learning that we must drop off the “Poor Worm of the dust” at­titude and take on the glorious “Sons of God idea. We must stop degrading the Temple of the Living God by calling it old, worn out, sick, crippled or ugly and begin to praise it and to outline upon it beautiful and noble images. We shall hold in thought the model we wish to carve upon the block of stone before us.

      We are all sculptors of our own lives and the block of marble before us is given us for the purpose of carving out something beautiful. If your mind is filled with ugly and angular outlines you will never produce .a glory of beauty in your statue. If your thought is full of hate, criticism, sickness and poverty these you will surely trace on the stone before you, and this stone is to be the “Temple of the Living God.” This brings the Power pretty close to you doesn’t it?” Well, the power is within and the sooner you come to the full realization of the fact the sooner you will begin to change the design which you are carving on the marble in front of you.

      Another thing—-remember this—that you are the Sculptor and you stand with chisel in hand ready to work, and that as you stand you are vested with infinite power, infinite beauty of design, infinite ability to accomplish any design which comes into your thought. You are the Master Workman—there is nothing which you cannot do.

      Master workman, pause right here and see what is the pattern in your thought? What are your models and do you need a new set? Again if you are occupied with your block of marble carving the design in your thought you have no time to watch the next sculptor as he works and either envy or slander his work. While you look away your chisel may slip and you may make an ugly incision which will be hard to remove. Keep well to your task and quietly work out your design.

      Remember that the word which is planted in secret will come to light, but do not trample it down nor dig it up every few moments to see if it has germinated.

     Plant it and leave it, watering it with the great Powerful words, “My word shall not return unto me void” for I have made my connection with the great storage house of Infinite Mind. Keep it secret, as the seed needs the darkness to germinate, so your ideas and plans need the secrecy of your mind to germinate. If you call it from the housetop, you will dissipate all your energy’ and the seed will die because it has been sapped of its vitality.If you discuss your plans with others before they have fully matured, then you will have the weeds of their wrong thinking to battle with. . Keep your work a secret, when it is ready for the world to know, it shall by so evident that no word from you will be necessary. How often have you known of some one who told what they were going to do, utterly fail in it and finally by angry if any one asked them when they were going to do a certain thing.If the energy they had. spent in telling and repeating this bit of news to another had been conserved and applied, to the right channels of thought, they in all probability would have succeeded in accomplishing their desire, and’ then would have been plenty of time to have told. Guard your work, com­mune freely with the “Father within” for that is the source of all power:—praise every atom of good you see both in yourself and others, praise every atom of health and glorify the temple in which you are living.Remember you are Spirit and not body, and that the temple you inhabit is under your control. Remember that there is nothing which can in any way sidetrack you but your own thought about a thing.

      Perhaps you think you have already spoiled your block of marble and there is little hope of doing anything with it. This is a wrong thought, for the infinity Mind with which you can make direct connection can easily correct and erase any ugly designs and give you a new and fresh chancy. Even marble becomes plastic under the touch of the Infinite Mind.

     Opportunity is never lost—it is only lost sight of for a moment.

      Remember then that you are Master, that you have in your hands the Word which is Powerful and which will accomplish where­unto it is sent.

     Remember then from now on we are to watch the words that no weak, idle words are included in our talk either of ourselves or others.

     Remember that you are a Sculptor at work and that you can chisel only what you see in thought.


Walter C. Lanyon

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