There is only ONE operation — no matter how many times it is supposedly enacted by man, nor to what degree of belief. There is only ONE operation — and that is the OPERATION of GOD in his own universe. The moment separation takes place there are thousands of pseudo operations caused by the thought-taking human mind. The confusion that sets in motion is usually followed by disaster and failure. No wonder, then, the Master — when he found himself far a field in the beliefs and affairs of minds many — knew there was no solution but to return to the ONE. All this sounds like useless mysticism until the eyes are opened. Everybody professes God and everybody will say: “I believe in God” — but how can you believe in the law of mathematics and get anything but the solution to the problem that only you have posited. Answers before the problems are readily accepted in mathematics. The answer exists before you make up or accept the problem — and no one doubts this. Yet when Jesus made such statements he was laughed to scorn: “Before ye ask, I will answer” is the identical thing. Whether you can make it appear or not depends upon the one and only word in the Scriptures that unlocks everything, and that is “belief.” Belief is not emotionalism and argument; it is not metaphysical talk and extravagant ideas and vain imaginings — it is fundamental. There it is — and the first thing that must be done is acceptance. If this is not done nothing can, or does, take place. You are not trying to make it so — It is already so.

The moment it is accepted, a blending takes place — all the filth of human thinking and belief, no matter how scientific or wonderful it appears on the surface, is washed out — the kinks of human thought give way — and the bondage of a little life shut up in a body falls to pieces and the ONE is experienced. Then it is that the OPERATION of this power takes over and flows freely into perfect manifestation, and the OPERATION is a success.

Be still, very still. You can begin to let something operate in you that is greater than thought. You can do exactly the same thing Jesus did or the mathematician does — you can go unto the Father and receive the glory that was, and is, yours since the beginning. “NOW, O Father, glorify thou me … with the glory which I had with thee before the world was” before the beginning of the stupid thing called Adam — with all his wisdom which is foolishness, and all his ancestor teachings and beliefs.

Man says he is created of God and is the child of God, and then starts through a hellish morass of problems which, after he has hewn his way through them, leads only to decrepitude and death — a lovely picture to offer anyone. There is nothing in the WORD of Jesus to substantiate this. Returning to the Glory you had before the beginning — is suddenly to merge into the ONE and see a complete revelation and change. No matter what the picture is — whether it is a physical, incurable thing, or five thousand to be fed — it is all the same; the OPERATION of God begins immediately to take place and the patient finds he is no longer a patient, but free from the beliefs of JOHN SMITH.

We are not looking for cures any more — but for revelation of that which was created in the beginning in the image and likeness of GOD — even as the BELOVED proved it so conclusively that LETTING was the only possible way of attainment; and that the moment a person stopped trying to force issues and stopped trying to make things happen, he discovered this OPERATION of GOD passing through the temple Body searching the joints and marrow and revealing that which eternally IS.

So, the operation that you are contemplating whether that be physical or mental, body or business — when it is known to be the operation of God, suddenly causes great and magnificent changes to appear. No matter where you are, HE is there also — and that Presence becomes a MAJORITY whenever you recognize it, — and whenever you stop trying to make it a majority, and recognize there is but ONE and let it fill all the vacuity of human thought and belief. “I have a way ye know not of” — is that good enough, or do you want to add your little bit of human knowledge to it? Do you want to be more than a “majority” by adding your opinions and beliefs? Do you want the GLORY which is the proof of the Presence — or do you want the overcoming by human thought-taking? Do you want to be still and KNOW or be still and tell God just what to do?

Recently, English physicians proclaimed that cures were made by introducing a patient to the X-ray machine without turning on the power. The same article told of warts removed when nothing was materially done. If a wart why not a cancer? You answer it, you with all the knowledge of how impossible it is without the knife. “Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up” literally. Do you hear?

So the operation, “MY” operation, took place and nothing happened — and nothing is going to happen but the revelation of that which is glorified by recognition of the ONE.

There is only ONE operation and only ONE operator and only ONE Majority, and you are beginning to see that you are the center of all this and are the ONE through which it takes place.

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee” — does not say maybe, nor yet perhaps. It says “I will answer thee.” It is wonderful! There is only one operation, the operation of God in the Kingdom of heaven.


Walter C. Lanyon

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