To The Poor II

“To the poor the gospel is preached.” This has been taken to be rather small consolation to one actually in need. It seems a little hard, and yet the love back of it is so great that it would lift the “poor one” from the place of a beggar into the opulence of the host, and thereby give all through with­ holding the little.

The gospel that is preached is not the orthodoxy of purification through suffering, or suffering to gain the riches of Heaven, but the glorious revelation of the birthright of man, which, when it is known, causes him to come into possession of his heritage.

“Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto thee. Rise and walk.” Con­sider the difference in the gift of a handful of gold and having the “gospel” preached in this instance. The gospel professed was the”speaking of the Word” which to ” know aright is LIFE Eternal.” It is wonderful what the revelation of God can do for you through our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Your purse is filled always with the sub­stance of Life. It is filled with the “Such as I have give I unto thee.”

Yet does it also say, “When he asks for bread will you give him a stone?” The automatic adjustment of life governed by the Presence will indicate when it is necessary to give the bread and when to withhold it.


Walter C. Lanyon

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