A Tight Place

He was in a “tight” place-He told me he had a Cross in his “chart,” and ever so often, when it came to a certain point, caused very evil things to come about for him. He said if it were not for a trine in his chart (which came at the same time) there would be no hope for him. He said, “You do not believe in Astrology?” I said, “but you do.”

Over yonder there is a man who believes in tuberculosis, and you do not. I believe in God. “So do I,” he said. Then I replied: Why do you think the stars are stronger than God—and why, after you have discovered the evil in your life, do you want some one to pray for you?

In the case of the man who believes in tuberculosis he has a terrific backlog to draw from. Everybody who ever ‘ believed in it and everything that has been discovered on that level is established, and as long as he believes on that level, it works. It is the same with ‘anything you do­–“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” is a law—and if you believe in Stars controlling your destiny, then you have a tremendous backlog of belief to draw from to prove it true.

So are we all- a musician has the backlog of every composer and musician in the universe to draw from, and the more he “is absent from the body” he is present with this unadulterated established law of Music. It becomes automatic in its operation; hence, the untutored very often can do what the erudite cannot. No illustration is worth much -but when you begin to see that wherever your Faith is, there do you find the backlog of established belief which will function until you rise above that level and enter into a new plane.

What must it be then when you actually BELIEVE in the revelation of Jesus Christ — SELF discovery which transcends all other things, no matter of how long standing and no matter how many millions believe in them and can prove them in that elevation. They may believe and know and prove their point – but that ONE who hears the LAW —knows suddenly that ONE with God is a MAJORITY over every belief though multiplied and estab­lished by millions.

One with God — one who recognizes the ONE and begins to enter into the Free oneness of LIFE – lives in the world, but not of it; this does not mean that he lives a cloistered, sheltered life, but he is above the rate of the human mind. He is no more under the CURSE (beliefs) of the law — but moves as steadily through it as a periscope moves through the ocean. He does not try to overcome, or destroy, but is absent from that state of mind which proclaims God as all, and then finds a devil which has been created by walking up and down and to and fro.

It is wonderful when you learn that the very first move is to “go within and shut the door” – and stay in the silence of it all, not discussing or talking to any one – no matter however spiritual they may be. Finally, in that silence when you are absent from all the preconceived ideas and notions, you will hear what the Father or the Urge of the Divine Intelligence has to say to you. It is wonderful, and so simple it appears difficult to the human intellect which desires above all else to demonstrate God.

“NOW are we the sons of God” —there it stands — that is a statement of the LAW — you cannot demonstrate, but you can discover it. As you do and contemplate it, you will see it coming into being even as you develop a camera plate and bring the invisible picture to light. It is wonderful, filled with wonder.

Beliefs of the human mind run their course —finally you get no help from that from which you have received much help.

Finally, the thing does not work. The affirmation that seemed effective suddenly loses its power—it is like the salt that has lost its savor. Superstitions may be so strongly established in the mind, they act so perfectly there can be —so it would seem —little argument against them. But one day when you have discovered the revelation of Jesus Christ, you find that all wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God, and you find the chink in the armor and the two-edged sword of light cutting and turning in all directions — decapitating the hydra-headed belief you have been under so long. You, too, jump through forty years of bondage into the freedom of the Son of God.

That is all — go within — do not talk — do not expect anything, for the unexpected is that which will happen — “Stretch forth thine hand.” You can or you cannot.

Walter C. Lanyon

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