There Is No Shortage In God

THERE IS NO SHORTAGE IN GOD. The only shortage is in the human thought. The Infinite contains all. Nothing is lost. Nothing is taken from the ALL. Nothing is added. It is One Indivisible, unchangeable.

This ceases to be a dogmatic statement of God or a definition of Jehovah when you see the practical demonstration of this truth by the Elder Brother Jesus.

There was a shortage of bread and fish in the minds of five thousand men, and that shortage in their minds was deduced from what they saw, heard and felt in the relative world. But in the Mind of God there was no shortage, so the moment Jesus ascended to His own Fatherhood degree, He was able to con­tact this Fact and bring it down into the congested human thought of man in the form of substance. The moment He brought forth the bread and fish there was no shortage in the mind of man—for the moment at least. “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.” He, whose mind is stayed on the Consciousness of God, remains in perfect peace, for while he does not carry a load of material provisions or substance around with him, he has the instant ability to enter into the Fatherhood degree and reveal what the human mind cannot see because of the congestion of human thought. Human thought becomes congested because it “judges from appear­ances” instead of judging “righteous judgment.” Jesus (John Smith—you) ascending into the Father­hood Degree reveals the Christ (Permanent Identity —the real You). Jesus does not create—a miracle is not something that adds to or takes from—it reveals the true state of Life and displaces the congested thought-pictures that have formed on the body—the Temple of God.

There is no absence of God in the universe, and there is no shortage of anything in God – but the human thought cannot SEE God. The human thought “dies” the moment it sees God-(“no man shall see My face and live”) — dies to the present state of thought-congestion and enters into a new level of Revelation. We are here for the purpose of revealing that which is — not for curing or destroy­ing anything— (“I came not to destroy but to fulfill”) and so the “coming” of the Father into expression is merely the revelation of that which eternally Is. The congested human thought-picture is broken up, as it were, and the new form appears, as steel, although long ago hardened into thousands of different shapes, may all be put back into the melting pot and poured into entirely new moulds. So the congested or evil shaped pictures of matter are not permanently hard, fast shapes and forms-and the moment the Life sub­stance is seen for what it is, the fashion of it is changed—“The Fashion of His countenance was changed.” All this wonderful idea will develop in you as you quietly learn to pray the prayer: “Be still and know that I AM God,” and see that there is noth­ing lacking (no matter what the senses say in God.

In Him you live and breathe and move and have your being-and inversely He lives and breathes and moves and has His being in you. Stop for a moment and contemplate that state of affairs, and you will see something you have not been able to see before. A New Day is dawning and you are “entering in” and are being “saved” from the congested thought ­pictures of the world, which is rapidly passing away.

Yes, the world of human congested thought­ pictures shall pass away — but “My word shall not pass away.” Do you hear? Do you believe?

There was limitation and lack in the minds of the wedding guests—they formed their limited pictures through a series of events which were perfectly nat­ural and real. Half a hundred guests had been wining and dining and they had consumed all the wine. Well that was a fact — they hadn’t wasted it — there were just so many gallons of wine and so many men and it actually, literally had been consumed before their eyes—wasn’t the picture that followed quite natural —no wine? Yes, and it was true, as all the pictures of human congested thought are true. So, a diseased condition, which has eaten away part of your body is true to the congested human thought — but it is not true to God — and it takes only the Recognition of this Presence to reveal what the unmanifest Christ of you knows eternally as a reality.

So you begin to see that the day of miracle—making has come to an end — it had its purpose and now comes the day of Entering into the Fatherhood De­gree where it is quite natural to set aside the con­gested pictures of human thinking. “I will go unto My Father—I will Ask My Father—I and My Father are One, etc.” Yes, I think it is time you started to search the scriptures-not to find out some prophecy about the end of the world, or to ascertain how soon your enemies are to be destroyed, but for Life Eter­nal. “This is Life Eternal to know ME” – the True Living Substance of God here and now.

Do you begin to see — I am asking YOU some­thing-don’t hurry over this. Do you begin to SEE—a little-Perceive-Extend that vision into Reality!

A handful of meal—a. few drops of oil-dregs of wine — five loaves and two fishes — that is what the picture shows. Well, there it is-anyone can see it, handle it, speculate upon it, and come to the con­clusion by every scientific measurement that there is no more—and that by no possible flight of imagina­tion can be made a barrel of oil from a few drops—nor five thousand loaves from five. That would be rank idiocy on the relative plane, and it could not take place. Nothing takes place on that plane, but that you consume what you have and that is the end of it all-whether it be health, money, happiness, etc. There is no argument—it is so. And remember we are not trying to prove that it is not so, for it is so, on that plane, and there is only one thing to do about it: Go out and work by the sweat of your brow and get some more. Anyone will tell you that, and prove it to you. So, if you are still trying to prove things by the Power, you are wasting your time. It doesn’t have to be proved — it has to be Revealed —and strangely enough, through you-you the funny little thing which just a few moments ago was bemoaning the fact that you had but three drops of oil left be­tween you and starvation. That isn’t much joy, is it just three drops-but-well-what are you going to do about it? Do you Believe in God, or man, and what he has found out? Do you believe in the Shortage—or in the Abundance of God?


Walter C. Lanyon


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