Thrust In The Sickle by Walter Lanyon

Thrust In The Sickle By WALTER C. LANYON Copyright 1941 by WALTER C. LANYON Revised Edition Copyright by WALTER C. LANYON 1956 “There is a Silence in which you stay every moment, whether working or playing, or resting—consciously or unconsciously upon this Absolute Power. “You are always held in that Silence—in which place you are […]

The Eyes of the Blind

The Eyes of the Blind By Walter C. Lanyon  Originally published 1930 Walter C. Lanyon, 1887-1967 Published by Union Life Ministries 1977 PO Box 2877 Glen Ellyn. IL 60/37 Telephone (312) 469 7757    PUBLISHER’S PREFACE What we call the Union Life message of Oneness in Christ, Paul called, “the mystery which has been hid­ […]

London Notes and Lectures

­London Notes and Lectures by WALTER C. LANYON Author of: “Impressions of a Nomad” “The Laughter of God” “The Eyes of the Blind” “Behold the Man” “Out of the Clouds,” etc. etc. London L. N. FOWLER & CO. 7 Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus E.C.4 Made and printed in Great Britain By The Camelot Press Ltd […]

Impressions of a Nomad

Impressions of a Nomad By WALTER C. LANYON Author of “And it Was Told of a Certain Potter” “London Notes and Lectures,” etc. THEO. GAUS’ SONS, Inc New York 1930 Printed in the United States Address P. 0. Box 524 New York, N. Y.   FOREWORD The impressions in this book were gathered from many […]

A Light Set Upon A Hill

A LIGHT SET UPON A HILL by WALTER CLEMOW LANYON International Lecturer – Author of: Thrust in the Sickle  A Lamp Unto My Feel  The Temple Not Made With Hands  Out of the Clouds The Eyes of the Blind The Laughter of God  Impressions of a Nomad London Notes and Lectures, etc. London L. N. […]

Without the Smell of Fire

Without the Smell of Fire By WALTER C. LANYON DEVORSS & Co., Publishers 516 West Ninth Street Los Angeles 15, California Copyright 1941 by WALTER C. LANYON Reprinted, 1956 Printed in the United States of America by— DEVORSS & Co. Publishers 516 West 9th St., Los Angeles 15, Calif.   “Deliverance is not for me […]


Treatment by  Walter C. Lanyon Author of   “And It Was Told of A Certain Potter” Embers, Royal Diadem, Demonstration, etc., etc. Published By Walter C. LanyonBox 280Carthage, Missouri Copyrighted by Walter C. LanyonCarthage, Missouri1921 CONTENTS 1 TREATMENT  2 IMPERSONAL TREATMENT 3 GOD IS LIFE  4 FEAR TREATMENT 5 REVERSING 6 A LETTER THAT HEALED […]

The Spreading Dawn

“HE IS COMING” —He is coming whose place it is to Rule—He is overturning and over­turning until finally not one stone remains upon another, for the new thing has to be raised up. I am not talking about the world—I am talking about you and your temple-body. I am talking about the Dawn of Revelation which is coming to YOU. The […]

Even As We Are One

4There is one body, and one Spirit, even as also ye were called in one hope of your calling; 5one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6one God and Father of all, who is over all, and through all, and in all.  Has there ever been an age that has been more prolific in the dissemination of Spiritual knowledge […]

Doves Eyes

As the song says, “no man is an island”. So we and our universe are inseparably connected one to another in a synergistic bond of “Oneness”.  It seems strange for the dualistic mind, insistent upon its “personal identity ” to first behold such a wonder, yet science itself, in its discovery of Quantum Physics and Mechanics […]