If You Think You Are Alone

“And if I go, I shall come again and receive you unto Myself.”

Fret not if you find yourself standing alone for a moment – “I shall never leave you.”  “And if I go, I shall come (into manifestation) again and receive you unto Myself.”  I shall be wedded to the body. I shall become one with my manifestation. Soul and body will no more war one with the other, but shall come into perfect union.  The great cleansing of the temple has been the breaking up of many beliefs and faiths.  Everything that can be broken must go anyway, so fret not. “I will never leave you” – the I Am, though it may seem to have gone from you, is there in the unseen all the while, just as the image is on the exposed negative, although you do not see it.

“I go to prepare a place for you.” I go to make ready the new state of consciousness that must come into visibility.  Always we have talked of states of consciousness as something unseen, but the day of this mentally living in heaven, and physically dwelling in the hell of beliefs and adverse conditions is over.  That which is true in consciousness must have its material counterpart, when the two become one.  No more dwelling in the imaginary heaven where all is right, and actually existing in a realm where everything has to be set right daily.  Can you see that the “Word must become flesh” and dwell among us, and then the “Answer appears before the problem”? Aren’t you glad? It is wonderful!

The moment the consciousness knows and actually accepts a thing it is instantly out into manifestation. That is the state that Jesus spoke of and knew existed – that was why, when He had a consciousness of substance, it came out as gold, wine, bread, fish -whatsoever was needed at that instant.

Do you begin to see the change that must come? The change – an escape from the dual world into which we have again fallen. Long ago we talked about a spiritual world and a material world before we ever heard a word of this Truth, and when we discovered the truth, we thought we had something different, but in the end we found that we still has the same imaginary heaven, and the real earth full of evil to overcome. It is not so very different from the orthodox heaven and earth after all. This is the heaven and earth which must pass away, so that the New Heaven and earth may appear. Do you begin to see how this emptying-out process of all systems, creeds, cults, teachers, books, etc., had to take place? “They have taken my Lord away.” No; already you are finding this emptiness is the glorious place that is being filled with the new reality of Spirit, which will concrete its manifestations without the thin excuses of the mortal mind.

I know you are tired of consoling yourself every time that you have asked and failed to receive, with the asinine reasoning: “Well, it is not best that I have that now.”  What a bitter pill to swallow, but is a drug that excuses the failure to understand, and apply the principle of this glorious Truth.

No matter-“there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ-Jesus.” It does not make any difference what you have done-how many beliefs you have accepted and tried to function; how many times you have failed. “There is no condemnation to those that are in Christ-Jesus.”  Do you notice the word Christ-Jesus? Do you see that it is brought up into One-ness?  It does not say in “Jesus” or in “The Christ” — but it says the state wherein there is no condemnation is the state of “Christ-Jesus”.

The secret doctrine is beginning to ooze out of the dead letters, because at the coming of the Light within you the ‘graves shall give up their dead”; the graves of dead letters are releasing the glorious Truth for which we have been seeking.

The glorious winds of God have blown from you much of the old belief, and left you standing free and alone, ready to receive the adoption, to wit, the redemption of your body. Do you see that this redemption of the body is the thing that happened to Jesus, when he rose above the material concept of body and yet possessed a “Flesh and blood body”?  Something to contemplate, and something that causes you to see that this resurrected or redeemed body cannot possibly come under the laws of human belief.

You are not afraid to lose any beliefs that can be broken, for what is the good of hanging onto a belief you know may some day be broken, and pierce you? “Prove me and see” must be used with the faith that, if you prove the belief and find it without substance, that finding (however much it may upset things for the moment) will of necessity be discovered with joy. Finally the dross of human belief shall be burned out by this great honesty.  You see the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, and you do not want to fool yourself any longer with words. Either it is the Truth and provable as God has said, or else it is a belief that only worked in the imagination.

“I go to prepare a place for you.” Already this glorious I Am is making ready the place-is shaping it into form, as it were, so that it can come into manifestation. It is the upper chamber  that is being made ready! The wedding of body and soul-the completeness, wholeness, and reason for being and all that which we have sought so long.

“I will never leave you, ” and yet “If I go I shall come again and receive you unto Myself.”

You are standing before the gates of the City Beautiful, knocking upon the terrible and glorious doors. Your stand is no longer that of a beggar and out case seeking admittance to a place which is not yours.  You are knocking at the doors of your own Kingdom of Heaven. “Having done all, stand and see the salvation.”  See these doors swing open. You want the Truth, not more beautiful words and theories, and stories.  You want the power which belongs to you. You want the manifestation in the flesh, and you are surely going to get it when you “Stand.”  You are going to accept nothing less than this Power.

“Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have life eternal.”  Remember that there is also a state that follows the “Searching and seeking,” and that is the “Finding and attaining.”


Walter C. Lanyon

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