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Enoch was translated.

We are prone to make supernatural the idea of “Translation.” We are always looking for something unnatural to happen when God comes into expression. The most unpredictable things can take place and do take place all the time, — and we accept them without question. Witness the “transformation” that took place at Hiroshima at the introduction of the atomic bomb, an invention of man. Who wonders at that? A complete change of land and life taking place in a split second. Man can apparently do his “miracles” then — but with God, it is something else. Jesus did not have any special gifts, — until He was translated by becoming aware of the Presence. He entered into a new degree of consciousness, and discovered certain capacities not known to the former state. Of Jesus He said, “I can of mine own self do nothing.” It has been whispered about that “you” are to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” That is a form of “translation.” It is a literal thing, as all the laws given by Jesus Christ are literal when understood. They are not to be demonstrated as something peculiar to a few people — but as natural laws coming into being when recognized.

The action of God is in sharp focus — not in the soft focus of imagination. Intellectual vanity is neither power nor understanding. The most wonderful thing about Jesus Christ is the fact that He materialized everything He talked about. His word was so replete with recognition it literally leaped into manifestation before the astonished eyes of His disciples. The yearning expressed in His words is moving. He wanted so to make man see the new dimension as natural and real — something that actually took place literally instead of hypothetically. I wish He might have said of me, “I have not found so great faith — no, not in Israel” — I am wondering if some time or other the Christ is not going to say it to me and you? We are going to measure up surely to the place of absolute Faith and hear not only the, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” — the glorious statement “I have not found so great faith — no, not in Israel.” It will be thrilling. It’s coming. It will happen when we are translated from the present degree of “knowing the truth” into the place of “I AM the Truth.” Some wonderful things are going to happen to you, — that much I can write unto you.

Every one in the Bible who “pleased God” experienced some sort of up-lift of expression, — and so we see Elijah taking off in a fiery chariot. And all those who did these things took their bodies with them. Jesus did the same thing — He took His body with Him. What good is it to be just consciousness without a temple of expression? The question then is, “For why will ye die?” I know all the answers from the human standpoint, — but none of them good enough. The answer is, you won’t when you are translated. When you are translated “out” of the human intelligence into the Wisdom of God, you will speak with new tongues — and what you speak will take body and form. You “please God” when you acknowledge HIM. You do not have to keep asking for things if you will let Him give you the desires of your heart. If you can do this naturally and without the foolishness of demonstrating Him, it will all take place “in the twinkling of an eye.” “In all thy ways acknowledge Him And He shall direct thy paths.” Do you begin to hear? — the perpetual acknowledgment of Him in everything: — devil, enemy, hell and disease, as well as friends, health and substance.

Walter C. Lanyon

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