Resist Not (Part 2)

“RESIST not evil.” That which you resist is to you real. A thing that becomes real cannot be destroyed. That which you fight as evil, fights back with equal force, since it is but the reflex action of your own belief.

A rubber ball thrown against a wall will return without effort on your part. The contour of a rubber ball is destroyed by grasping it firmly in the hand, and nothing can restore its natural shape until the resistance is released. Then quite automatically the ball assumes its normal condition.The same is true of any organ of your body. That organ which is constantly in thought, constantly worked with or held in mind is usually diseased. The body which is fatigue­less and perfect, is the body which is most out of thought.

That which you resist, you fear. That which you fear, you hate. The thing that you greatly fear comes into manifestation in proportion to the intensity of your fear. Not because it has any power to come into manifestation, but that it is called into visibility by your acceptance of it as a fact. That which you accept as a fact must sooner or later come into visibility. That which you accept as yours must surely come to you; it cannot go to another. Inversely, that which you reject or refuse to accept as yours certainly can find no lodgment in your kingdom.

“He that feareth is not made perfect.” Perfect love casteth out fear.” Perfect love cannot graft itself on to a house (mentality) divided against itself, for that house shall fall. Every mentality is divided againstitself as long as it believes in two powers, or believes there is something called evil which it must fight. “You do not need to fight; set yourself and see.”

If you believe that God, good, created the universe out of himself, you certainly know that it cannot contain any quality that is not inherent in him. Holding to the isness of good firmly and unwaveringly, in spite of the illusion of evil, will cause it to manifest in your universe, for it will eventually become a reality to you.

“Ye have eyes and see not.” Sometimes the word “believe” means standing firm, and sometimes only a weak desire or hope that something better will take place. When we “believe” in the latter sense of the word, we can never have peace, for a belief can be destroyed or changed at any time. A man can believe anything regarding himself, but he can only know the Truth. You may believe that two times two is anything or everything. This will not change the eternal fact that it remains the same always, irrespective of the argument and so-called proof to the contrary. The same thing is true of your body and universe. Because you and the whole world have believed that it is sick, sinning and inharmonious does not change the eternal fact of existence. As soon as you understand this even in a small degree, you will realize that the only safe thing to do is to stand firm on the eternal facts of Being, unchanging, untrammelled and perfect.

“Ten thousand may fall at thy right hand”—ten thousand who argue and believe may fall—but he who knows himself as pure Spirit, birthless, ageless, and eternal, shall stand, even though the whole world of circumstance say he must and will fall. He who keeps his contemplation on the isness of life shall go untrammelled, free, and abandoned. Why should you not be aban­doned when you know the facts of existence? What matter though the noisy crowd clamour to make you tune into their level of thinking. You are keyed into the reality of life and you shall see works in place of noisy words. You shall be abandoned and happy and shall keep your mental gaze fixed on the realities of a God-made universe. You shall thrill with joy at the knowledge that you do not want to change anything, or anybody—you have only to accept and see the good everywhere.

To understand the reality of life man does not waste time studying unrealities, any more than a musician would spend years in the study of discord trying to find harmony.

If he desires to know harmony, he studies the isness of its fundamental laws. There is no science of discord. It has no basic principle.It is a constant attempt to break the law, and is a product of belief only. A banker becomes so conversant with real money that he recognizes counterfeit coins by the feel, the touch and the hearing. The more he knows of the real and genuine, the more easily he recognizes it, and the quicker he is able to reject the unreal as worthless.

No amount of study of evil is going to make you better. A man may spend a life­time denying what he is not, and yet get nowhere. He may deny that he is sick, and die while doing so. Calling an evil condition a “belief ” and making that belief some­thing real, does not help the situation.” A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” A sickness or inharmony called a “belief” will give off the same aroma and effect.

Understanding the nature of God, man understands the nature of himself. The greater his understanding of God, the greater his understanding of himself. Man’s busi­ness, then, is the recognization of the eternal facts of a changeless, harmonious universe. As he rises, so to speak, in the scale of this understanding, he sees personal sense as a mystification of the appearance world, which is constantly changing. All”things” are in a constant state of disintegration and change. Conditions are constantly going and coming. Personality imposes difficulties on itself and then resists and fights them. “Awake thou that sleepeth, and God shall give light.”

Evil conditions are but parasites that feed upon your thought formation. Break the continuity of the thoughteam which is feeding the so-called evil circumstance and the manifestation must change. That which you accept as real comes to abide in the realm of manifestation for you.

A circumstance is only as old as the last thought about it. Any time the thought about it is changed the manifestation instantly disappears.

Darkness does not intensify with age. Any moment a light is brought, darkness disappears. It is absorbed, as it were, in the light. The same thing is true of sick­ness and inharmony. It is as easy to destroy a chronic as an acute disease. Both are dispelled by bringing the light of theisness of Being to bear on the situation.

When you wish to dispel darkness your whole attention is given to the light. No provision is made for what is to become of the darkness. Neither do you consider how and when it will go. At the same time you know that it goes nowhere, because it is not a reality, but the absence of light. “I am the truth and the light and the way.” The moment you come to recognize yourself as the light, that moment the darkness of your universe goes. You do not force it to go; your consciousness rests in your universe and floods it with light. It is so!

In healing disease, waste no time as to how the law will operate or even when. Keep your whole thought on the isness of yourself as light, and the action that seems to take place, called healing, will be instantaneous.As out of the darkness of nothingness appear many new and wonderful objects, so in the chaos of night and fear appear the glorious actualities of the kingdom, here and now.

In the case of inharmony and disease, just as in the case of darkness, you realize that it does not go anywhere, but has simply been absorbed or picked up. The Power that was being misinterpreted is gathered up into the manifestation of good. Ignorance does not go anywhere when you gain knowledge. Ignorance is simply ignoring God as being everywhere evenly present.

A light shines by its own inherent power. You do not make it shine, you let it. So it is with you ; you do not work, but let yourself into expression, by recognizing that it is an inherent right and state of the Son of God to be happy and perfect, here and now.

Jesus knew well the isness of perfection. He said, “I thank thee, Father, that thou hast heard me,” not because he acknowledged an outside Father to whom thanks were due, but that those who heard him might under­stand that the perfection existed before any request had gone forth, and that “before ye call, I will answer.” So many need to have something done—some sign or wonder—something mysterious—before they can believe; but blessed is that man who is not looking for a sign. What Jesus did when he said, “I thank thee, Father,” was to turn from the race-consciousness of a belief regarding evil to the absolute state of the God-man.

How often Jesus gave the word, “it is done,” but there were many who could not understand. Likewise today thousands are praying for things, believing that by praying they can change the eternal facts of existence. Yet to those who have ears and eyes there is something worthy of consideration in such expressions as, “Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will give it unto them.”

The answer to your prayer has always existed, since in the realm of the Real there has never been a problem. True prayer is the recognition of the Finished Kingdom here and now. No amount of beseeching and begging will change the eternal facts of Being, but the moment man catches the glorious vision of the Finished Mystery, he will see it become manifest before his very eyes. God cannot do more than all, and He has done all and called it good.

The keys to the kingdom were given to Peter (absolute faith). This understanding faith does not beg or wish; it does not hope, but takes that which belongs to the Son of God. Its password is “let.” We let everything into manifestation. Finally we come to understand that only that which we”let” come into visibility can actually come into manifestation, so we begin to “let” our health, happiness, and success come into expression instead of trying to wrench these things away from life. But to do this we must first recognize that these conditions actually exist and always have existed in the Kingdom of Heaven, which we are told is within us.

When we come to this understanding we are through with the possession of things for the things’ sake; we use all and pass them on. We truly hear the glorious words, “Heretofore you have asked for nothing; ask that your joy might be full.” This seems a foolish statement in view of the fact that while dwelling on the three dimensional plane of judging from circumstances we were constantly praying and trying to demonstrate things, only to finally hear the rebuke, “Ye seek me for the loaves and fishes.” All is confusion as long as the attachment to things remains with man. Why attach yourself to things when abundance is everywhere? The fourth dimensional man gives up the worn-­out password, “make,” which has caused a constant struggle, for the glorious word of accomplishment,”let,” which causes new worlds to leap up into expression where old chaos and night existed before. “He that hath eyes, let him see.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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