The Sense of Smell

THE SENSE of smell has, through civil­ization, lost its sensitivity as to be practically nil. In Indian and savage tribes it was extended until it could be used to trail an enemy with accuracy, but today it is only possible to smell something that is within the proximity of the nose. This sense, too, can be so de­ceived that a synthetic perfume seems as good and authentic as the actual extract of the flower it repre­sents. In fact, it is easily fooled as are all the senses and it is from these senses, faulty as they now are,that the human mind has gathered all of its vaunted intelligence. It admits that none of the senses are de­pendable, and yet it will take the findings of these senses as a basis for Truth. No wonder then with this faulty concept of how to acquire truth, Jesus said, “The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God,” for man has no intelligent way to acquire real wisdom.

The sense of smell has to do with the breath. When it is properly understood it will be expanded until it has a capacity again to “breathe the breath of Life and become a living soul” in the true sense of the word. It has the Power of the Word closely en­twined in its capacities, and blends readily with the sense of taste.

“He breathed in him the Breath of Life and he became a living soul.” What kind of a soul was it before it had this sense of smell, if it became a living soul the moment it was in-breathed? Answer for yourself. The “breath of Life” carries with it infinite possibilities of attainment, magnificent reaches of manifestation. It is the hand-maiden of inspiration. You “inspire” or inhale or take in Spirit through the functions of smell, and this is what makes the sense of smell loom as so important. Then you are told to “flee from that man whose breath is in his nostrils” for it is going to be deceptive breath and will accomplish nothing but lies and deceit, for it has no other capacity.

Flee from man who judges from the finding of the senses in their unenlightened state.

The Word of Life goes forth on the breath, or goes out into manifestation through the organs of smell. It is strange how we see all of the unenlightened senses full of errors and reduced to limited activities, and how they all take on new and more wonderful proportions the moment we are conscious of their capacity in Spirit. So the sense of smell begins its wonderful work as the Breath of Life bearing the Word. That Word cannot return void, for it has in it this “Breath of Life,” and must become a living en­tity, a manifest thing with the capacity to carry through to success. Any word that has the Breath of Life is en route to embodiment, and must accom­plish whereunto it is sent.

“Speak the word and my servant shall be made alive”—and the Word goes forth on the breath—on the extended sense of smell—it scents its way out to the place of expression. It is able to trail the enemy (evil belief to his lair —a new and wonderful capac­ity that is opened up to this sense.

Across the night of life apart from God is breaking the dawn of the New Day. The New Day is brought into full noontide by these marvelous new senses which at last are being freed from the prison house of thought. Contemplate the wonder of the sense of smell, understand in its further capacity of breath, how it is that every word you utter is launched with the Breath of Life. You are breathing into your Uni­verse the living, vibrating word. The word that you now speak goes on and on and on and as it passes along, it sustains everything that touches it.

Smell is the power to exhale a wholesomeness and youth which is “sensed” by every one who comes near you. Effortlessly does this happen. The Light which is established in you does everything automa­tically. You do not try any more to extend any of your senses, they are automatic in action, able to reach out and bring into alignment all that is awry.

From out o f the depths of your soul goes an in­cense which clarifies the air about you and sweetens the atmosphere in which you dwell. All these things which seem so worthless to human thought become vital manifestations to the awakened consciousness.

Once you become conscious even in a degree o f the new level o f expression, you will begin to “do the works”—you will dare to do what Jesus instructed you to do, easily, naturally, normally. You will step out onto the waters and arrive this time at the boat, for you will not again go back to the thought-plane o f life and find that you cannot possibly do that which you are doing. So will you breathe the Breath o f Life, and raise the dead, and heal the sick, and scatter such an avalanche o f blessings that there will not be room to receive them. You are at the point of giving to every man whatsoever he asketh—and also at the place of interpreting the “asking” of the unen­lightened one in terms that will meet his needs better,perhaps, than the actual thing he is demanding. But all this will come at the moment of need. You will do the right thing, you will say the right WORD,you will give the right thing and so on. And every time you have acknowledged the gift, you will in­crease it.

You are reaching a wonderful state of Revelation. New light and substance are coming down into mani­festation, for the senses have been extended out into the far country. The border of your tent has been enlarged. It takes in things that formerly came under the head of the mystic and the impossible. As soon as you assume a given state of consciousness, the things that seemed so mystic and unreal therein be­come real and normal. You immediately shove off into deeper waters. It is a never-ending variety-a ceaseless flow of substance into expression, the River of Life flowing through the garden of your body, watering it with Living Waters and causing it to bloom in and out of season.

All the former things that could not find a place of expression come into fruition and bear, in and out of season. You do not have to wait any longer for the manifestation, if you can see this power o f the Breath o f Life which has entered into you. As you contemplate this sense of smell in terms of the Breath of Life pouring in and out of the temple, you are filled with amazement; and yet not surprised that the Word floated out on this Breath of Life can shatter the most adamant human manifestation that persists in standing in the way of your ongoing. As the Waters of Life which Jesus was willing to give to the Samaritan woman were not only to quench her thirst but to become a living fount in the midst of her (had she been able to see), so with the Breath of Life that is the midst of you. It is the Fountain of Inspiration. And when this inspiration has come into manifesta­tion in your life, it shall lead you into all things that you have been seeking, lo, these many years.

But as in the case of the woman at the well, you fail to perceive—“if you had recognized God’s gift, and who it is that says to you,” etc. She saw only what she saw, and so nothing else mattered in her life. And she wanted to argue. She already had some one who was greater—she had her father, Jacob—he was greater than this man who could not drink the waters from the well without a rope and bucket with which to draw them. So the old drama goes on. The Breath of Life is nothing unless it is everything, and it is nothing unless it is “recognized,” and the gift re­mains nothing unless it is accepted as a gift. Do you begin to “smell” your way through to the place of the Most High? Can you scent the glory of His com­ing with the perfume of Spirit which He sheds about you?

“This is holy ground—take off your shoes.” Do you hear? “Well, I don’t see what difference it would make whether I take off my shoes or not—my shoes have soft soles and,” etc., etc. “Take off your shoes.” The old human reasoning and understanding must be cast aside if you are to enter in and be saved. If you are to be able to recognize Me when I appear.

The New Day spoken of in the revelation, when the lion will lie down with the lamb, is at hand, for at last through the revelation of Jesus Christ are all thoughts brought under subjection. They are finally deprived of all power and have come again into the proper place of obedience. The poison shall be taken from the serpent, and the savageness destroyed in the lion, and all the power of thought shall be lifted up to the one Power and the kingdom divided against itself shall fade into nothingness.

This whole millennium shall take place in the indi­vidual. It will all be performed in the consciousness of YOU, the awakened one. The old thoughts and conditions shall be so completely divested of indi­vidual power as to become the willing servants of the Master. And the Master shall walk in His garden and be content.

The Master, this Jesus Christ, the perfect union of the body and soul, shall then be the True Temple of the Living God and shall show forth the brightness of this Light through the extended senses which shall pierce the darkness of anything that is still in the night of separation. You are gradually coming to the point of recognition of this TEMPLE body, and its power to step down or bring forth the works of God. Through all these newly discovered powers of the Senses you shall be able to bring into manifestation the things that eyes (the blinded sense-eyes) could not see, and ears (the deafened ears) could not hear, and all the wonderful things “that have not yet entered into the heart of man,” because of its being too clogged with emotions and all sorts of beliefs, held for years. The false sense of Spirituality shall have passed in favor of POWER, which emanates into expression through these marvelous, extended chan­nels.

“Be still and know that I AM God” becomes a deepening of the consciousness. It becomes an ex­pander of understanding, as you suddenly begin to try your “wings” and traverse the unexplored part of your new kingdom.

Suddenly you are alive in this new state of Being and are conscious for the first time that you are here to be “about your Father’s business,” that you are here that God, the Omnipotent, may have a body or a place of expression, and not remain forever in the unseen. The heaviness of human thought is disinte­grating along all lines, and the superfine substance of spirit, which can penetrate any matter-substance with the ease of light coming through a windowpane, begins to manifest itself. It is all awaiting the com­mand, now that it is in subjection to God.

The thoughteam that flows from this new state of Life is not creative, but is merely a means of put­ting into expression that which is the will of God. And so your will becomes MY will and MY will be­comes your will, and the will of God is being done. In other words, you are entering into the rest and peace of the people of God. It is the healthy active rest of expressing this new Power in the fatigueless body or temple which now has become “flesh,” for the soul and body are one and the new substance is able to receive all of the new dimensions of Light pouring over and through it, and the former con­gestion of human thought is gone.

Like a frozen river in the hot spring sunshine, the old physical conditions and appearances on the out­side finally have given place to the temple “not made with hands,” eternal in the heavens—the temple or body which is suddenly discovered to be ageless, deathless and fatigueless. Once you discover these new senses that have to do with the temple, you will find that their passing through the temple will bring no possibility of fatigue, for there is no more congested matter to become tired. It has been clogged with the poison of generations of human thinking and believing. Now it moves as freely as the sub­stance of Light and performs what it formerly could not accomplish, through the aid of the Power. You are able to “walk and not be weary, and run and not faint.” The beliefs that formerly made your body a wreck just because it had performed its duty, now pass over it and cause it to function, just as electricity passes into expression through a dynamo. You be­gin to feel in terms of Light, and to hear in terms of Light—you hear the consciousness back of every­thing. As you descend into the plane where matter is still dark and heavy, you are able to remain com­pletely above the deception of it. It is impossible for you to be tricked again into accepting matter as a power, or as a substance which can resist this LIGHT.

You have come to the “touch me not” command to all the former beliefs, and are free. Yet will you live in the world, but not be of its terrible scourge of hu­man belief. It is wonderful. All this is to take place by the “gift that is within you” being stirred up and “let” to come into manifestation here and now. You will have to perform all this glorious resurrection yourself. You will have to “pick it up” or “lay it down” as you see fit, for now you have come to the day of self-expression, because you have dropped off “self” expression.

The light of the sense of smell, the glorious Breath of the Almighty, pours through you, reviving every­thing with which it comes in contact. You “smell out” the deep and hidden perfumes of Spirit, and are able to give this heavenly aroma to the spoken word, so that now it will be “sweet” instead of bitter. The Little Book which was “sweet to the taste and bitter to the digestion” has at last been assimilated, and the glorious sustenance of this little book has been dis­covered to be Life everlasting and perfect, here and now.

“Speak the word”—As the sense of smell draws the perfume from the lily, so this extended sense will be able to draw the sweetness out of life, will be able to find sweetness where bitterness has almost ob­scured it, just as the bee can take the honey from the poisonous flower without getting any of its poison.

“I must be all things through Christ who strengtheneth ME.” You are all things to all people. You are what you decree yourself to be. You go up and down in the scale of manifestation at will, in order to save “lost sheep.” It is too fantastic to be true, that is why it is true. So you reverse the bluff of human thought which, though a beggar in life, thought to pose as the king, only to be unmasked and cast out. Now you have discovered that you are the child of the King of Kings, and were created and sustained by this central infinite Light, God. “Everything com­eth down from the Father of Light in whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning.”

“And He breathed in him the breath of Life and he became a Living Soul.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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