“Who By Taking Thought”

You are asked a very pertinent and definite question. “Who by taking thought can …?”

Thought is like a rope tied to a captive balloon. An Idea is borne in upon you. You either accept it, or take thought about it. If you take thought about it – nothing but frustration happens. The energy that is used in taking thought is that which would have sustained the idea into manifestation.

All this seems vague and hypothetical until you become silent and see how true it is. “Take no thought” about the idea, and you will have manifestation in due season. You are told to “go” without thought, “carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes,” what you shall eat, etc. The moment the idea is accepted and forgotten, then all the energy which would have gone into thought hastens the manifestation of the IDEA.

I stood once in a London Pea Soup Fog. Had I not been told that yonder in the fog lay London, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and a thousand and one other well known places, but as far as I was concerned there was nothing but obscurity. Yet, there it lay, and as I stood there I remembered the account of the Mist that went up and watered the face of the whole earth and that the perfect creation lay there in all its beauty. Yet through looking at the mist, I had spent many life times trying to re-create a new universe which would have to be super-imposed upon the perfect creation, and this Adam creation would be constructed on a basis of judging from appearances, and finding everything in the last analysis wrong. Even man had finally invented an instrument which would take him and his kind out of the picture, and so he hurried to try to make an agreement not to use it.

Gradually, we begin to see that the LAWS as Spoken into being by Jesus Christ are actually the laws which operate one hundred percent, and when recognized produce the manifestation out of the invisible substance.

The Mist that went up covered the whole face of the earth and hid – not destroyed – everything. What a revelation to know this, for it again substantiates the law that Creation is finished and done and called very good and this also applies to you – created in the image and likeness of God.

Now a new dimension comes into view which we are beginning to discover, not create or demonstrate, and as the mystification in your mind gets thinner, then, the IDEAS begin to show through, and if we can accept them, we will be able to see them and experience them.

The perfect creation begins to project itself through the mist of belief and the balloon is free to ascend to the higher heavens of inventions.

Who by taking thought? You answer it, and begin to see how much energy and power is expended in thinking of and about, instead of being used to substantiate the IDEA.



Walter C. Lanyon

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