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One of the great fallacies of this age is the mistaken belief that the teachings and revela­tions of Jesus Christ were scientific. So much has been written on this, trying to prove that science, which is purely relative and has to do with relative things, is of the same bone and structure as the power of Jesus Christ, that it has become a habit of metaphysicians to propound this idea. An apparent satisfaction seems to come to the truth student when he can make the two fit into one pattern. Yet at the very outset of his study, he finds Jesus Christ immediately departs from every basic law of science.

Always it is necessary to call to mind that the power of Jesus Christ was not of the relative world. The three-dimensional mind could not in any way grasp the idea of infinity and its capacities. The longer the argument, trying to prove that Jesus was a scientist, and used scientific laws, the more confused grows the issue. Talking from two planes will bring only a divergence of results. No more will the revelations of Jesus Christ mix with the findings of man, (no mat­ter how apparently high they may be), than water will mix with oil.

The shifting, changing basis of all science and scientific discoveries has nothing in common with the immutability and changelessness of the God-law.

In recording this revelation the intention is not to discount the marvelous things done by science on a relative plane, or to, in any way, belittle the glorious achievements of physical scientists; it is only for the purpose of trying to clear away some of the fog that is obscuring the vision of many truth seekers.

There is nothing in science which actually will set aside the laws of gravity; yet Jesus Christ did this very thing by walking on the water.

There is nothing in science which will cause the un­seen to become the seen and increase five loaves of bread to five thousand.

There is nothing in science which will change water into wine or produce gold in the mouth of a fish.

Certainly there is nothing in science which even remotely suggests that sight be restored to those born blind, and that all manner of illness and disease may be eliminated by a virtual wave of the hand.

As long as the truth student attempts to work from this basis he is declaring one thing and knowing another, and his house (consciousness) is divided against itself and will fall.

Thousands of people who are declaring that there is no matter, and that all material law is nothing, are at the same instant attempting to make what is known as a financial demonstration, wherein they will handle the very matter they have just stated does not exist.

Confusing the truth of Jesus Christ with the highest findings of the three-dimensional plane, man attempts to use this law to bring about results. Jesus Christ at no time bothered with changing the appearances. He gave little or no thought to the present con­dition. He did not reach up or out and bring down a LAW and have it “work” on evil. On the plane of the Christ consciousness the thing is already done. Perceiving this and keeping His attention away from appearances, He was able to see those conditions and appearances evaporate or change from inharmony to harmony. The appearances about you might be described as congealed thought-forms. They are merely the solidification of ideas you have had in mind. The only way to destroy them is by the process of disintegration, viz., by taking thought away from them. Everything in your life is held and sustained there by conscious or unconscious thought. The moment a thing is cut off from its supply o f mental recognition, it begins to crumble.

All sorts of degrees and ideas are held over these manifestations. So we hear people say, “this is a stubborn problem” or, “of course, this is something that takes years,” or, “this is simple,” etc.—and all this is relative and in the mind of the individual.

“If ye believe ye, shall say to yon mountain be ye removed, and be ye cast into the uttermost parts of the sea, and it shall be so”—does not bespeak any dif­ficulty in handling the manifestation that seems so obdurate and impossible.

The Jesus Christ consciousness is in operation the moment it is recognized. “It is done.” The finished mystery—the thing which is totally beyond human comprehension. And this is backed up by the instruc­tions for true prayer.

“When ye pray believe that ye receive, and it shall be so”—and “Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will give it unto them.”

A hundred other passages are given to show the difference in trying to make the law of God work, and letting this law into manifestation through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Not until the truth student has a clear idea of this can he have any degree of accuracy in his work. And once he does grasp the difference in the ideas, he will go from glory to glory, from revelation to revelation instead of from problem to problem.

“As for man, his days are few and full of trouble.” —“He is a liar and the father of it.” “Conceived in sin and born in iniquity,” and a few other beautiful rules handicap the mental creature from his very be­ginning. What hope has he to operate the laws of the universe unless he can ascend unto the Father before he descends unto the plane of relativity—where he “can live in the world and not be of it.” This living in the world and not being of it does not mean he be­comes a plaster saint, a bloodless, lifeless codfish without selection or feeling. It does mean that he understands thoroughly the nothingness of relativity and the power of the Father-consciousness to which he has ascended through recognition, before stepping down into the realm of manifestation. It is wonder­ful, when you pause for a moment and contemplate just who you are and what your mission is.

Once you see clearly the line of demarcation be­tween the third and fourth dimensions, or the mental and the spiritual, you will understand that suddenly you have changed places. Formerly, you thought you were here to demonstrate the power, then suddenly you are through with getting “things” and you are the “giver of the gift.” And fear not, as the gift pours through you into manifestation to supply your brothers’ need, you shall not want for any good thing.

For the first time in life you begin to glimpse the idea o f “leave all and follow Me,” and what a glori­ous invitation it is, and how you will have no desire to carry the little “things” or ideas you thought so precious into the Kingdom o f Heaven.

The ascension is not through emotional imagina­tion, nor does it deal with strange practices. It is a pure and simple recognition of God as here, there and everywhere. Of course, you will at first say, “Well, I have always believed that”—but you have not, until you can actually step into this consciousness through the door of “leaving all,” or the pure recognition that exists but God and His manifestation. Then does the ONENESS come which causes you to be one with the life in everything o f the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdom. I f you are ONE with this life in everything animate and inanimate, you will see the control it gives you over these things.

Immediately, the human mind goes forth gladly, thinking to gain personal power. It desires nothing better than to control the universe. It comes out usu­ally with a bad case of will power, or an astonishing ability to hypnotize itself as well as its world.

The three-dimensional mind, the mental plane, is busy always emulating the Divine. And everything that science does is merely copying the unseen law. Various methods and ways of attaining power show their apparent counterfeit basis in the final analysis, as did the serpents created by the magicians resem­bled to all intent and purpose the serpent produced by the man of God. With this one difference—however: the serpent of the Lord devoured the other manifestations.

“Be not dismayed, God is not mocked” has struck a servile fear in the hearts of many, who in spite of their best teachings still have a man-God with a group of willing workers who are spying and hunting out evil, to punish. It might clear the whole situation if you said, “Be not dismayed, mathematics is not mocked”—you know that if you make a mistake in mathematics the law stands, while you flutter about in your difficulty. And this “fluttering about” is what you call retribution. The moment you align yourself with the principle the mistake disappears, and the place thereof. It is wonderful to feel this clean, clear flow of light filter through you.

Are you through with things, and the caring for them, and the seeking them? Are you through with the attempt to sell your pigmy personality in the open mart? Are you tired of trying to “keep up” with the standards set for your “station” in life? Well, when you are tired and through with it all,then shall you have all things, and do all things and be able to move your temple-body about into the place of great peace and joy, and it shall be a tower of light and refuge unto which all men will run.

It is wonderful when all the fuss and excitement is over and you come to the place of pure recognition of the Presence, here, there, and everywhere. Recog­nition of the Power which is so absolutely beyond the appearances that it could cause you to put your hand into your bosom and bring it out white with leprosy, then replace it again and bring it out clean and whole. Why leprosy? Because that was supposed to be the incurable disease, and it is given you to show how the recognition of the Father consciousness transcends the limited time-and-space law of the human mind.

“Look again—the fields are white.” But you have just explained through your highest and most scientific findings that “it is four months until the harvest.” Now what are you going to do about it? Just which do you believe? Of course the unascended conscious­ness cannot possibly understand this, and is thrilled with the magic of it—thinks it would be grand if one could do it—but he has never seen it, and if he did he would spend so much time trying to explain it away that he would miss the power of it all.

Don’t you realize the necessity of ascending unto your “Father?” This is not a religious rite. By now you should be about ready to make this ascension, be­cause for years you have been saying that All things are possible to God and that there is nothing in the universe but God. If you can “sense” this Father-con­sciousness you will understand how it was that Jesus constantly “went unto His Father” — “asked His Father”—“raised His eyes unto Heaven”—these are all states of pure recognition. It immediately puts one in the place of perceiving the “It is done,” and he is no longer concerned with the appearances, for from that moment they will start a process of disintegra­tion, some of them vanishing in the “twinkling of aneye.” It is true that the mortal mind will be greatly inconvenienced, but what of it? Nothing can or will stand in the way of the Presence if that thing repre­sents evil or untoward conditions in your life. “Be­lievest thou this?”—answer me!—do you begin to get the “FEEL” of the Presence? “Ye shall find ME when you feel (not think) after me.” Do you begin to see the silent folding of your tent—and the stealing away from it all into the midst of this blessed, pure state of “It is Done?”

“Who did hinder you that you should not obey the truth?” Answer, please. A thousand and one ap­pearances. Yet you are told to be “absent from the body and present with the Lord”—to which you re­ply, “I have tried and tried but nothing happens.” Nothing is going to happen because it has already happened, and when you come to the place where you are absolutely indifferent as to whether it hap­pens or not—then will it appear because you have then accepted it.

When you have ascended to this recognition of the Presence you will know that whatsoever you perceive in consciousness, at that moment is “established on the earth”—without fail. Whatsoever you perceive in consciousness at this moment of ascension to the Father will come into being without fail. How shall it come? No man knows just what the way may be. But whatever temples or bodies or situations on the mental and physical planes necessary to cause this manifestation to take place will come into alignment as if they were soldiers called to attention in a well-trained army.They cannot help responding and they will not want to. The works of the Lord must be car­ried through into manifestation. You begin to see, then, why you are constantly told to take your attention away from appearances and keep it on God.

As you lose this false value of things and position, you gain the real importance of LIFE here and NOW. You gain a sense of integrity which would feed five thousand, and yet pick up the pieces and find twelve baskets left. The carelessness of the human mind would cast aside the “pieces” because of the appar­ent abundance, only to find later that he was begging for a crust. There is an intense integrity in the “Fath­er-state” which must be adhered to. There is lavish­ness but no waste, and this does not pertain alone to material things—it is also in the realm of speech and thought.

“Come out from among them and be ye separate,” is the command. Take your place—your stand—on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and begin to assume the Power. “He made Himself as God” — and so must you. But the making of yourself “as God” while you are yet working on the little mental plane of things is to become an egotist.

The assumption of this power can come only when you are actually at the place of understanding why you are no longer seeking things. As long as you feel the desire for things and the love of them, you cannot ascend. Until they are relegated to their proper place in life you will be possessed by them. Things are pure­ly and simply a means to an end. They facilitate mat­ters and make life easier and more beautiful on the physical plane; but the moment they become “valu­able,” they possess you and become increasingly rare and scarce. The more value you attach to them the farther and farther they recede from you.

All things are of the same value to Mind. Man places the value and then he sets up walls over which he cannot climb. Realizing that a lump of coal and a diamond are of equal value to the Mind that created them, you can understand how the no-value and no­importance of the relative estimate of things makes it possible for you to have a sense of selectivity.

The ascension unto the Father can be made only when you realize that while you live in the midst of things and require many of them to make your heaven complete, you are nonetheless quite detached from them. This does not bespeak any disrespect or mis­understanding regarding things —the “pick-up-the-­pieces” consciousness takes care of all this. There is full appreciation and honor given where such are re­quired, but with it all an unbinding of self from such manifestations as must and will disintegrate.

Do you begin to see that when you ascend to this Father, whatsoever you perceive there (“whatsoever you ask in my nature”) you will find in the manifest realm, without a question of a doubt? But again, if the discovery of this manifestation is going to excite you or appear as a miracle or a magic display of pow­er, nothing will happen. You have to go beyond the place of surprise, else you are not actually accepting it as a reality, but have merely been hoodwinking yourself, hoping by assuming something o f this kind’ to bring out the results. Nothing will happen—“God is not mocked.”

Do you know for what you are praying? There is no cause for alarm, for in reality you will not bring anything very far into being that will cause any dras­tic reaction to you.

“My Father worketh hitherto and I work.” The WORK has already been done on the plane of spirituality, and when you ascend unto the Father and rec­ognize and accept this without reservation or qualification, and stay on this point, then when you descend you will “work” (do the mechanics necessary) to bring out the physical manifestation. Perhaps this will be much or little, but it will be easy and natural and filled with radiant joy and peace. It is wonder­ful how we are finally making the differentiation between the mental and spiritual planes of life, and how from the Father-Consciousness we perceive per­fectly the place of the mental and the physical and do not destroy anything. WE merely align the Power, thereby changing the evil condition to harmony.

“Go in and possess the land.” The land (the con­sciousness) —go in and possess it. Stay at that as­cended point, disregarding the history of your case and the appearances with their proof for or against, and possess “the land” in your soul—and, verily, you shall see it into manifestation.

“Is anything hard to ME?” When you are at this point of ME you will see and understand, and you will bear away the gift. And that which you have perceived in consciousness at that moment will be made manifest on the earth-plane.

You are no longer trying to square this glorious revelation by the findings of man. It is like trying to catch light in a butterfly net. Of course, in a sense, you have caught it, but you have only circumscribed an infinitesimal bit of it. You have only made a limitation for yourself and will thereafter base all your findings of light on that which you appeared to hold for a brief moment in your butterfly net. Presently it will be gone and you will have nothing but the stale letter of your scientific findings, and you again will be desolate and wailing, O, if I could find Him.”

Whatsoever you can ask the Father.” “Whatso­ever” always thrilled me as a word—it seems to be so replete with everything and so full of a sense of joy. But you cannot ask for anything in this true sense of ASKING (which is appropriating) unless you perceive it in consciousness, and once you do, there ceases to be a word-asking. It is a recognition, a wordless state of recognition, a sensing and feeling of the Pres­ence, and a glorious praising of God from whom all blessings flow. Then will you see the joyous mani­festation disregarding a thousand and one man-made laws of time and space. And ye shall be FED. Do you hear? You shall be fed. The mouth of the Lord hath proclaimed it.


Walter C. Lanyon

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