To The Poor I

“To THE POOR the Gospel is preached.” In the orthodox sense of the word it seems rather a slim chance of anything happening. Why not give the poor riches, or at least something, so they can get on? Because the consciousness of Poverty could never be helped by giving it things. It is a barrel with a hole in it which is bigger than any stream of sub­stance which could be poured into it.

Without the consciousness of substance nothing can be had or accumulated. As long as the “poor” consciousness remains there is nothing on the outside that can be done which will in anyway benefit the “poor” but temporarily.

The meaning of the “Gospel is preached,” is that the revelation of the TRUE STATE OF AFFAIRS is explained. By “Preaching” the Gospel—the good-­spell, finally the “poor” man begins to see that in­stead of being dependent upon another he has in­finite resources within himself. He begins to discover that he, too, is “Created equal” from the standpoint of Spirit, and the moment he moves into this state he begins to assume and partake of his equality in all lines.

The first thing that happens when this recognition comes to the “poor” is an automatic “stopping up” of the “hole” in the barrel. Almost without fail the mental attitude which of “begging and beseeching” and dramatizing poverty will fall away. Instead of trying to make other people believe in his poverty and wretchedness-the dignity and pride of man’s heritage comes into play, and he goes within and “shuts the door”—(the hole) and prays to the Father–-the Permanent Identity–-and the father seeing in secret rewards openly. Thus when the son returns from the contact with the father to his place of expression he begins to find that things are changing–-and that he is moving or ascending to a place of recognition of the Presence–-in the fullness of which are all things —-he likewise understands how it is that “the Gospel is preached” to the poor.

Giving must not be withheld even to the “poor” when the occasion demands—but the continual feed­ing the “poor” in consciousness accomplishes noth­ing, for every time it is full it goes to sleep in a mo­mentary contentment and awakens as hungry as ever with nothing to eat and must again forage and dram­atize its poverty and lack—an endless chain of evil.

With this recognition of truth comes the Joy of self-sufficiency—the clean, free state of things which makes for happy living, and which eventually places the one on the path of “supplying his brother’s need.” It is wonderful, for the moment you realize this state of things you also have automatically functioned the LAW of substance. If you are to “supply your broth­er’s need” you must automatically have something with which to supply it.

It seems involved at first—this escaping from the prison cell of poverty—but it is easier than it appears. A sudden arising, a sudden reliance on the Power. A sudden “forgiving” of one’s self-and a taking away the “condemnation” that has been placed there.

Those who follow Jesus into the Desert—many of them were poor—in consciousness—and in spite of the “preaching” and the demonstration of sub­stance they remained that way. They came again for food—and finally earned the stern rebuke “you seek me for the loaves and fishes—and not because of the miracle.” In other words you were “preached to”—the GOSPEL was given you—that which would have freed you into abundance, but you saw only the manifestation of that preaching—and are empty con­stantly. “Awake, thou that sleepest and Christ will give the LIGHT.” That is a GIFT which must be accepted, too—it is Given unto you the moment you are ready to accept it. But unless you can recognize that it is a gift there is little use trying to “accept” something that does not exist. You see then what is required when we “Pray” (in the consciousness) “be­lieving that we have already received.”

All this symbology will be made perfectly plain to you when you are ready to break with the old ideas and take on the new. “Be absent from the body”­ —the body of poverty thoughts, long enough to appro­priate your own heritage. Arise from the debris of human bondage and thoughts, and go unto the Fath­er-consciousness. “Before you ask I will answer” can not be made true by affirmations or treatments—it is already true, and until you discover this you will keep trying to make it true and will fail. When you can begin with the “belief” that it is already true, half of the battle is over. More than half, for it is only then necessary to LET this wonderful GIFT find a way and means into expression through your body temple. How will it come? No man knows. The more impossible it is the easier it is with God.“All things are possible to God”—and God is the great Universal Spirit over all, in all and is the only reality in the universe—the only thing which changes not and which does not pass away.

So one day as the “gospel” is being preached to the “poor” something will happen. He will open his eyes a degree farther than he has yet known and SEE how it is that the “things prepared” cannot be created any more—but must be released. Endless arguing, demonstrating, trying to trick either yourself or God, result in a fatigue and futility which eventually turns entirely away from God. “It didn’t work—I tried so hard to make a go of it-I studied, etc., etc.” It didn’t work because—it is not supposed to “work” and most of all no man can “work” God. He is not a machine that is played by dropping a nickel in the slot. A man-made prayer—or a recommended affirmation will not cause the wheels of the universe to turn around and give forth a hatful of nickels. As long as you have this idea you take with it also the high percentage of loss of the slot machine. The chances of a Jack Pot are so remote it is hardly worth the effort.

Awake and arise from this sluggish thing called “poverty” and enter into the consciousness of God. “When you are ready I will do the works through you”—do you hear when you are READY—when you are willing and will let this wonderful thing happen to you.

Suddenly the Gospel is preached and you hear it and you then know the wonderful wisdom in the law “To the Poor the Gospel is preached.” That is the only way of freedom from the Poor-consciousness.



Enough and to Spare

 “There is enough and to spare” —mean anything to you as a realization of the WORD? Can you take it? Is it so? In any situation, any location—if you are conscious of it? Do you hear? “Enough and to spare”—notice there’s enough—and to spare. Does it mean anything to you? How about a quiet half-hour on this revelation—“Enough and to spare.” 

Their Garments Waxed Not Old 

FORTY YEARS in the desert—and their garments and shoes waxed not old. Do you hear—do you see?

In the popular slang of the streets, “What goes on?”—Here we have something not to think about, for it is a lie—and never did or could happen in thought. Thought in its highest form is based on the findings of science and its laws-one of which is that friction will wear anything out—disintegrate it —do away with it. So you cannot think about forty years’ use of a garment or a pair of shoes—and still think that they wax not old. That could only happen in a fairy tale—and so—and so—and so—and in real­ity it can only happen in a story of God written for a child-consciousness which can and does transcend the laws of Science and Scientific thinking. It just can­not happen in thought. But it does happen in con­sciousness—and that is the place of conception.

Enter in then and close the door—and the Father who seeth in secret shall reward thee (not you and somebody else—but you) OPENLY—but don’t you dare tell it—or cut it to pieces with the curious hu­man thought.

Can you spare ME (or watch with ME) one Hour in the contemplation of— their garments and their shoes waxed not old for forty years?


Walter C. Lanyon

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