Since matter is the shadow of the Spirit (Spirit slowed down to a point of visibility) it likewise follows that matter and all manifestation is depending upon Spirit to sustain it. The moment the consciousness is withdrawn (the moment you let go of anything in consciousness) the manifestation begins to disintegrate and disappear. In fact, from the moment a thing appears in manifestation it is “on its way out.” So if you only have a manifestation and no consciousness back of it, it will sooner or later disappear.

If you have a consciousness of substance you will be able to cast infinite shadows of manifestation into the world of matter. If you have theshadow of substance — (money) — it will automatically melt away. The consciousness of substance can be manifested anywhere. If you have a consciousness of money it may materialize in the coin of any realm. But if you only have a symbol it is different — it is subject to loss — theft — or expenditure.

If you have a consciousness of substance you can go to any country — and cash in on it — or cast a shadow of it. If you have only money it is different. Substance can never be counterfeited — but money can, etc.

If you have a consciousness of locomotion — or of an automobile, it will materialize from time to time in various types of cars — but if you only have a “shadow” (a car) it is on its way out, and you will have to make another demonstration before you can have another.

Do you begin to see that every manifest thing is on its way out the moment it comes in? When you “Loose it and let it go” in consciousness — the disintegration begins — and carries on into the fullness of the WORD. The man in authority was one who could call or dispatch manifestation. “When I say go he goeth — and when I say come he cometh” — he was comparing himself with Jesus who could call into manifestation whatsoeverhe would and could also dispatch the fig tree so that by sun-down it was withered away.

As you walk in front of ten thousand mirrors you cast, without doing a thing, ten thousand reflections — and you take them away without effort for you are the reflector. The whole material universe is a maze of mirrors reflecting you and your consciousness. You are the man in authority — and pretty soon you will understand the difference between consciousness and thinking. You will begin to SEE with the single eye of Spirit and know why Jesus dared to send his disciples into expression without thought of the purse or the script, etc., knowing that the thought-taking process could produce nothing of worth while value. Who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature — or bring out an automobile — or a house or for that matter a red hat?

When you can answer the question “how does this man speak seeing he has no learning” — then you will be able to differentiate between thinking and consciousness.

If you had been born blind and the VOICE had said to you “WILL YOU RECEIVE YOUR SIGHT” certainly it would had done no good for you to think about sight, for you have never had any. It would appear then that you are forced to recognize a thing called consciousness — either you take theimpossible by consciousness or the possible by thought. So choose ye this day whom you will serve.

With all your getting get understanding.

Five Bad Minutes

If you want to experience a really “bad” five minutes just try to imagine what your life would be like without the name Jesus Christ. It is something so black and hopeless, only the way of the extrovert is open. Without the name Jesus Christ there would be no more going within to the Father or Christ — all your living would have to be out in the world of things. You would have to hew down a tree and make a god of it, or melt your gold trinkets and cast an image. You would have to divert all the unseen Power of God into the power of things and beliefs.

All the other people in the universe make no difference, no historical character but whom you could do without, but this one would make such a void and such a confusion and futility it would seem like being in the menagerie of a big circus when the center pole fell down. The whole of creation would be down about your ears and the roaring and howling of theanimal thing would be terrifying enough.

More Snows of Yesteryears

Years and years and years ago I remember my mother calling me to one side, when I had been bitterly criticizing another child, and saying to me:

“Son, God has spared you one very unpleasant duty — that of judging others.”

And again — When I was flushed with the first Discovery of God aseverywhere present and I went to her and said, “But you see, Mother, God IS here.”

To which see replied, “Well, if you believe that He is here, why do you stress the word IS?” To which I replied, “Well, Mother, you just don’t understand.”

And so years and years and years after the soft blessing fell upon almost frozen ground I am experiencing some of the Truth of the early words — just beginning to HEAR them after all these years. The snows of yesterday are not lost, they are there waiting — transmutation into everyday LIFE.


“And God said the Houses of the Egyptians (those who believe in anything else than Jesus Christ) shall be darkened — but the houses of the true believers shall be filled with Light.”

It isn’t a matter of running along a street to see whether a house be lit with a million candle power light — or whether it be in darkness — it is the man you meet — you realize at once whether he is lighted with the recognition of the Immaculate Conception or whether he is still struggling in the Stygian darkness of other days.

There are LIGHT Houses and there are Dark Houses — you are meeting them daily — The word has already gone out.

In the streets, shops and market places you come upon those houses — they are either LIGHTED with the WORD or they are in darkness of the present day foolishness.

“Salute NO (not any) man you pass on the highway of life.” “Flee from that man whose breath is in his nostrils.” What does a man who still wants to argue, compare or discuss the Truth know about it, so flee from that one.

If You Don’t Know, You Just Don’t Know

I knelt at the So-called tomb of Jesus and prayed. A “Christian” standing beside me said, “Do you believe in that?” I went up the Sainted Stairway in Rome on my knees. A “Christian” beside me said, “Well of all the superstitious persons.” I showed some Hollywood party crashers who came to my home one night a lovely, life sized Buddha, and said to them, “If you burn a piece of incense and say a prayer it will come true.” They did — and went away telling the world that I was a worshiper of Buddha.

I burned a candle in a CATHOLIC church — knelt and prayed. A person said — what?

If you take nothing with you nothing is there — If you do not understand it doesn’t matter.

Anyone who is healed at the Shrine of Lourdes takes with him the Recognition of the Truth — and so — if you don’t see you just don’t — too bad. “When ye pray believe that ye receive — and that is the LAW. It is not according to the ideas of man.

If you do not know God, you cannot see Him in hell. That’s where you need Him most — not in a church house.

The Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus insisted that “this (right here and NOW) is the Kingdom of heaven” — well it looks like Hell most of the time — and so there must be something in the degree of Recognition which changes the appearance after we stop judging from appearances and judge righteous judgment. Is it going to be the word of Jesus or your human findings? Make up your mind — and abide by it. Thank you.

What Is It You Want?

“Go in and possess the land” — that is the only way you are going to get it. It isn’t coming to you by a human miracle — it will only come when you go in and “possess” it. When you take a new state of consciousness (the land) as real and true and accept it as yours — then the miracle to the human sense will appear — and the “little ones” will say, “what a wonderful demonstration,” but you will say “thank you, Father” — Understand? — Because you Believe.

I Shall Give You the Keys

Can you take them? Keys to the mysteries — do you believe? If you have nothing with which to take them you cannot have them. If there is no chalice ready, no wine will pour — if there is no vessel no oil can run — and these are not made ready in the hope they will be filled — they are made ready to receive the RECOGNIZED substance which is even now pouring into manifestation.

Know Ye Not That ….

“Ye men of Athens — know ye not that ye are gods?”

And Jesus said, “Call no man your Father, for one which is in heaven is your Father.”

And the mother of Alexander the Great said to him — “You are not the child of the king Phillip but are a son of the god Ammon,” and he believed it — and acted like it, and showed such perfect dimensions of this power that he conquered the world before he was thirty — and set aphysical example before his men that would have been the envy of Praxiteles or a Phidias. So perfect was his body and mentality he automatically commanded attention and respect. You may still be under the thought that Alexander was a heathen, a pagan and believed in strange gods — I wonder how much stranger where his gods than those you subscribe to, in the name of the one God. But nevertheless, by believing in his Divinity he was able to bring it through on all planes of existence. When he “asked” Ammon god he got results. Do you? And if not why not? Perhaps it is because in your heart you still believe and subscribe to the teachings of the mortal mind which says you were born of woman, are of few days filled with trouble, etc.

Was Alexander then more divine than you? It would seem so. He accepted his Power as something from God (his God was called Ammon) and acted accordingly. Anyone who can accept his God heritage will discover a definite uptilt in his life and affairs.

“Flee from the man whose breath is in his nostrils, for he does not believe you were God created — but a product of physicality; and if this be the case, you have nothing but problem after problem to work out. If, however, you happen to take Jesus at His word and believe — (even in so small a degree as a grain of mustard) — you will begin to see some God-dimensions of power working in and through the confusion of human thought.

The Divine Book-Keeper

“I shall restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten.”

There is a Divine Bookkeeper and “vengeance is mine” is his trademark — which means that the “statements” will be sent out at the proper time.

So turn over all your accounts to HIM — all the money you have lost, all the money that has been “stolen” from you, all the bad accounts and mistakes — and presently you will find it all coming back with interest.

Ten sheep for one is the law. Stand and see the salvation of the Lord, in matters where you have given and done in accordance with the law and then seemed to have been the dupe of an unscrupulous person or where you have lost after following your highest urge. There is no discount in God.

It is all so wonderful — not “one jot or tittle” shall be released until the Law be fulfilled.

You pass along — presently some old account returned fully paid with interest. It is wonderful — turn over everything to the BOOKKEEPER. Statements will be issued at the right time. You can lose nothing by doing good. “Vengeance is mine.” I will take care of it.

I Sing of You

“Je Chante de toi et tu peut m’acceptez pour ton pretre” — So sings Rostand — “I sing of thee and you may accept me as your high priest” — such a lovely idea — You are the Temple of the Living God through which all the wonderful things may pour. All the lovely and wonderful things you have seen in another — and yes, things that have never yet been expressed — must and will be expressed through you — the TEMPLE of the LIVING GOD. Understand the word LIVING — not something you start into expression through thought — but through recognition. You are the TEMPLE —

“I sing of thee and you may accept me as your High Priest.” Isn’t wonderful when you consecrate your body and life to ME? None of the old Monastic thing — but just a Living — STRAIGHT — into the Kingdom of Heaven. Can you take it and get over the limited thing called John Smith? Through you, — the TEMPLE of the LIVING God comes this wonderful LIGHT —

“I sing of thee — and you may accept me as your high Priest.” After that you may expect anything — I said ANYTHING.

“I sing of thee and you may accept me as your High Priest.”

Who by Taking Thought

“Who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?”

Most midgets add several inches to their stature after passing 30, and not a few have actually grown out of the realm of migetdom — which for most theatrical purposes stops at four feet, five inches. An extraordinary case is that of Eddie Wilmot of Minneapolis, who at 18 was a star performer in the Lilliputian troupe. After a severe illness he began to grow again. Today at 28 he is over six feet tall. For some unknown reason, no midget ever becomes bald.

But the fact that it takes place as evidenced by the above portion of an article by Robt. W. Marks, Variety magazine, is enough to make one pause a little when confronted with the so-called fixities of the human body. Incurable diseases, malformations and all these more or less fixed things are no more incurable when handled by consciousness than the height of the midget above referred to. Since matter is Spirit slowed down to a point of visibility, it can change its form and shape, and assume perfect outlines when the right degree of consciousness of perfection is assumed. “Then went He in and shut the door” — and exactly what he told his Father — what he discovered as real and true, that — yes that particular thing was “called from the housetops” or in other words was made apparent to the man in the street. So don’t be too sure that the apparently frozen atoms of your body cannot be thawed out, set in motion again and assume the perfect picture shown to you on the mount. If you are not a midget mentally you will not be a midget otherwise.


You shall find Me when you FEEL after me. Where am I going to feel? In the think mind or heart?

Why do you pursue the study of Truth? Have you hypnotized yourself into believing that you believe? Do you believe or are you still wanting to make some demonstrations of manifestations? Do you believe? Because if you do you have signs, plenty of them.

One Moment Please — Answer This One

After Jesus had fed five thousand from two fishes and five loves — they were instructed to pick up the pieces — and they gathered up twelve baskets full. Where did the baskets come from? Quite sizable to hold the scraps from five thousand people — Think about it and you have a second miracle almost as big as the first. What?

Who was the man at the other gate? We only have one tiny verse about him — he was doing the same works as Jesus and speaking the same words.

It couldn’t have been that the disciples reporting this could have stepped up their consciousness and were able to hear the selfsame Jesus talking to a group of more enlightened people, or could it? Giving them more enlightened Food for consciousness — in the same Fourth Dimensional Jerusalem. I think it could have been and was. The moment you are ready the Master will appear — My sheep hear my voice. Can you HEAR me?

Other Side of the Lake

If you get pressed too much by human thinking you can “go over to the other side of the lake” — That is if you can.

All these wonderful Laws are given to you if you can take them — but you cannot try to take them. Do you see?

Also you can pass through the cloud of human thoughts and thought pictures — every sharp elbow will move out of your ongoing if you will go.

You can pass through any cloud of human manifestation if you CAN.

It is no use trying to make a person into a vegetarian as long as he has a desire for meat. No matter what he thinks about it being good for him or right or the only way — it will amount to nothing and the very vegetables that help others so much will seem to harm him.

No use taking up Truth because you think it is right and want to believe, as long as you know evil and human thought is the only Truth. Just won’t work, for sooner or later you will rush back to your first love — and all your efforts and straining will be for naught — may even work evil in your human thought world.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Dumb as an Ox,

Don’t know a thing

Not clamoring with the outside,

Just as meek as can be —

Listening and listening and listening — and not saying a word — and then the head man comes along amidst all the raucous contestants and says “Thaddeus you come down out of that tree — I am going to have diner with you today.”

Well, for heaven sakes — I thought that “Loud speaker” was going to get the prize but they gave it to that funny little old thing who was as meek as anything and as dumb as an ox.

Well, goodness — what’s a person going to do?

On Being Allergic

We pass through one phase after another of human belief. Once it was Coue then it was sauerkraut juice — and then it was my “Husband or my Wife” — and then it was that you were “Allergic” to everything, so that a tomato could make your body shake like a quaking aspen and you just “could not stand calling cards edged in purple.” And who was to save your “precious darling from the flames” — well a lot of people tried to, some at a pretty big fee — but presently your over-ripe personality made even the doctor allergic to you — and at last you discovered that awful truth that “you were allergic to yourself” — which is a rather grand way of saying you were “utterly fed up” with yourself. A good state to find yourself in, when you begin to see that you are allergic (or in the popular vernacular, poison) to everybody else yourself included for you may bestir yourself and awaken from your bemused state of living with your selfish self — you then find out that there is infinite wisdom in the words of Jesus “Be absent from the body and present with the Lord.”

Such a pleasant sensation to get away from that awful thing called “yourself” and to get acquainted with your Self. Try it — the next time you feel allergic.


Walter C. Lanyon

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