The Space Between

The space between the cruse of oil and the manifestation of abundance stems from the belief there are vacuities in God. The space between is like the apparent space between electricity and equipment … nothing can take place until a tiny fuse is inserted and the “space between” is filled. The omnipresence of God needs only this fuse (you) of complete recognition or belief to cause the oil to start flowing and from three drops come barrels of oil. It will not stop flowing as long as there is an empty measure.

All this lovely symbology is nil until man discovers that he is the fuse: – the thing which fills the space between something and nothing, and causes manifestation to take place. No wonder Jesus stressed the importance of being silent. No wonder He asked you to be absent from the body, and to come out into the ONENESS of spirit wherein you would find FREE ONENESS. Free Oneness is an Oriental expression of oneness with God. Man is then freed from all beliefs of degrees of life. It is wonderful.

So you enter into the Space Between. You are now at the place where the invisible becomes visible. No one believes this. That is why you are told to place the coal of fire on your Lips, and to go within and shut the door. This law is much disobeyed by earnest seekers of the Light who cannot understand why there are no results, and why the oil does not pour. Yes, you are to borrow vessels not a few. And it means just that. You have been living in a world of limitation.

When you enter or become the “Space between” the flow fills everything around you, – and neutralizes the belief so completely that the problem of lack and limitation does not exist in your universe.

Enter into the Place between and let the flow of light come through you and fill all measures not for the sake of self aggrandizement, but for the free oneness of you and God.

Yes, you are the space between … Enter in and let the flow of LIFE begin to take place. You, yourself, are the answer to prayer. Free ONENESS:

Take it into the sanctuary. Take that word and return unto Jehovah, – the point of power and creation, and see what takes place in the movement of ONENESS when it is freed from the involvement of your human belief, teaching, and thought. You are suddenly a new creature in this light and understand how it is that FREE ONENESS moves by its own power, and has nothing to overcome. It suddenly arrives and IS, and so do you go within and shut the door and stop telling of and about, and begin to experience the action of FREE ONENESS in your own life. Yes, it is like the man who found the pearl of Great Price and bought a field and buried it, after he had let go of all the old worn out cliches and ideas he had picked up from the man whose breath was, and is, in his nostrils. And that buried pearl will illumine the whole earth. Go in – shut the door – put the coal of fire on the lips. IT IS WONDERFUL.


Walter C. Lanyon

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