The Pool of Bethesda

Now around the Pool of Bethesda, there were five porches filled with the lame, the halt and the blind. It does not take a great stretch of imagination to understand that the five porches represent the five senses — and that the sick were segregated into five divisions, each coming under the affliction of one or more of the senses.

Strange as it may be, while they all had various manifestations of disease, from all sorts of causes, yet they could all be healed by the sameremedy. No one would even pause for a moment to consider an eye doctor as good for a deaf man — yet all these people at Bethesda were expecting to receive healing from the same source.

Having tried every sort of “panacea” and receiving no help, we at last come to the level of consciousness wherein we believe that a miracle is the only way to change things, a quickening of the Spirit — the Presence of God. Naturally then, when the waters are troubled, we are more than anxious to step down into them and be healed.

We are willing to follow after every new fad that comes along in the hope of getting well — but again the old limitation is presented: — We must be the first to step down. There is always some catch — and so the measure of God is stopped down to the human capacity to receive which is small.

How can a healing power be turned on or off, if that power be GOD? “No good thing will He withhold” — “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters … without money and without price.”

One is blind another is deaf — another cannot breathe — and yet another is numb with pain — and another cannot earn his living. None have heard the word, “O taste and see that the Lord is good” or “Take, eat; this is my body. Drink ye … for this is my blood” and be healed. They are all choked with the dead letter of words — manmade words, and are still looking for more words, systems, affirmations and teachers with “secrets” to assuage their hunger and thirst.

The one that is numb with pain cannot “touch ME” in the crowd until he recognizes the dynamic power of agreement, which when made by TOUCHING, shall be established on the earth — and the numbness shall pass away as the River of LIFE and LIGHT flows through him. Why do younot touch ME? NOW?

The blind having eyes or having no eyes are both the same. They cannot see because they believe that sight is in the physical eyes instead of in the power which made both eyes and sight. They do not know that I AMlooking through the beautiful eyes of those who believe — and see past the time-space limitation to the harvest. VISION expands the narrow confines of sight — time and space are eliminated. Presently you begin to see what is going on and know some of the dimensions of God.

“No man (not any) cometh unto the Father, but by ME” for “I Am the door of the sheep” are the rules laid down for the sheep. If a man does not believe wholly and utterly in Jesus Christ, both actually and symbolically, he will “taste” death and all the things that lead up to death. But if he makes the recognition of the WORD, then will he discover the innate capacities which will enable him to get into the pool of healing before another, because he can enter at will.

“The pool” is the Pure Consciousness of God, which is the sixth sense, and which man is aware of from his human birth, but which he fails to enter because of the false beliefs he has established and in which he Lives. Once he enters this consciousness, he arises and goes into a never ending series of revelations. He has discovered the light within and without.

The old hypnotic pattern, “Another steppeth down before me” gives way to the overflowing Well of Salvation within. The newly discovered Consciousness is the Pool of Bethesda — and the Angel of the Lord makes himself apparent at certain times; in fact, every time he is called upon in the Name of Jesus Christ. The waters are troubled — and at this instant, anyone who touches you is healed. The descent of the Holy Ghost is the consummating operation — the quickening of the Lord — the stirring of the lethal waters of human thought into the LIVING WATERS of God.

Now you may enter the “POOL” — and be clean. Now you can!


Walter C. Lanyon

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