The Power of the Let There Be

“Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”  The Spirit leads Walter Lanyon into the depth of “LET,” and through Christ consciousness Lanyon journeys into the realms of Natural and Supernatural– the undisciplined mind of man.  But there is PRESENCE and with Union “LET THERE BE” manifested as he writes: 

“IN THE beginning– in the starting as it were– there enters into the equation the speaking of the WORD, the ‘LET THERE BE.’ 

And God said LET there BE–with the ease–with the nonchalance–with the consciousness that it was possible– did he SPEAK the WORD ‘LET.’  So small a word and yet so full of wonder and power. Spoken with the effortless, unlabored action of Mind. 

In the command ‘Let’ there is hidden the possibility–yea, the infinite possibility, that it is so and can take place.  A little later in the story we hear the command ‘Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.’        

The world is filled with people TRYING to ‘LET,’ who make the most glorious failures on one side, i.e., the side of accomplishing GOOD, and who make the most magnificent demonstrations of the power on the negative side. 

The ease with which you catch disease is magnificent–I say magnificent– for without an effort you merely say ‘I am catching cold,’ and you do– without an effort you say ‘I lost my job–I have poor health–I am going down hill,” etc., etc., a thousand and one things in the negative side of life prove in the reverse the law of ‘Let there be.’ 

Jesus said the human mind was a liar and the father of it–it therefore works perfectly in reverse–and proves the law of the Presence in a manner which is alarming. ‘When I would do good I do evil, etc., etc.’–amazing and yet interesting.          

Hundreds of people say to me, ‘I cannot grasp the truth,’ and they cannot and they do not see they are grasping the LAW of ‘Let there be’ in the reverse and functioning it perfectly.  A ‘successful failure’ is more than a play on words. To be a successful failure requires a reverse action of the Law of God–and the reverse action of God is all that the human mind is capable of.         

When man in his own FREE WILL decided to become a co-creator with God he left the Edenic state of Life and wandered into a labyrinth of human incarnations and beliefs– always imagining he could create something–but always winding up with failure, disease, fear, poverty, etc. It is an easy thing for any human being to ‘commit’ poverty.  He finds it easier to lose a job than to keep one.  Easier to be diseased than at ease. Easier to commit sin than to live in righteousness and finally easier and more natural to commit  WAR than PEACE.  Always setting up a pair of opposites–good and evil warring against each other– there is no possibility for the human mind to ever attain peace as such. Jesus knew this well when he said, ‘I can of mine own self do nothing but—-.’         

Thousands of people are praying for release from evil of human thought–WHICH IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF EVIL AND THE ONLY SUSTAINER OF IT. They pray ‘hard.’ They pray emotionally. They pray with all the might in their human minds, yet little happens. Nations pray for peace but nothing happens–because it is so difficult to have prayer answered–or so the human mind says–but on the other hand it is very simple to have misfortune or sickness or poverty, etc., etc.,–yes, it is easy because it is natural.         

Strange how long we have been in the place of the manifestation of thought and have not yet seen why Evil manifested itself so much more easily than good.         

When you pray believe that you receive–‘LET’ that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Let is the stumbling block you can easily ‘let’ yourself catch cold. Why? Because you consciously know it is easy and natural and that you cannot stop it.  All your human mind is in a perfect state of acceptance of it all. In other words, you are practicing  the perfect law of Prayer in reverse and you are getting the exact results.  And still you will not see that when you pray you have to have the same ease of LETTING the WORD  come through into manifestation. It should be as easy to catch good as it is to catch a cold. Perhaps this all seems a little facetious to you. It is not meant to be–as soon as you can arrive at the place of the easy and natural acceptance of the PRESENCE you will see good manifested with the same assurance you see disease and evil. Do you begin to glimpse why Prayer is not answered–it is because you try to ‘MAKE’ God do your bidding–you try to ‘make’ demonstrations–but LET yourself catch cold. You are so saturated with the so-called truth of evil that it has the open ground and cooperation of everything and it easily comes into manifestation.       

‘When you pray believe that you receive’–that does not say ‘make’  yourself believe–it does not indicate credulity, hypnotism or a lot of mental tricks. ‘Believe’– not Make yourself believe. When you ‘LET’ on the positive side of life, you will not ‘Make’–nor try to let–but you will see that fine distinction of LETTING with the same hopelessness that you let evil into manifestation.  By recognition in the human mind of the Power of evil you have been educated to know that ‘As for man his days are few and full of trouble’–and you function on that basis– until you begin to see and understand–‘what is the height and breadth and length and majesty of God’–and then you see why your prayers have not been answered.         

Could you pray the ‘LET’ prayer of recognition, the speaking of the WORD with the abandon of Jesus, you too would see the results just as naturally as you do in your evil dimension. The Supernatural state of affairs has made it so impossible–you, a ‘Natural,’ have been trying to use the Supernatural.  Jesus warned you against this, knowing that such prayer would be only emotion or fear or something other than LOVE. He said over and over again, ‘I can of mine own self do nothing.’ He was not foolish enough to think the human mind, undisciplined as it was and steeped in fear and hypnotism, could approach the Supernatural. If He was to bring forth the reality of being he would have to enter into that state of being where the Supernatural becomes natural.  As soon as you go into a state of consciousness you partake of that consciousness and it then becomes natural and real. It ceases to be supernatural. So with the revelation of Jesus–He said, ‘I go unto my Father,’ a statement that has confused many because they have wanted to make something mystic out of it all; wanted to do something mysterious and strange with life. Yet with ease any time, they could enter into the Opposite realm of disease, fear, poverty, evil, accident, etc., etc., and see it function with perfect success. It is so natural. God must finally be Natural.         

When you enter a warm room you take on the temperature of that room and you do not make your body warm–it partakes of the nature-temperature of that room–no miracle is performed. ‘If I be lifted up I will draw all manifestation unto me’ is quite natural even though it be to man a miracle. Do you begin to see the state of mind one must be in, in order to bring out the WORD made flesh? It must be as easy and as natural to bring forth good–to LET God express in you– as it is to LET a cold take possession of you.         

‘When you pray’ what a wonderful statement– what do you do? Begin to ask for a thousand and one things, or do you Go unto the Father within–the Perfect Identity–and see what the picture that is forming on the Face of the deep is to be for you? Remembering that your Father, your own consciousness, knoweth that ye have need of all of these things– you do not need to bother with the forcing or asking or trying to cajole God into giving you something of which you stand in ‘actual need.’          

‘And God said–Let the Dry land appear’–the impossible takes place. ‘Dry’ land out of ‘wet’ water. How is that to happen? Try to reason that out. Is there anything in your human thinking that can produce a like phenomenon?  Can you by the widest reaches of human thought take dry land out of wet water? It is impossible but it can only be done by the “LET” of God–and not by any effort, belief, affirmation or treatment–it must be on the place of the LET.        

Still it is something to wonder at–can you see any difference in that equation and the one on which you are working? How can you let prosperity come out of poverty? How can you let health come from disease? How harmony from in harmony and order out of chaos– and yet you are ‘trying’ to do all of these things. As long as you try you are not going to do them, you are only going to intensify the problem. You will still seek for something on the outside that can help you; or a way in which you can introduce something into the picture which will cause the land to suddenly appear dry out of the water; but you will fail, for nothing on the outside can happen until it takes place on the inside. Whatever takes place within takes place in the without–and does not ask for permission or power to perform the so-called wonders. No one can vaguely understand how you can take a well body out of a state of disease–chronic or acute–but it can be done by the LET, and no one can understand how a man in Job’s fix, having lost everything, reputation, fortune, friends, and family, can suddenly have ‘Twice as much as he had before’ and have his captivity turned. It is not within the possibilities of man to understand that. ‘Who can understand the Mind of God?’ Answer that and then you will stop trying to ‘Make’ things come into being and you will take good with the same ease that you have heretofore taken evil–you will begin to see what Jesus meant when he ‘entered in and shut his door’–when he went unto his Father state of consciousness and contacted God–and whatsoever he ‘TOLD’ the Father, that was called from the housetops–but he told it in Secret. He was not trying to cajole God into doing anything–but was finding out just what should be taking place at that moment.        

Jesus the personal entered into the impersonal God  and lost all his human thought consciousness–in that impersonal blending with God, he was able to SEE and to LET the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven take place.  When he personalized again as Jesus he always brought the solution of the human problem with him. ‘The Ways of God are past finding out’  but they are WAYS which are greater and stronger than any human thought can imagine–they are ways which are free and are not cumbered with the pygmy mind of man– no matter however strong he may appear. ‘I shall make your enemies your footstool’ is the WORD. And it is literally so.        

So the ‘LET there BE’ comes into manifestation in the Life of the awakened ONE. He is beginning to see what true prayer is– how he relaxes the conscious mentality–the old wayward thing which was hypnotized with its own importance–begins to LET the Supernatural become the Natural–presently he finds  it easier and easier to LET ease come into manifestation–it becomes easier to take God than it is to TAKE a cold, which many people claim is VERY easy.


Walter C. Lanyon

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