Where There Be Prophecies

“WHERE THERE BE PROPHECIES, they shall fail” But LOVE never faileth. Strange, then, how after we have left our own personal and private “Egypt” and have seen signs and wonders and proofs of God’s Love, that we turn aside to prophecies.

But you say they are interesting. Yes, very,-but mighty slippery ground to stand upon, — for the “interest” is a will-o-the-wisp which keeps leading farther and farther into the quick-sands of belief in a power apart from God. In spite of the statement, “No man knoweth what a day brings forth” there is the temptation to peep and see if something good is coming. It isn’t, — for it cannot come as long as you put the time element on it and turn it over to some other power than God.

Yes, “Where there be prophecies, they shall fail” It does not say maybe or perhaps, – it says they SHALL fail. Hardly ten per cent of all the prophecies, personal and national, have even vaguely come to pass. Of course, there is such a thing as stretching the event to fit the prophecy, — but that isn’t the danger. The real danger lies in the time element which is always interposed and the array of evil that must be endured before that “speck” of good can come into being.

But—“LOVE NEVER FAILETH”! NEVER is a long, long time, — and NEVER is ETERNALLY NOW.

Meditating along this line recently, suddenly a flash came through, – a beautiful radiance which spoke in terms of LIGHT, impressing upon me: the fact that man is born under GOD, – not under a star or a group of stars. In the record of creation, man was created above the stars. How then can he come under the malefic influences of that which is under him, unless he descends to the level of that belief?

He shall give His ANGELS charge over thee, not His stars. And you have the power to call forth twelve legions of ANGELS, if you will.

Yes, — “Where there be prophecies, they shall fail”. You live in the Kingdom HERE and NOW. Your waiting is only in human thinking.


Walter C. Lanyon

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