The Space In Between

Have you ever thought of the apparent space between the three drops of rancid oil and the steady flow which manifested itself once the connection was made?

The thing that is separated from its life force dies instantly or slowly as the power it has stored up dissipates its substance. The money which you have in your hand— it will go because it has no connection with anything called substance.

When the prophet said to the woman “What have you in your house?” it might be you talking to yourself, “What have you in your house?” It is amazing when you make a check of it, what you have in your house. Many empty jars, many empty dishes, much talk of and about what should be in it. And looking at three drops of rancid oil, or the change you have in your purse, or the supply of food you have, what have you in your house?

It is no good for you to decide that you are going to say you have everything, but in the back of your head or in the back of your mind you know that everything is empty and you are only trying to imagine. Imagination is a long tale. Many people are ensnared by the idea of imagination. They think they can imagine things and bring them to pass, but after they have wasted years on this foolishness they throw it out … imagination has its place but if it has no substance it is no good.

So there are the three drops of rancid oil in a cruse and then there is the steady pouring of oil from the same cruse—from the same kitchen of lack and limitation and poverty. What is that which goes between manifestation and substance? Without that particular thing it is like having a building or even a city enormously wired, beautifully wired, beautifully equipped to perform every conceivable thing from a standpoint of electricity. But if there not be that little fuse that joins the power with manifestation nothing happens.

Many people spend time trying to imagine it will happen. What is that fuse? That fuse is you in the highest sense of the word. You are that which comes between—you are that point where the unmainfest is stepped down to a point of visibility. You are that fuse when you see and when you understand the teaching of Jesus Christ and leave all and follow Me.

You will begin to see how is that when you step between the manifestation and the Light, the Light then becomes materialized even as invisible white light is broken up into infinite colors and changed—because it is passed through the prism. Because the Light passes through you when you know you are the unborn, that you are the beloved of God, that you are sent for a mission. Not to get, because you have this inexhaustible source of everything.


Walter C. Lanyon

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