Why Do You Say Possibly?


Chapter Ten

AND Jesus said to the father of the “possessed” child, “How long has he been like this?” And the father answered, “From a little child… but if you possibly can, have compassion on us, help us.”

And Jesus answered and said:

“Why do you say POSSIBLY?”

Does that question mean anything to you? Do you hear or see anything in the answer? Something which should make your heart leap with joy? The perpetual surprise expressed by Jesus that people still doubted the power of the Presence to set aside the congealed human thought—”Why do you say Possibly?”—It is terrific when you stop for a moment and contemplate this answer of Jesus. Just reading it over does nothing —pause a moment and let it penetrate through that darkened state of mentality which continually is wondering whether or not the power “can possibly” heal its condition. Why do you say Possibly? Isn’t it thrill­ing? More and more we enter into a secret conspiracy with Jesus against the set condition in our lives. That peculiar pet problem which has been there so long—”since he was a child,” as it were.

Suddenly it is as though you actually heard the Voice of Jesus speaking to you about your “maniac” child—the Human mind—and standing directly in front of you asking you that same question, “Why do you say Possibly?”

God is the doer of the “impossible”-and that can­not be measured, or handled with the human thought, for it cannot glimpse what the “Impossible” is. Do you see why Jesus frequently left the limited carpen­ter consciousness and entered into the Permanent Identity and became One with God? Do you begin to understand what He meant when He said, “I will ask My Father”—and “The Father hearing in secret shall declare it (I said shall from the housetops”—not maybe or perhaps what you tell the Father—whatsoever you can find in this God-Power in secret shall be declared from the housetops of manifestation.

When a thing becomes “impossible” it is then “pos­sible” to God. If it is impossible to you it is because you have utilized every bit of human wisdom you have in an attempt to move it, and at last you have come to the Extremity of human thought. It is then that, “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”—when man is at his wit’s—end he is then in a position where the God-Power can do the “impossible,” because that is the Nature of God—the Doer of the Impossible. But many people arrive at their extremity and still hold on or die “kicking against the pricks”—fighting the appearances which they think are real and true.

When a situation in the human picture is immov­able, or a condition impregnable, there is a way of entering into this secret conspiracy with Jesus to come through it all, and that too without the “smell of fire” on your garments. It is not going to be a fight, though you may pass through what seems a confusion of things—”yet shall it not come nigh thee”—yea, even though “ten thousand fall at thy right hand and left.” You are beginning to see that the ways of God are past finding out — the manner and means through which this new Light is to come to earth is not in the understanding of man but is in the care of God. And it is wonderful—praise God. Nothing is impossible to God. He has the WAY “ye know not of” but it is the “Way” of Salvation.

Ways and means of manifestation are entirely out of our hands. We are not concerned how the Signs will come into manifestation, only with the fact that they will—and in the most unexpected way, since it is perpetually the unexpected that happens. Stop looking for a sign—stop looking for a fulfillment—for all of these things are already done and completed in God and are only awaiting your recognition, to come forth into manifestation.

Time after time Jesus directs the mind back to thecontemplation of God. Why? Because until we know something of God we cannot possibly take off at the level that, “All things are possible to God”—that is, to you—all things that you can find possible to God, are possible to you. It seems to expand as you go into it, but in reality it is the Changeless Presence which is always the same, and which is instantly available to you wherever you are and in whatever condition.

The “prayer and fasting” necessary to overcome these “impossible” things with which we are confronted is the pure unrelenting recognition of GOD, here, there and everywhere. No matter where you are nor in what condition. Do you hear and see what this Love of God in your heart can and will mean to you? Prayer and fasting from the temptation to give in to the appearances that are about you, and a steady looking right into the face of God while you die to the old condition you have been in—the impossible condition. “No man shall see my face and live”—no man can continue to live in his present condition and look into the face of this pure recognition of the Presence of God.

“Prayer and fasting,” to many people, is an actual knee service with an empty stomach. How could this possibly interest the God of Love? Many people believe that, “prayer and fasting” means the deletion of every single joy of life, and a crouching at the feet of a tyrant God for such a time as He sees fit to watch the rather pitiful performance. Even a tyrant of an­cient or modern history would eventually tire of such horse-play. “Know ye not that ye are Gods, made in the image and likeness of God”?

Why will you say, “If you possibly can” to this mag­nificent Power? Don’t you yet recognize that it can take place because it has already taken place in the Life of your perfect Identity. Parallel with this Lovely Divine Destiny, you are traveling along in the muck of human fate, which you have brought upon yourself by tasting of the Fruit of the Garden of Eden, whereby you decided that you, too, could be a creator and vie with God. All you have created is a hypnosis of evil, and this has continued to func­tion in the place of evil ever since. When you awake to this beautiful truth you will Ascend to the Father Consciousness or the Permanent Identity, and instant­ly appropriate the status of Destiny there functioning. The world says you have had a perfect demonstration or an instantaneous demonstration, but you have merely blended yourself with the finished thing. Jesus always said “It is done” —is consummated— completed.

Standing steadfast in this recognition is the, “praying without ceasing.” Everything you recognize of beauty and goodness in the world is prayer. You pray to a tree when you recognize its beauty and you pray to a flower when you stand enraptured with its loveli­ness. And sometimes—dare I say this to you—you may get an acknowledgment of your prayer from a tree or a flower! Such things have happened. “I have many things to tell you” but most of them you will get between the lines because they are not for the profane demonstrators of Truth. They are for the revelation of the Higher power which has become natural andreal to you. So “Watch, watch, watch—ye know not at what hour I come.” I said you know not at “what hour”—so that makes it possible to happen almost anywhere, except where you go especially thinking it will happen, or trying to make it happen by joining masses of emotional people who are proclaiming God as Present.

“Believest thou that I am able to do this unto you?”—Answer me. Do you—you, the reader, and for yourself alone? Do you believe—do you? Is the mist thinning and the “If you possibly can” melting out in the glorious revelation of “My Lord and My God”? Do you begin to understand a little?

In the illustration given—you are the Father with the lunatic son—the Lunatic son is your human personality which is so bound by limitations-sick­ness, sin, heredity and environment—yea and a hor­net’s nest of mistakes you have made, with their ac­companying stings. You have been to every doctor, healer, teacher, leader, organization and book, and still nothing has happened except that the wall of “If you possibly can” is more dense than ever.

And at last you have come to the Jesus Christ situ­ation. Yes, you are right up to the place where you can ask the Power to heal your son—but you still in­terpose the “If you Possibly can.” And then that won­derful question that you must answer—”Why do you say possibly?”

One moment of this situation will melt all the rub­bish and debris from your life—for you know that when you are born again you are BORN again; and just as in reincarnation when you are born again you are new—no matter what great wig or tyrant or leper you formerly were. You can take only a faint mem­ory of it with you—and sometimes not that. So it says that, “The former things are passed away—they shall not be remembered (by you or others), neither shall they come into mind any more (not any more).” Do you begin to see that we are not telling you of a power that is man-made and limited to the findings of his foolish wisdom, but of the Power of God which is “Quick and terrible and sharper than a two-edged sword, turning in all directions.” Can you imagine a two-edged sword whirling in all directions? Like to put your head in the way of it? Why not? When you put the head of your old human problem in the way of it, something is going to happen. It is all so wonderful and so simple that it is amazing.

There is something wonderful in this entering into a secret conspiracy with Jesus Christ—it is filled with inspiration which no man will ever tell you and which you cannot read in books—and yet you will know. You are in league with LIGHT—all argument is gone—you begin to KNOW God.

And so we hear the Father speaking to the “deaf and dumb and blind spirits” of human beliefs—”Come out of him and enter him no more.” We hear the WORD of the Father cleansing the temple of the whole lot of Evil spirits. They enter into the swinish manifestation of the human mind as a last effort to preserve themselves, but the madness of it all rushes them over the cliffs into the sea of oblivion. Once I heard a very refined and elegant woman who was very concerned about the Poor Swineherd and his pigs. She didn’t see beyond the story and it never occurred to her that at the very moment his swine were taken away from him, he may have been able to enter into the new dimension of Life. While this is just parable, it all has a meaning for you. We are everything in the realm of the human-capable of doing everything evil as well as good, and we see in the Bible a thousand and one illustrations of the mind—human and Divine. We orientate ourselves in order to get the most light on the present condition.

Sooner or later, everybody who is to enter in must and will bring his maniac Son to the Father and have cast out of him the blindness and deafness and dumb­ness to the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The picture darkens as we see another maniacal condition of human thought. This time it is living in the graveyard, playing with dead men’s bones. That might be a stack of old memories and love letters—they have caused thousands of people to live in the grave of the past. If you try to dislodge any of these memories and beliefs in past conditions there is the crying out, “Go away—why have you come here to disturb us?” Why have you come here to clean out the temple of the past debris of your hu­man life so that the Light of God may shine through? It hurts the old human mind to let go because it would rather hang on to dead memories than enter into new and fresh situations of the new Life.

“And Jesus commanded” and “He fell as one dead.” There was so little left by the time he got through with his memories and beliefs in the lies with which he had stored his house, that he was emp­ty for the moment. But wait a moment—the floods of Light in Jesus Christ are in fixing him with the Breath of Life and he is healed, changed, born anew into the new day of God.

As you begin to understand the difference between the “impossible” and the “possible” in its true inter­pretation, you will be taken up to the level of con­sciousness where you will be allowed actually to see the dissemination of the hard, fast pictures of the hu­man consciousness, and how it is that the Love of God actually melts the frozen human thought and transforms it into Light. You will then be able to see the real nature of the belief which is affecting another—not just the results of that belief. And by “Opening your mouth” and letting the WORD speak through you, you will bring the panacea or the manifestation into being. Believest thou this? Or would you like it to be so? It can never be so in the human thought—you cannot bring God down to that level—for it is only a hypnotic level of thought, and exists only to you.

Yes, you too will understand the Temple of the Living God, and will know actually that every mani­festation on the earth is the TEMPLE of the body of God, and that any of them can function in any capac­ity necessary. “I am always with you”—express, whether it is yours or another’s. Remem­ber the “Burning Bush,” or do you? Or do you be­lieve such stuff? You have never seen any of it and never will until you can BELIEVE in GOD, and then many things will take place quite naturally that formerly seemed like the works of a Tibetan Lama—and wonder of wonders, they will happen to you—this funny little old thing that has never had any­thing, done anything or had any chances.

If you cannot go into a certain City (state of consciousness which actually recognizes God as Present) you naturally cannot find the man (temple) which is to show you the upper Chamber, and so you cannot have the “Banquet,” and so you will be hungry—and so and so and so—do you begin to see what I am saying to you about the Secret conspiracy with Jesus Christ?

The Maniac Son wants to know “how do you get into this consciousness,” and the answer from the reasoning human mind is as maddening as can be—it is simply “GO.” That makes the old mind which has “wisdom that is foolishness in the eyes of God” see “red,” and he wants to make something out of it—but it won’t fit. You cannot put Infinity into the pat­tern of finity—and so you cannot put Divine Wisdom into the limitation of “human foolishness” called thought.

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