The Pool of Resources

According to Sophocles, man is a pool of resources. Sounds very much as if he might have been right, when THE Law giver, Jesus Christ comes along and makes it clear that anything could be done through that very dimension of consciousness, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus.” All is enough. The language of cultured Greece puts the idea so beautifully: that within man when awakened is a pool — an inexhaustible pool – of resources, from which he could draw whatsoever he would. “Whatsoever” — that is a very comprehensive word “You ask in my name” whatsoever you find in the pool of resources within you, you can have, and not maybe nor perhaps, but Yes — that is what it says. Can you take it?

So did Sophocles along with the other magnificent Greek writers and sculptors hit upon the law. Yet were the streets full of ignorant intellectualswho denied it then, and would do the same thing today. They all want prooffirst before they can believe. I know it is insulting to the great, ponderous intellect — but it is so.

Digging a little more in the remains of Greece, we discover he spoke of “wind swift thought” – thought of and about, and which accomplishes nothing until it is merged into the Christ consciousness, and then like a swift flying javelin hits its mark.

Yes, there is something rather startling about the command


Give it a little contemplation — something might happen. You might suddenly awaken from the “waking” dream that goes on around you – and see through the film of ancestor lore that obscures the vision. And again you might hear something beyond the narrow confines of man. I think, quoting — Sophocles more accurately, “man was a Miracle of Resources.” Take it along with you. Do not ask any man not even your greatest Master – but ask ME and keep still and listen, and then at a moment you think not, it will come through and take form and shape. It is wonderful!

One of the common questions today emanating from the greatest intellect to the lowest is “How did this ever happen to me?” and a lot of other questions about the WHY of life and existence. So we find the Epicureans explaining it all very neatly by saying that life had no rules or system of ideas but was an “accident.” You may smile, but it is as good an answer as the ones I got from fifty people of normal and supernormal intelligence, to whom I asked the same question. Most of them did not have any answer except “You’ve got me.” And from the standpoint of the Ancestor teaching, life is nothing but a series of accidents. People have been killed while on errands of mercy. I presume it was something like an atom making a fortuitous and violent encounter with another atom — and that which happened is called man. Well – anyway the Epicureans who rejected the revelation of Sophocles had their own thought out ideas.

What rejoicing should take place within the temple of your being when you recognize the Truth as given by the Beloved Jesus Christ. No more chance, no more wonder or guessing, but an ability to plunge into the Pool of Resources and come up with the right solution and answer to the question. Yes — It says:

“Awake thou that sleepest” — that is what it says.

Tone and echo; consciousness and manifestation.


Walter C. Lanyon

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