The Very Present Help

One moment, please! What are you worrying over at this instant?That thing which seems so important will in a short time be ancient history. It is only important because you have your eyes glued upon it and are giving it the power which belongs to God. Before long it will be nothing—no more real than the dream you had last night. In the grand scheme of […]

The Will of God

“Not My will, but Thine be done ” has long been taken to mean resignation to something terrible. A complete giving over to a power, which would put one through suffering of untold description. A dumb submission to horrible experiences, which from every angle appeared evil and untoward, but which were to be accepted as the […]

The Well of Living Waters

“GIVE me to drink” — the Spirit tries in myriads of ways to start the flow of substance through man. He is so busy he cannot possibly understand that the moment he makes the gesture of “giving” (in the true sense) he can then ask and receive the real substance underlying the symbol he has given. “Give […]

The Way of the Lord

“Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain shall be made low. The crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places made smooth.” The highway, or the path of material­ization, will be made easy and natural. No longer will the neophite have to climb high “mental moun­tains” in order to contact the Lord. He will suddenly realize the […]

The Touch

“At the moment of the TOUCH, there is no power whatever to make the affirmation, there is no leisure. REASONING on the Vision is for afterwards. We may know we have had the vision when the SOUL has suddenly taken LIGHT. The LIGHT is from the Supreme and is the SUPREME. We may believe in the PRESENCE when […]

The Story of Everyman

         You are Everyman.  The Bible is the story of your life.  You have only to supply your name and change the dates and places to bring the present incidents of your life into line with the story of the Bible.  It is so with every book.           Who has not written […]

The Still Small Voice

We have heard much of the Still Small Voice, we have heard much of the listening attitude, the re­ceptive mode. We have all waited for that VOICE, we have all longed for it, and we have all sought for it, but in vain. It has not spoken. It has been the elusive thing which was […]

The Spoken Word

“ONLY speak the Word.” Perhaps one of the most interesting of all the references to the Spoken Word is the one just cited: “Only speak the Word.” “In the beginning was the Word, and the WORD was with God and’ the Word wasGod.” The WORD which is to be spoken into exist­ence is God. Some form or manifestation of the Infinite Whole. It is not something apart from […]

The Space In Between

Have you ever thought of the apparent space between the three drops of rancid oil and the steady flow which manifested itself once the connection was made? The thing that is separated from its life force dies instantly or slowly as the power it has stored up dissipates its substance. The money which you have in your hand— it will […]

The Space Between II

THE “space” between making the prayer and receiving the answer is usually so filled with human speculation that it becomes an absolute opacity through which nothing can pass. The “how” of prayer cannot be answered. There is no “how” to it, for, according to the human mind, it is impossible for something to happen that cannot happen. Yet this is exactly the dimension of the WORD of which Jesus spoke. Everything you pray over is impossible […]