The Spoken Word

“ONLY speak the Word.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting of all the references to the Spoken Word is the one just cited: “Only speak the Word.” “In the beginning was the Word, and the WORD was with God and’ the Word wasGod.”

The WORD which is to be spoken into exist­ence is God. Some form or manifestation of the Infinite Whole. It is not something apart from God nor away from God. It is God. It is everywhere present and nowhere absent. It is always waiting to appear.

“Faith [in this sense Recognition] is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.”

The Recognition of this All-Presence is the great and first step to Its appearance. Until one recognizes that this Substance, this God, is everywhere present, and absent from nowhere, it is not possible to bring It into manifestation by the Spoken Word.

        “And God SPAKE, and it was done.”

        “Before they call, I will answer.”

The answer always exists ; the thing in its unseen state already exists, waiting to be CALLED ; to be ” Spoken ” into existence.

“Let the dry land appear”

seems almost as if something were being ” called ” into manifestation.There is no question of doubt, fear, nor limitation.

“Stretch forth your hand”

gives the same impression, and so does:

“Open your eyes,

“Receive your sight,”

and many other ” Spoken Words ” of the Scriptures.

The Spoken Word must be something more than the audible word, for who by say­ing “Open your eyes “can heal a blind man? Or who by saying”Stretch forth your hand ” can restore a withered arm?

“God stake, and it was done”

is the keynote to the manifestation, for every mortal man ” is a liar and the father of it.”

Jesus knew of Himself He could do nothing, but He also knew that

With God all things are possible.”

And He united himself with this God within and without before He”SPOKE” the word which was fulfilled instantly and in such a way that no doubt was left.

There is no questioning of the WORD.

“Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you.”

The unlimited manifestation is ready and willing to come into manifestation.

“Prove Me and see”

is an invitation to all men. It goes on to state that, the moment this Recognition is made and acted upon, the manifestation will be full to overflowing—yea I so full that the measure will not be sufficient to hold it all. It is Wonderful!

Little by little we are coming closer and closer to the underlying Principle of this glorious Revelation which has been given us again by the Father.

The man separate from his God, roaming about in the beliefs of the appearance world, is incapable of telling the truth, for his values arc all distorted by what he sees and accepts as basic and true. He has nothing upon which to found his ideas, for everything about him is always changing, always going and coming. “He is a liar and the father of it,” without actually wanting to be one. He is governed by the topsy-turvy law, “When I would do good, I do evil,” and there is “no hope in him.”

Until man recognizes The Presence, permeating and interpenetrating everything, he cannot arrive at the priceless knowledge of the “changeless LAW” of The Presence­—

“Which changeth not, and fadeth not away.”

Immediately he grasps, or even begins to grasp, this, he sees that he is working with something definite. He has something upon which to stand.

Much has been said about the “WORD.” In one reference we find:

“Ye shall eat your own words”—­

showing that words have substance in them; they are the embodiment of the very conscious­ness which “spoke” them into existence.

“Every idle word shall be given account of.”

By whom is this tremendous book-keeping task done? Is there a man-god who will see that you are “paid back” for every word you say? You are the book-keeper, the judge, and the jury, and will settle your own per­sonal accounts. Fear not.

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

The Power of the Spoken Word that’ “pro­ceedeth out of the mouth of God” is set forth. Do you hear?

“My words are spirit and they are life they shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish whereunto they are sent.”

The Word which is “sent” is the Word which is Spoken. But the Word must be spoken from the standpoint of Recognition of The Presence, otherwise it is but the idle word which must be given account oaf. It is the idle word which says, “All that the Father hath is mine,” only hoping that it is true. Nothing takes place but “nothing,” and the idle word is given account of by dire lack and unfilled want.

“MY “—the “MY” referred to here is the same that Jesus so often spoke of it is the

“Father within,” and the happy command

“Go thou and do likewise”

signifies that we also have the capacity to be­come one with this God within and to ” Speak the Word ” and see the manifestation of the glorious, living Word. It is Wonderful!

Dare you speak the Word BELIEVING that it is so before you speak it? You are con­stantly told to pray, believing that you receive, or in other words, pray as if you already possessed. The old idea of prayer drops away, for who would beg for anything if he knew he already possessed it? The praying referred to here is pure RECOGNITION of The Presence in whatever form necessary. Can you see why this glorious act has to be done alone, why, when it was done on many occasions, Jesus said,”See that ye tell no man”? Do you begin to see that we are no longer demonstrators of the Truth, who foolishly tear away the covering of the Ark of the Covenant by telling everything, by tearing off the shell of the unhatched chick in order that someone will pat us on the back and say,”You are a great person”?

“Be still, and know that I AM God “
is beginning to creep through the crannies.

It is Wonderful!

You are no more a demonstrator of the —. Principle of Truth in the old sense of the word. You are not a demonstrator of the Word, you are a Revelator. Henceforth I no more teach Truth, I reveal it, is the statement that exactly fits the fully awakened consciousness.

Many people think the only reason for Truth is to overcome evil. In fact, many people think that is the only reason for God. This naturally posits the idea that it will be necessary for evil to be created eternally in order to give this God something to do. But at last we are beginning to see that the chief reason for this God-Principle is to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven as Mere and Now in each and every one of us.

“Pray without ceasing”

is but the constant Recognition of God as here, there, and everywhere, and if we are busy realizing this we will find few problems to overcome. God, being “of too pure eyes to behold iniquity,” has more to do than overcome a set of human beliefs which a double belief, a double standard, a double eye, a which must and will finally pass away. ,

No amount of working with evil is going to destroy it. No amount of delving into ignor­ance is going to eliminate it. When we recog­nize this Truth, the ignorance from which we suffered disappears. So is it with the various evils of life ; they may seem to be more real than ignorance, but eventually, when you have stayed your attention on the Presence, even though you are in the Hell of beliefs, you will see them disappear, and The Presence revealed. It is Wonderful!

The chief thing to be overcome in the human mind is the idea that there is something to be overcome. Ignorance is not something to be overcome; it is merely an unenlightened state of mind. Everybody knows that it can be eliminated without pain to the individual.

The same thing is true of all so-called “overcoming.” The reason so little is accomplished is that most people believe they have something Real to overcome, while actually there is only an unenlightened state of mind which needs clarifying. All the outside appearances are held in place by the”accep­ted ” state of consciousness. The losses and mistakes that brought endless material chaos to the man who could not read are not causes, as he may suppose, but are results of his ignorance. No wonder, then, that you are admonished

“Judge not from appearances, but judge righteous judgment.”

Your set of values being wrong, through your ignorance, leads you to accept the creations of this state of consciousness as causes, hence we look upon a sick body as something to be cured and a disease as something to be got rid of, instead of seeing these as results of our belief; so most of our time is spent denying the disease, whilst the thought or the belief in it still remains. You might just as well rub on an ointment to try and rid a system of blood poisoning as to work with appearances. Not ten thousand times ten thousand denials will do away with it, until the state of mind which is accepting this ignorant belief is changed. So we begin to see that”overcoming” is the belief that there is something to overcome. This is the first and grandest step towards attaining something tangible and real.

Do not set out on a conquest of evil, but on a Revelation of good. A contemplation of the Omnipresent Good; a Recognition of this Presence within and without everything and everybody will cause the whole face of the earth (your earth) to change, and surely the desert will blossom as a rose.

First, then, we are eliminating the idea that there is something to eliminate. We are not trying to get rid of a thing, but a state of mind which is accepting that thing as real. That is where the whole work lies.

Recognition of this Presence, and agreement with It, gives you the power to “Speak the Word” which accomplishes. Not for show, not for reward, not to satisfy the claims of conscience, but because you recognize the living, vitalizing Presence of the Truth of Being and are merely “calling It” into expres­sion. It is Wonderful!

“For I, too [note the equality of this], am a man of authority.”

This lovely reference to the power of the Spoken Word is interesting. It is direct, and shows the fulfillment and completion of a Word of Authority.”‘I’ say Go and he goeth.” All this is set forth to show the power of the Spoken Word.

If ye have faith [Recognition] ye shall say unto yon mountain, ‘Be ye removed, and be ye cast into the sea,’ and it shall be so.” The interesting part regarding the showing forth of Power invested in the one who RECOGNIZES The Presence is the Word ” YE shall say “­yes, you, the very one who is reading this line, you are the one who shall SAY—!’ to yon mountain, ‘ Be ye removed,’ and it shall be so. “You shall” Speak the Word”and do the wonderful things which are set forth as possible of the Spoken Word. You must read again the things that are possible to the one who hasfaith [Recognition]:

The mountain that you SPEAK out of exist­ence is first “let go” within.”Loose him and let him go” does away with the outside appearance of evil. The Spoken Word merely disintegrates the so-called manifestation of evil.”The place thereof is no more,” and eventually even the memory of it is gone. It is Wonderful!

Jesus continually turned His attention to the Father within. Attention to this Inner Lord will bring about the victory, whereas hours of telling God what to do, and explain­ing to Him the hopelessness of our condition, will only intensify the difficulty.

Listen to this:

“Thou shalt love the Lord THY God with all thy soul, and all thy strength, and thy neighbour as thyself.”

Do you begin to see why Jesus was always calling attention to the Father within?

It was ” The Lord thy God ” to which He referred. He wanted you to love this Lord, thy God which is in the midst of thee—not as a little personal Lord, but as a point where this great Impersonal God became personal, so to speak, and it was only by recognizing this Inner Lord, or the Father within, that the manifestation of this Christ-Consciousness was possible.

Mary was told to magnify the Lord. We are also invited to give more attention to the Recognition of the Presence of the Father within or the Lord THY God. It is of this close contact that all good comes into expres­sion. “All that the Father hath is thine.” All that you recognize this -Inner Lord to be is THINE, before you ask. Do you begin to see, and do you understand why it is necessary, for you to “Magnify the Lord” and to”Enlarge the borders of your tent” and to “Launch out into deeper waters”‘?You can only bring into manifestation that which you accept and know to be true of the Inner Lord. The imaginary Being whom many people beseech and beg to grant their prayers seemingly gives you nothing but misery and disillusionment. “Go within and, when thou has gone within, shut thy door.” The Father within— “He doeth the works.” I am not bringing anything new to you, I am calling to your attention the fact that Jesus per­petually pointed this out as the only way of attainment. The Lord THY God can only manifest through you ; you are one with the Universal Whole and never, for one instant, separated from this glorious Oneness. It is Wonderful! “Magnify the Lord.” “Praise His Holy Name.” “Come before His courts with thanksgiving and praise.” Do you begin to see and understand why you are just where you are?

“Thou shalt love the Lord THY God with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and thy neighbour as thyself.”

You begin to recognize the God within and without everything, and so the beautiful unemotional love of God’s Universe opens for you the Kingdom of Heaven, Here and Now.

“Ye are the temple of the LIVING God.”

Do you begin to see that this “Lord thy God ” is, as it were, your part in the Divine Scheme, and is not a part that is stopped down by a limited measure? ” Ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”Not maybe, not perhaps. It states the Truth clearly, but you can only attain that which YOU BELIEVE is possible f pr God to do. You only BELIEVE that which! you have accepted as true of your “Lord THY God,” and that is why the command

“Be still, and know that I AM God “

is so important for your development. We do not develop on the outside; we develop or recognize within, and the showing forth takes place in the visible.

“The Father seeth in secret and rewards you openly.”

You do not need to worry about the mani­festation. When you have once made the Recognition of this Presence in any capacity or manner, then the Word is SPOKEN out into visibility.

“Let the dry land appear.”

In other words, “Let the manifestation take place.” It is Wonderful! “Only speak the word” founded on Recognition, and the manifestation will take place. ” Enlarge the borders of your tent. Begin today recognizing this God within and without, and give Him the power you have heretofore given to disease and evil of all sorts ; you will see and know that the Immaculate Conception has taken place. The glorious New Idea has come to pass. It is Wonderful! “Ye are the Temple of the Living God.” It is Wonderful!”Only speak the Word “—you can.” All that the Father hath is thine.”

All that you conceive as possible to God is possible to you. That is why some people have little, and others much. Some have made this recognition, either consciously , or unconsciously, and have

Claimed their rights and pressed their claim.”

If your rights are not enough to meet your daily needs, then it is time to contemplate the Father within and to hold fast to the glorious Principle of ” The Lord thy God.”

Only Speak the Word.”

Do you hear? Do you begin to feel the power of the Spoken Word?

I AM sending the Spoken Word of Bless­ings, Joy, Health, Prosperity, and Love, and all the Glorious, Radiant, Divine Attributes of God.”

This glorious Word has gone forth to you —you the very reader of this line. I speak the Word for you, and you either “arise and shine” or you stay yet a little longer in the grave-clothes of your own beliefs. “Lazarus,come forth” had to be answered by the “aye, aye” of Acceptance before it was ful­filled. So is it with you. No one can “arise and shine ” for you. No one can come out of the tomb for you. It is up to you.

        “Only speak the Word.” That is all.

The Word has been spoken.

My Peace I leave with you, and in the Peace you will find the union of Love, Joy, Happiness, Strength, and the Infinite Blessings of Life.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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