The Spreading Dawn

HE IS COMING” —He is coming whose place it is to Rule—He is overturning and over­turning until finally not one stone remains upon another, for the new thing has to be raised up. I am not talking about the world—I am talking about you and your temple-body. I am talking about the Dawn of Revelation which is coming to YOU. The realization of your Permanent Identity. Like the Dawn which slowly reaches out its slender white fingers through the dark night of human thought and draws all these misunderstandings and beliefs into the light of the Full noonday. So this Light within you is gradually permeating your whole body and mind. You are being changed as the leaven changes the whole measure of meal until it is all leaven.

At a moment you think not, it happens—it has been going on so silently—even as a thief in the night—and yet it has been going on, undermining the superstructure of human thinking and its beliefs, and bringing in place the realization of the Temple not made with hands—eternal in the heavens—Eternal in the Mind of God Who created it in His image and likeness.

Beloved, do you begin to SEE just what is going on within you? When you begin actually to appropriate the Jesus Christ Consciousness and are unafraid to take off at that new level you will begin to experience this ever-increasing Dawn— this Spreading dawn which is revealing a newness and wonder of life not recorded by man.

“Eyes have not seen—ears have not heard—neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that are prepared for them that love the Lord.” You cannot see these things, for the light of the eye has been so obscured by the human thinking that you have been looking through the glass of your personality which is filled with the Adam belief of race, color, creed, and even human family inheritance. And you cannot hear beyond the screeching of the human voice which is offering life for sale—yet Life is a Gift from God!

As the termite unseen eats away the joists and rafters of an apparently solid house, which one day collapses—so the Recognition of the Consciousness of Jesus Christ undermines the most difficult human situation. Sometimes it may seem that nothing is being done and that the old building stands there as adamant as ever—day after day the contemplation of the Presence and the recognition of your Permanent Identity is made with no visible outward sign.—But one day—Ah! that One day when the spreading dawn begins—in the twinkling of an eye—the thing which seemed so utterly beyond help or hope, caves in—collapses and goes down like a house of cards in a hurricane—and the place thereof is no more.

And NOW the degree of recognizing the thing as done and finished—before there are any appearances of it on the outside—is becoming more possible. We take off from the level of, “It is consummated—it is finished”—and actually begin to sense—know that the signs follow, they do not precede—and so in the face of the apparent no-change in condition, we stand—and eventually we see with the outer eye that which we find true with the inner. Isn’t it thrilling? Though you stumble and fall you are not discouraged, and you will find within yourself a native ability to pick up more quickly each time you fall. For presently—yes, promptly—the Spreading Dawn comes—it radiates all around you —– it covers the earth — your earth—your manifest kingdom, and reveals the wonders of it all. It reveals to you things which have been hidden for ages. They were always there, yet in the darkness of human thought you could not see them. No wonder the command, “take no thought.”

Human mind wants to fight this issue, for it seems so silly, and so it is—the wisdom of God as given by Jesus Christ was utter foolishness to the average listener—they even “laughed him to scorn” sometimes when he revealed more than they could grasp. How about you, and how about keeping it all secret until you can in the Spreading Dawn reveal it in all its glory? Don’t try to show anything in the darkness of human thought, for even if you are able to “sense” it as true and real, the other one may not.

When this Spreading Dawn of recognition comes to any situation and clarifies it, you will never revert to that level of life again—there is no going back—it is wiped out forever. This Lovely Light breaking through the density of material thinking neutralizes the supposed intensity and power of the relative law, disintegrating the human picture. Many times it will literally go to pieces, and always it will be passed out of the picture, for it is a shadow of human thinking and has nothing to support it in the Light of the Presence of God. When the Morning comes, when the Spreading Dawn appears, you loose the old belief and let it go because it is only a shadow. With the coming of Dawn—Recognition— it no longer has power.

No evil thing can stand the Light of day—and certainly the Dawn of recognition of the Presence in which you live, move, breathe, and have your being, will take the Power out of the Ghost. Have you ever heard of a ghost story that took place at mid-day in the out-of-doors? You know why, don’t you—you can SEE, and so you are not afraid. And it is just this extended vision—the coming of the Christ within you as the Father—that gives you the Power over darkness —ignorance.

“Call upon me and I will answer you.” I did not say perhaps or maybe. But you can’t call upon ME—(your Divinity) until you know without question that I AM GOD. Neither can you see or experience a ghost unless you are thoroughly sold on the idea there is such a thing—and then you can make it appear—but it cannot stand the LIGHT for it is a creation of human thinking, and is sustained by it.

When once you come to the place of seeking the Kingdom of God—not for things, but because you have at last found that it is the only worthwhile thing in the whole universe—then you will find all of the promises being fulfilled without effort and without any atmosphere of the miraculous—it will be natural and normal and real to you.

Body and soul at last.being re-united after the long years of separation, makes the complete Temple through which the Invisible is to be stepped down into visibility. This body which you formerly found subjected to disease, fear and lack, this body which was so dark with discord and unhappiness,—suddenly by the Union with its soul becomes the Temple of the Living God, a place through which the Power can be stepped down into visibility. Everything that is coming into your life will have to be embodied through you — or else it will be a symbolical thing without body,—or a body without life. It is wonderful when you begin to accept this position of the resurrected Body-Temple.

And now through the Revelation of the Jesus Christ Consciousness the dawn is beginning to spread through the darkened passages of your life. As this light filters through you begin to find that an actual searching of the joints and marrow is taking place. As you come into union with your Divinity you experience the change in body and affairs in an almost startling fashion. Old disease and age-laden cells of your body are suddenly stirred to healthy Life. And as the thieves and money-changers are driven from the temple, so the inheritance from a worldly father—the Adam dream—is cast out, for the human inheritance is mostly evil, based upon the idea of, “when I would do good I do evil”‘ and “He is a Liar and the Father of it.”

Entering into this Fatherhood degree—(the Father within) and actually living in the Temple-body of God, you begin to understand how the so-called miraculous things which happened to Jesus can and must happen to you. It becomes natural and not a miracle—it is your Nature that does the work and not just the name of a man back in history—you are conscious of the Presence in such a degree that the sick are instantly healed by the shedding of the Light from within you. “Who touched me” becomes a daily experience, for whether the human wants to heal another or not—when the Divine in you is touched, the”virtue” goes out and the healing takes place.

When a person touches this state of consciousness and causes the Spreading Dawn of revelation suddenly to illumine the temple-body it does not mean that this person is elevated to the consciousness of Jesus Christ in its entirety—unless he accepts the consciousness and seeks the fulfillment of it within himself he returns sooner or later to his former state. There were ten lepers healed, but only one returned to make the recognition— (acknowledgment) of it as something other than a miracle. The others, no doubt, returned to their leper friends, who quickly disposed of the miracle as hypnotism—and again looking on the loathsome manifestation, the healed one more than likely returned to his former state—having experienced at best a momentary sense of freedom. The testimony and proof offered by his former associates would be sufficient to disabuse him of any understanding.

And so, “WHAT IS THAT TO THEE”—You give the Light—because you cannot hold back, not because you want to—whenever anything calls upon you, recognizing the Jesus Christ Consciousness within you to the extent that he believes,—then you “give” forth the healing. If he takes it, all well and good; if he does not take it “all well and good too.” When Jesus made not many mighty healings it was not because His power failed—it was because His hearers could not accept it as real—for there is nothing in the human mind which can accept the God dimension of Life. It is too good to be true—it is impossible—that is why it is possible to God.

“Shake the dust from off your feet”—that is all. Jesus did not go about seeking to heal —He went about with this Light so that all might see and accept it, if they would. He was not trying to convert when He preached the kingdom—He was revealing. The more we “preach” the word of God the more we drive people from the very thing we want to give them —but the more we show the fulfillment of it all, and LET them come into the Spreading Dawn of the new day—the more we are approximating the teaching of Jesus Christ.

It is interesting that the very thing we try to do, we fail in doing—but the thing that is “let” to happen is the thing that quite naturally takes place. Jesus was the Revelator of the Heaven within—so wonderful and glorious and so far beyond anything man had ever conceived. So, Beloved, with you —you are a revelator.

“THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT SHALL NOT BE UNCOVERED”  to the consciousness which understands the Jesus Christ blending—the body and soul oneness—the station between the seen and the unseen—the temple of the Living God—you.

Sometimes in the midst of it all your contemplation of ME will be so wonderful that you will literally experience the Spreading Dawn which is rushing on to the full noonday of expression; and in this lovely Light of the Presence you will see everything “that offendeth and maketh a lie” and every enemy and every hateful thing. What a thrill you will get when you see them for the first time and the old false faces tumble off and the true thing is revealed! What a lot of healing you will do in such moments when you meet ME in the Spreading Dawn!

Life will take on a new interest—many troubled souls and people personally unknown to you will touch you and many of them in their despair will be reaching up for something or somebody to help them. And even though you do not know them and may never contact them personally, you can and will in this Spreading Dawn of revelation give out such help as to make glad the heavy heart—and many times you will see the results—though they may know not from what Temple the Light has shone.

This Spreading Dawn of which I speak is the coming of the Lord and Master of Life to His own vineyard. You remember in the parable how he first sent the steward, whom the servants killed—then he tried sending the son and heir and they killed him—and then he said, “I will go and destroy out of the vineyard all that maketh Evil.” That is what is taking place with you. The coming of this Master to His own Vineyard is the Coming of your Father-Consciousness to His own embodiment—His Temple—and He will kill the unfaithful servants and drive the rest from the vineyard. It is wonderful when you contemplate it all.

In the days of living in the mental plane you were told you were a co-creator with God—that makes God a Liar—because He said the Creation was finished and done in six days and on the seventh He rested. Many people seem to think they know better and are still trying to create and work out inventions, most of which kill them in the end. Well, either you with your co-creating ideas are right, or God, who pronounced it finished and done, knows what He is talking about. You choose this day whom you will serve —whether you will enter now into the thing that is consummated and finished, awaiting your acceptance—or whether you will take centuries to learn by the painful method of attempting to create a universe which functions in evil and disease.

Recognizing this finished mystery and working from that basis brings the results of which Jesus spoke and proved—and of which He said, “Go thou and do likewise.” What man could do likewise from this co-creating plan? What man could produce five thousand loaves and fishes—or for that matter five?

This all seems vague and foolish to the human mind, and so it is. All the wisdom of God is foolishness in the eyes of man. And likewise the wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God–and unless you want to work from that basis there is little hope of doing things which are entirely outside of that wisdom.

Remembering always that because you cannot make a thing happen with your best efforts does not say anything for or against the law governing such things. When you begin to see the way of Jesus, you will stop looking for some other channel for good to come to you but will first manifest it within yourself — and then you will not have to worry about the actual materialization. It will take place. “Go into a city (a state of consciousness) —and meet a man”—but how will I know him? “He will have a water jug on his head”—that “on his head.” —Have you ever stopped to think about the secret Doctrine that is hidden away in the Bible? In the Orient men never carry water—only women do it—yet this man you are to meet has a jug of water on his head! Any danger of your missing it when you have the sign —the password? Well, that is just the way the thing works—there is always something which gives you the key. Can you take it? Can you believe—and can you keep silent before Me? It’s wonderful—more than that—it is all that the spiritual name implies—filled with light—filled with surprise—filled with hidden beauties and secret things of which you have never dreamed or imagined. But no matter how hard you try to demonstrate this wonderful Truth, nothing happens—for you are trying to “prove” it because you don’t actually believe it. When you BELIEVE, you do a thing not to prove it—but it is proven because you do it—and so it goes.

If the thing you are trying to do through the time-space-consciousness of human thought is actually done, and you can quit your struggle and enter into the Jesus Christ Consciousness (the unity of Body and Soul), then you can do exactly as Jesus did when He lifted up His eyes to heaven and gave thanks for the finished, completed thing. The manner of its appearance was entirely out of his hands as it will be out of yours—but you will know exactly what is to be done in order to make the unmanifest appear.

When the Light of this Jesus Christ-Consciousness spreads over your universe it searches out the hidden things of the human mind and thereby eradicates many unconscious defects from your universe. You will begin to feel the “weight” of personality falling away from you. Your mind will become dehypnotized from many things of which you are now unconscious.

Man can become so hypnotized by an idea that it becomes a part of him.

I know a young American who took the name of a gentleman of standing and education who had passed on. He had known this man, and consequently took on his mannerisms and made a perfect job of it—but the payoff came when he got his first job on the stage. Although he was handsome, manly, had a good, well-modulated voice, in fact everything to make him ideal material for a leading man—yet he failed hopelessly in every part he attempted to essay. Eventually it was realized that in all his waking hours he was constantly playing a character, and thatcharacter could not play another character. Do you see that the character you are playing has not the ability to play another character—no more than if Ethel Barrymore should imagine she were actually Lady Macbeth and would try to get a job in another play to enact the character of Joan of Arc? Lady Macbeth is only a character and not real—and could not possibly play anything else—but the moment Ethel Barrymore dropped the charac­ter which she had assumed and returned to her real self she could then play any character she desired. Do you get any light from this? When you drop this personality-character which you are playing and return to the basic character of your true self there is a possibility of bringing out a new and different manifestation.

If you are hypnotized by some hereditary disease or other family failing you cannot hope to superimpose upon this false character the idea of healing or getting well, for the character you are playing has no power of its own. It lives wholly by the thought-substance you are feeding it. So with poverty. People assume false characters of poverty and play them so well that they become hypnotized, and then try by affirmations or words to superimpose upon this character of poverty, the idea of wealth—but it is impossible. You must return to your native self—-the creation of God—made in the Image and Likeness of God, if you wish to bring out the new and lovely patterns of your Divine Destiny which are even now awaiting the call or the recognition. Upon the clean screen can be thrown the new picture—and more wonderful than all is the fact that when the Dawn of this Lovely Christ-Consciousness comes to you—you find the Screen of your Life has not been changed by the hypnotic character-studies you have thrown upon it. Do you understand then the comand, “Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall Give thee Light”?

The Spreading Dawn of realization will show you hidden things in your human thinking of which you did not know—and it will reveal in the storehouse of God the wonders that are to come forth through the temple of your body.

As we awaken from this hypnotism by coming into actual being of the Christ-Consciousness, we begin to see we are merely revelators of the finished mystery. We are here for the glory of God.

If you found yourself in a darkened art gallery and turned on the Light, revealing priceless works of art, you wouldn’t think of claiming that you had created them—you would merely say you had discovered them. And so when Jesus was confronted by the dark­ened consciousness of human lack and limitation he “went unto his Father” and when that Light was turned on he discovered the abundance of substance in the form and shape necessary to neutralize the pic­tures of evil. He did not create the bread as it appar­ently increased—neither did he add to the fish as he passed out five thousand of them. But all this is fool­ishness to the wisdom of man, and so again your at­tention is called to the law of Secrecy which must gov­ern anything you contemplate or perceive in the Mind of God.

Don’t argue—“Agree with thine adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way with him.” If he believes that sickness is incurable, who are you to argue that you know better? He might ask you to prove it—and you could not, for remember, the God-power is not given in order that you may intrigue and amuse the curious.

And don’t explain. No one will believe you any­way — He who knows needs no explanation — he wants inspiration. He wants the Spreading Dawn of revelation wherein he can live and be clean.

Just because you cannot do now the things which Jesus did, does not mean that they cannot be done. Perhaps you cannot play a Brahms rhapsody at sight —but there are those who can.

“When the student is ready the master will appear” is true—and can be made manifest. When you are ready to LET Me come into your consciousness and operate I will do so—for I am your permanent Iden­tity, waiting for you to hear Me at the door so that I may come in and break bread—(substance) with you.

It is wonderful in this new dawning Light to find that you are through with creating things or trying to help God. It is wonderful because then you find out what is the Father’s business, which you are supposed to do. Beloved, it is so filled with the joy of expres­sion that nothing which has gone before is worth a moment’s consideration. Every man who hears My voice begins to live in a new Fashion. It makes no dif­ference where he is standing in the scale of things—­he may be on the top of the stack—he may be on the bottom—he may be sitting in the pigsty—it is all the same. The moment he “hears My Voice” he will auto­matically arise from poverty, filth, disease, chronic or acute beliefs in evil— and walk right down the High­way of Life into the Father’s house—(consciousness) and hear the rejoicing and see the banquet table and feel the soft folds of the cloak. It is all true actually and literally—“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is Good.” Not the little “good” for the moment, but Good in the great universal ways of life—good in a way you have never dreamed as possible, good in a measure that has no material counterpart. But to the jaded human palate, long since killed by the strong flavors of the world’s cuisine, the taste is not noticeable.

Jesus knew that nothing but evil could come from human thinking and He therefore “made Himself as God”—and we are told, “As He is, so are we in this present world.” The very same thing—the identical substance and life. Do you begin to see that when you make your assumption as the Child of God you are taking only what belongs to you, and it is only in this assumption that the so-called miracles can be done?

All this lovely transition is done in the secret place and you may return many, many times to the model­—“the picture which is shown to you on the mount”­—but every time you return thereunto you come away with a greater degree of its naturalness. It is natural and true and not some supernatural thing when you once recognize the true nature of man. And when you understand even in a degree that your body—yes, this very funny, old body, aged, diseased, filled with heavy scars of battle—filled with fears and limitations­—is the actual, literal Temple of the Living God—and is to be used for the purpose of showing forth the Light of God, there is some reason for your existence.

In this realm of the Father-Consciousness wherein man contacts God — the universal substance —- man perceives the finished thing—he sees now how it is that the ploughman shall overtake the harvester—and that the plant is already in the field before rain or man to till the soil. And this very revelation enables him to cast the shadow into the manifest world—which man will call matter. This book was done and completed before I put the first piece of paper into the machine —but I have had to return many times to the “picture shown to you on the Mount” before I could cast the shadow into the relative world—and that shadow you are now holding in your hand as a book. Even, as Iwrite this on the paper the shadow of the book you now hold does not yet exist in the outer realm—but it is complete and perfect in the realm of God. Do you begin to see the truth back of all these parables and illustrations, none of which is adequate to give one millionth part of the wonder of it all? So in the Light of the Spreading Dawn you will SEE—yea, you will BEHOLD!

In the Jesus Christ-Consciousness Light shines forth and reveals the Kingdom of Heaven intact and perfect, and the glimpsing of this Perfect Permanent Idea is what brings the change in the physical realm. Can you imagine any physical change taking place literally, from a physical standpoint, which would have supplied eyes with perfect sight to a man born blind—that is without eye-balls, or muscles to oper­ate them? Think about this a moment and you will see that Jesus was not healing in the ordinary sense of the word, although it seemed so to the human sense. In reality He was revealing that which already existed, and that which was visible in the LIGHT of the Christ-Consciousness—and when you awaken to this understanding, even in a degree, you will rest from your labors and “lean on Me”—the day of the hard taskmaster of trying to understand Life will be over in favor of the Revelation of a law of a Higher dimension than anything yet put into words. Do you begin to SEE, in the Spreading dawn of this lovely revelation, what you do when you “heal” yourself or another—and why it is stated that “anything is possi­ble to God”?

Imagine being asked—if you had been born blind —“will you receive your sight?” Face a like question in your own life—“Will you be prospered?” What could you answer? Especially if you had been born blind and never had known what sight was, or if you had always been so deep in the picture of poverty that you never had known any ease or comfort? What would you say? The human mind would say “yes”—­but the aside would be—“but I don’t believe it possi­ble”—and so it would not be possible. Why? Because you would be looking for ways and means of the in­coming wealth or sight, and if you heard only from the human standpoint you would be as much in the dark as ever about just how this utterly unknown thing could take place. The moment human reasoning comes into the picture the inspiration goes out. For there is no reason to the Christ Law. It is over and above all human law, science and understanding. But there it stands—“Will you receive your sight?” If Jesus could not have revealed it to the blind man do you suppose for one moment He would have asked that question? Then why do you suppose He asks you the same questions over and over again. “Will you be whole, prospered, happy, etc.?” What can you say? What can you do?Hope that it will come to pass?

The more you are “still” and contemplate God the greater will be the manifestation in the physical world. The alignment of yourself with the spiritual Laws of Life causes the distorted human laws to dis­appear—they are all put to flight.

When you see that you are a Revelator you will also understand that through the contemplation of this perfection you are bringing into manifestation some­thing which is original and different and which as­sures its success and power in the relative world. A thousand composers could contemplate God and each one bring out distinctive music, original enough to make it instantly successful—so with you.

When you pray, you are actually contemplating the flower before the seed—and while all this seems fool­ish and worthless to the human thinking, it is exactly what you are told to do—to get the answer before the problem. And it is all so paradoxically stated that it throws dust in the eyes of the “wise” man.

I see where some learned Professor has discovered that the Bible is true because it works out according to a certain chain of numbers—but can he with his numbers heal a sick man—or raise the dead—or even produce five thousand loaves of bread out of noth­ing? The only real interpreter of the Bible is the one who “goes and does likewise.” Without works it is all talk. Without works it is nothing. But this need not discourage you—it should only cause you to dig deeper into the Consciousness of the Presence —to blend with it. If it is possible for a child, it is possible for you also.

Don’t worry about your progress in Truth. In “My Father’s house are many mansions”—many stages and degrees of progress—and as fast as you absorb what is in one “mansion” you will go on to another. But during this period of absorption there is much mani­festation in whatever degree you may find yourself­ —-and the moment you have absorbed it all you will crack the shell of that degree and enter into another, just as the chick in the shell finally absorbs all the substance of the egg and breaks into another world of expression. This is a literal and practical thing—­and it makes for a lovely sense of patience and revela­tion. Going from glory to glory instead of experience to experience is the reward of recognizing the Inspira­tion of Jesus Christ. It is wonderful for the “I” al­ways goes ahead and makes ready the new place of expression for you—“I go before you to prepare a place for you”—that is the word. The place of ex­pression you are entering is already prepared for you—you are going in to possess it—but you cannot possess it until you have absorbed everything in the former degree. Open wide the portals of your con­sciousness and receive, and give forth thanksgiving for everything just as it is at this moment—for when this is done the blessings will descend and the appear­ances of bondage will fall away automatically — the shell will crack and you will step out into your new day. From Glory to Glory—think on these things for a little while.

And so in this spreading dawn of the new day if you are to “do the works that I do and even greater” you must appropriate all the working equipment that goes with it. This is not acquired through the de­velopment of Spiritual qualities, nor by long, hard study, but by the appropriation of your Divinity—by the recognition of your permanent Divinity as a Reality. The assumption of this is not nearly so dif­ficult as it seems, once you actually believe in God and in the Divine Pattern Jesus Christ. It comes over you gradually—you find yourself becoming conscious of new capacities — which perhaps you cannot put into words, but you have a “feeling” that it is pos­sible. You begin in a way to see “the man under the fig tree” and all that he has ever done and is doing, and with this SIGHT you can understand and handle each situation as it arises. Not by the old method of preaching or lessons, but by direct Revelation. You can and will put your finger on the spot and relieve the tension. Do you begin to understand a little? This Dawn is actually taking place—so don’t get ex­cited about the Full noon-day of expression. You are IN THE LIGHT and it is increasing in intensity all the while.

Slowly but surely it is coming to you why Jesus “made Himself as God.” He knew there was no other way of manifesting the works of God. If you have to bring God down through the limited human thought you have little hope of doing anything but a sort of “touch and go” manifestation, because you will always be fighting evil.

None of the works performed by Jesus were done by human methods, or the consulting of human in­tellection. Over and over we hear “My ways are not your ways” until finally we begin to “hear” and the light immediately begins to sift through. “Be of good cheer” — says the Voice when you are tempted to turn again to the outside and see what has been done “I have overcome the world” — and then that pleading Voice goes on to invite you to “do the works that I do and even greater.”

When this God-Consciousness arrives, all the half-­gods of human belief and law “flee before the bright­ness of His coming.”

Take all then, take the gift which is given unto you. Can you? Do you dare to assume the “Clear seeing” to which Jesus so often referred? This gift of Sight is one of the things which “eyes have not seen” — it is one of the things which thousands may have caught in some way and turned into all sorts of channels of human fortune-telling and divining. A thousand and one prophets proclaim the coming of the Millenium and the New Day—yet it goes on from century to century, and we are in the midst of the most terrible holocaust ever recorded in history. The prophets are using every possible argument to prove that God is on their side. Digging in the archives of dead papyrus and monuments, and listening to “old wives’ tales” from the dark ages, and proclaiming that God spoke through all these. Well, they must have something to start the human ball rolling. But the message of Jesus was from the Living God and not from some dusty material centuries old. Do you begin to see that the power of the Jesus Christ-Con­sciousness is indigenous to every man who will ac­cept it. He doesn’t have to be the seventh son of the seventh son —or daughter, nor must he have been born in the dark or light of the moon, or under strange conditions or circumstances. He has to recog­nize that he is born of God who knows all—sees all­—hears all— and holds everything in His power. He then will be able to “read” whatever is necessary for him to “read” without the aid of a card, a crystal, a talisman, or an ancient monument. Yea, without dig­ging in the lore of the old prophets. Yea, he will”leave all and follow ME” — leave all the old ideas and follow his Permanent Identity back into the Father-Consciousness and will there perceive and know what is revealed to him in the Spreading Dawn of Life.

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