Soul and Living Soul

AND He breathed into him the Breath of LIFE and he became a LIVING Soul. Ever think about it?



There must be some difference between Soul and Living Soul—and that difference is just this. Until you become conscious of the Permanent Identity with­in you—the Father within you—the real you, you are merely a SOUL, moving about in a body or temple—-and that soul apparently subject to every law of mat­ter—birth, growth, maturity and decay—and its life measured by the three-dimensional laws of matter. “As for man, his days are few and full of trouble.” There is no escape from the hateful human destiny, and the soul must plod along through the muddy vestures of life as best he can until he can reach the grave.



He discovers he is inbreathed with the Breath of Life and he becomes a LIVING Soul –the dead thing becomes alive—the Consciousness of his Per­manent Identity reverses the order of life and takes over the control—and he discovers that he is born of God. “Call no man your father” takes place when man becomes a “Living Soul”—when he suddenly realizes for the first time that he is inbreathed with the Breath of LIFE and that he has become alive. Alive to a world which “eyes have not seen and ears have not heard,” he becomes conscious of many things which have never before entered his ken—but which are already prepared. Isn’t it wonderful that they are already “prepared,” he doesn’t have to prepare them —he has only to appropriate and use and make them his own.

The job you took on when you came here was called by your name. After a short while the John Smith you had taken over became well-known to you, his faults and weaknesses and his good points, but you were sure you could get hold of that manifes­tation and transform it and cause it to be a real temple of God. But somehow or other through it all the thought-pictures of human things became too real and perhaps you got so thoroughly lost in the John Smith destiny that you finally became hopelessly involved and asked yourself, “What am I here for anyway–“­and many more questions of like nature. But occa­sionally some John Smith has realized his Permanent Identity, and has been able to experience the thrilling sense of being inbreathed with the breath of God and becoming a living Soul. And so, right there in the midst of the confusion of the John Smith pattern, has begun the transformation—the change from cor­ruptible to incorruptible.

Sometimes when the soul could do nothing with its John Smith it just “kicked” it off through disease or accident —got rid of it, so to speak, because it could do nothing with it. But in this day and age, the New Power is descending upon the earth, and thousands who are NOW dead shall be made alive—thousands who are lost in the congestion of John Smith con­sciousness shall be inbreathed and be made LIVING Souls — they shall suddenly SEE the Light through the recognition of the simple teaching of Jesus Christ. “Be Still and know that I am God.”

In the hush of being newly born—in the hush of the New Day—you retire to the stable of your heart and there experience the “inbreathing” of the Lord. You become a LIVING SOUL and the coal of fire goes on your lips-the precious thing has happened to you—it may yet have a long way to come before it will be glorified, but already the light is penetrating. The leaven is leavening the whole mass of meal—you are being born again and being made new —and this time it is the precious secret and sacred doctrine. No more babbling to the man in the street — when the time comes for you to SPEAK you will speak the WORD and it shall be productive of results. And the curious, the filthy, who are peeping to see a miracle, shall remain filthy still—they shall see noth­ing—they shall have nothing given to them but the long, hot walk back from the Desert, where they went to “seek Me after loaves and fishes.” What do you care whether they believe or not—if they cannot see God, it is because they have no Love of God in their hearts—they have been seeking HIM after things and there are no more things left because every thing is left behind.

“Ye seek Me but ye cannot find Me.” Watch — even the very elect may be led astray – so follow no man, woman, book, organization — “follow ME.” Do you hear!

So you become a LIVING Soul — you leave the tomb of John Smith, and there comes the wonderful word of protection “Touch Me not” — to all those who would like to handle with their hands and ex­amine into what they call miracles. Be still—be very still and deeply quiet — you are a Living Soul. It is well with thee.


Walter C. Lanyon

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