Ou Sont Les Neiges D’Antan

(But where are the snows of yesterday?)

(Francois Villion)

But where are the snows of yesterday? Most of them have been incorporated into trees, plants, rivers and oceans — all of them changed in form.

Where are the thousand and one lectures and Words of Truth you heard in yesteryears? Those vital, burning Words which awakened in you the warmth of true recognition for the moment at least. They are submerged in the thick soil of the subconscious mind, lost to view and forgotten. Like the desert filled with seed of wonders to come, yet barren, as to manifestation, so many of us have found it.

“I shall restore to you the years that the locust have eaten” is as much a law as any other uttered by the Spirit. How will this restoration take place — what will happen? How the transformation, the transfiguration?

“And then the prodigal remembered” — not the fleeting, passing memory of the human thought, but the deep recognition of something that was a reality. The recognition of his Divinity. The remembrance of all this fire which had been lighted years ago came to mind, and the new journey back to the Father consciousness began.

So as you begin to identify yourself with your Permanent identity it is like the drenching rains to the seed filled desert. All the unseen, unheard contacts dropped into the ground, lo! these many years, begin to come to life. All the Truth you have taken in becomes alive and moving. Like the mass of leaven leavening the whole mass of meal — so it is with this recognition of your Christ Self.

The descent of the Holy Ghost awakens the slumbering ideas and truths you have been storing away for years — and every germ of Good begins to unfold. A million forgotten WORDS and laws spring into consciousness — the whole mass is leavened, and the “snows of yesteryears” are found in new and lovely manifestation.

Nothing has been lost.


“But THIS I say, He that soweth sparingly shall also reap sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully.”

If you are not getting enough of the substance for daily life — it is not because there is not plenty there, but because you are sowing sparingly. Do not try to buy the truth — do not give expecting to get returns — but give from the love of God in your heart and it shall return to you “pressed down and overflowing” — “God is not mocked” —do not make a stock exchange of Him — He is a poor investment if you are doing it for returns. Are you sowing sparingly — have you taken your stance? “God is not mocked.” “He that soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully.” No matter if you have sown into those who have been dishonest and vicious — never mind, everything you have given in Love will return unto you bountifully — no matter what liars — crooks — thieves and false witnesses have eaten of the bounty of your giving — you cannot lose — it is impossible. This is a Law of the Fourth Dimension. So look well to it all — How do you sow?


“John (Love) answered and said, “A man can receive nothing (not anything) except it be given him from heaven.”

Well — what will you do with it? Are you still looking to a man to give you something? You will be mistaken and find yourself in the desert of waiting, never-ending waiting. Why don’t you turn to this LAW of recognition and take your gift from God?

Love of God

“The Father (within you) loveth the Son (body-temple) and hath (already) given all things into his hand.

How’s that? Can you believe with the simple wonderful recognition of the Presence? Can you? He giveth all things into his hand. Is that wonderful?

Contemplate this for a moment. Are your hands empty? and if so why?


Hold this page up to the mirror and find it reversed. In the mirror of human thought everything is reversed. “When I would do good, evil I do” — everything measured by the pattern of human thought is evil because it is seen from the reverse position of God.

Le’ Chef Extraordinaire

Did you ever think of Jesus as a Chef? Well, at least he was a chef on one occasion — when the disciples had been working all night in the waters of dreary human chance and fate he appeared to them and asked them;

“Children have you any meat?”

“No” was the reply — “We have fished all night and caught nothing.” Sounds just like the usual answer. “I have tried all the brands of Metaphysics — paid (pardon me) through the nose — gone to practitioners, teachers, etc., etc., and I am weary.”

Well — what are we going to do about it? There is not much one can do — the same old human pattern of destiny keeps right on. The humanthink pattern cannot escape its Te Deum of nothingness and futility.

Don’t go on talking about what you have done or left undone — wait a minute — you’ve admitted you have worked all night and gotten nothing. “Night” did you say — yes, that’s what I thought.

And now you are going into elaborate details of what you did or did not do in the dark.

Well you couldn’t see what you were doing anyway. Now that the Light is here you are going to spend all this lovely illumination telling of your mistakes and how you fished and fished and fished and so and so and so!

You won’t even listen to what is being said to you — or perhaps you will.

“Well children, cast your nets on the right side.” Simple isn’t it?

No — you have plenty to say about how you know you have been fishing in the same waters all night and gotten nothing — how you tried and tried and tried to make things go — and have treated and treated and treated to make it “Work” — so you KNOW there is nothing for you RIGHT where you are.

But maybe you will listen and finally obey the Consciousness within you — which says: Right where you are IS everything.

Sounds like a lot of cheap Metaphysics to me. Well that’s exactly what it is as long as you try to work it out by limited human thinking.

But perhaps you will stop this foolishness long enough to come under the Glory of “Believe,” and then you will let down your nets on the rightside of the boat.

Good heavens! (pardon me) you cannot draw them in, and then all of a sudden, like the disciples, you discover you are naked and you go overboard, because you are ashamed of your nakedness.

You ought to be ashamed, when the hypocrisy of your protested faith is exposed. And I should think you would blush (I won’t be so gauche as to say your face would be “red”) when you see the very same old nets so filled with fish that you cannot draw them in.

Well goodness! What’ a person to do? You’re not going to do anything but be forgiven again — yes seventy times seven. Until you begin to reallybelieve in ME.

And then you come ashore, to find that Jesus has breakfast ready for you — and you sit down and eat, and more than likely say “It is wonderful, I didn’t know Jesus could cook — where in the world did he get the frying pan, and the wherewithal to clean and prepare the fish for cooking, the wood, fire, etc?” It is practically impossible for the old human “think tank” to produce any motion that could take in such a thing, let alone do it. But you did eat the meal, didn’t you? And I suppose about the only thing we can say in closing is that Jesus was “automatically wonderful” — and so are you when you LET that same mind be in you which was in Him. What say?

More Snows of Yesteryears

Years and years and years ago I remember my mother calling me to one side, when I had been bitterly criticizing another child, and saying to me:

“Son, God has spared you one very unpleasant duty — that of judging others.”

And again — When I was flushed with the first Discovery of God aseverywhere present and I went to her and said, “But you see, Mother, God IS here.”

To which see replied, “Well, if you believe that He is here, why do you stress the word IS?” To which I replied, “Well, Mother, you just don’t understand.”

And so years and years and years after the soft blessing fell upon almost frozen ground I am experiencing some of the Truth of the early words — just beginning to HEAR them after all these years. The snows of yesterday are not lost, they are there waiting — transmutation into everyday LIFE.


Walter C. Lanyon

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