The No Treatment Man

The answer already exists to any and every mathematical equation you can or ever will think of. No matter whether you know it or not, it equals a certain thing before you even put it down on paper. Because you do not know it does not mean anything, because you do know it does not make it so. It is so already. A problem exists only so long as the answer is unknown; the moment you have the answer you have no problem. A question does not exist after you have the answer. It is merely converted into a statement of fact — a worked-out problem is no problem. This checks perfectly with the statement of the Master, “Before you ask I will answer, and while you are yet speaking I will give it unto you.” The answer to every human problem (belief) exists before you express the belief.

We see the type-man Jesus overshadowed and finally swallowed up by the Christ Self. Christ never had a problem; he never had to be healed, helped, prospered, or set in his right place. Jesus experienced all these things. You could not heal Christ, but Jesus might be helped or treated. We see the escape from the misery of the Jesus-man made by the recognition of the Christ. The moment he functioned in the Christ-consciousness, anything and all things were possible to him; but had he dropped down to the human plane of the Jesus he might have cried, “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” as recorded.

Jesus came under the law of birth, breeding, training, environment, and all the rest. He had a history of his own and a human destiny, even as you have, which was blotted out or made nil by the understanding of his True Self, which was above help. We see the Jesus in the process of recognizing his True self and escaping the limitations of the human. In the press of the crowd there was little escape for Jesus; but the Christ was able to take its manifestation through the crowd unnoticed, because the Christ in each “has a way that ye know not of” — and that is not the way of thought — for eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them that love Him.

The Jesus, or what you might term his human personality, could see no way — he could not think his way out, or across the lake, unless he went through the limitations of the Jesus-consciousness; but turning to the True Self and recognizing Its presence enabled him to work what people called a miracle, which in reality was but the natural and true expression of the God Self. It is no miracle for the hungry to be fed in the All-substance of God.

When Jesus said, “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” he had already made it clear that his Father was within. He might have stated clearly, “Wist ye not that this Jesus must be about the business of the I AM in me?” In other words, it should be about the business of that Power which does not bow down to the laws of the human limitation. This comes by a process of pure recognition, awareness.

Either the Scriptures are true or they are a lie. What will you do with such statements as, “You say there are yet four months, and then cometh the harvest, but I say unto you, “Lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest’.” … “Thrust in the sickle.”

Jesus could not reap where he had not sown, any more than you can, but the Christ could thrust in the sickle because he did not on any way function under the frail laws of the human consciousness — hence the importance of recognizing the Father within, not pleading with It, but merging the human will and thought unto IT, and acting from the point of awareness. If God cannot do it, neither you nor ten thousand people are going to accomplish it.

It is no longer a question of demonstrating good; it is a question of getting people to recognize that there is God. Most anyone will challenge that statement; but a short conversation with most Truth students will clearly prove that they believe more in the Power as evil than good. Fifteen minutes of conversation will reveal evil of every sort as being stronger and more powerful than good. Few there be who salute the Christ in you and speak the word of Reality. They believe emphatically that evil has to be destroyed, and yet we find that there is nothing in the kingdom of God that can be destroyed. We find that in the Book of Life “nothing can be added to or taken from the Word,” remembering that the Word was made flesh.

What, then, is all this adding of evil and disease that has taken place? It is a failure to recognize that there is God. How could there be God and something else if God is All and in All? What is the evil that we treat but belief in a power opposed to the Supreme Power. A human law is only local. Sin might be said to be somewhat a matter of geography. In order to fulfill a traffic law in one country you may be deliberately be braking a traffic law of another.

“Ignorance of the law is excuses no man” is more true on the Divine plane of the no-treatment-man, than on the human plane. In fact, you have paid every penalty of unhappiness and limitation by reason of the fact that you were ignoring the law of Spirit, which is of too pure eyes to behold iniquity. On the human plane, you may run your car fifty miles an hour in a ten-mile zone, and pay no penalty except you are apprehended, but this is not so in the universe of the All-God.

Were you to make a questionnaire for yourself and have to answer this question: “WHO are you?” what would you answer? Being perfectly honest, you would probably say: “My name is John Smith — thirty. I was born in California. I have thus and so much education, breeding, and family. I am subject to certain financial and physical limitations.” But you have denied everything that is true. You are the Son of the Living God. Do you hear? I said Living God, not a God who has been made alive by your thinking process, or because you treat Him into existence, or because you affirm that it is so. You are the Son — the point of manifestation where the God Power pours out into expression, in a constant and endless stream of power, health, substance, and holiness.

As you contemplate this glorious revelation you will understand some of the wonderful possibilities that lie just ahead of your John Smith, through the door of the AM consciousness, which is not created or made to appear by thought, but which is recognized as the pure creation of God. Believest thou this? Do you actually believe that God made the world? If so, what are you going to do about it? If you make your bed in hell, there am I; if you ever recognize ME (Father within) in the most hellish situation you can imagine, you will see it instantly fade from the pictures and resolve itself into Heaven. In other words, you will rent the veil of human belief, and find the thing you have been seeking standing eternally in its right place, and merely waiting the coming of the Master, who will recognize it as true without trying to create it.

Is there actually any truth to the statement that God created the world, found it good, and rested — and that He is a Changeless Power? Do you believe it? Or would you just like to believe it? Is it so that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand? Or is that just a fairy tale? Is it possible to have a host of sick, sinning, and evil things in Heaven, in order that, you may be glorified in treating them out of existence?

“Pray without ceasing” does not mean an endless, monotonous telling God about your troubles, and of His qualities, but it does mean a constant capacity to be aware of the Only Living God as here and now — and rejoicing over the presence of the Kingdom here and now.

No wonder that such a magnificent thing is given to the child (the consciousness that can accept God without question), instead of the adult (adulterer), who mixes everything true with his impure human reasoning. It has been said, “The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God,” and, inversely, “The wisdom of God is foolishness in the eyes of man.” Time without number we find the wisdom of man failing ignominiously — what he learns one year as the height of erudition may the next year be relegated to the dump-heap of ignorance.

Three thousand years of medicine have not decreased disease, no matter how lofty the aims of those noble souls who have given their best and even their human lives to make this end attainable. We are beginning to see that what Jesus and the prophets said is more than just a fairy tale. We begin to recognize that he spoke of a truth, for he spoke of Himself. He spoke of the Pure Wisdom that was revealed by recognition that he was and IS the Son of the Living God. And just as soon as you begin to contemplate that state of things you will see that what you have been trying to demonstrate for years is actually awaiting your appropriation.

The more we think of evil the more aggravated it becomes, until it increases to a point of self-destruction. Everybody has at one time or another builded himself a Goliath, and had it threaten his city (state of consciousness) with complete destruction, and at such time he has called for his David with his five spiritual senses and destroyed or wiped out the manifestation of belief.

Eventually you will find that you have eyes and see, instead of eyes and see not. In other words, you will perceive what it means to become aware of your True Self. A body that is always in mind is a sick or ailing body; a pocket-book that is always in mind is flat; a state of life that is constantly toyed with in an attempt to make it better will only result in a poorer manifestation. Rather than, “be absent from the body and present with the Lord” sums up the teaching of recognition. When your thinking process is off evil, evil ceases to function, for it is sustained only by the thought process. It has no divine mandate for existence, and finds its substance in the ignorance of man, who things it is something real and that he must call upon God to destroy. Just so long as he does this, he will operate on the mental plane of life and not experience the glorious freedom of the Child of the Most High.

Job’s captivity was changed when he stopped trying to change it. When he prayed for his neighbors his captivity was turned, and he had twice as much as he had before. It is interesting that this should have happened after his almost ceaseless praying, beseeching, begging God to help him. We see very clearly that it is taking thought that we produce the evil of life. The John Smith that does not recognize his True Self suffers with Job — he is always trying to save the world or himself, instead of standing on the heights of Reality and revealing the Kingdom of Heaven as here and now. You begin to recognize why it is wonderful.

The no-treatment-man is the Son of the Living God. He constantly lives in Heaven (a state of consciousness), and he speaks of himself. John Smith then takes up the word and goes through the mechanics, and says, “I speak not of myself, but him that sent me into expression.” We are at this very point of walking through the DOOR and finding that, like the drop of water, we are one with the sea of substance, the sea of Spirit. As the candle flame is lost in the sunlight, yet retains its’ individuality, so the individual looses his sense of separation and limitation and takes on the proportions of his God-given Self. He sees with the eyes of Spirit, which cannot behold evil. Not that he wants to shut his eyes to anything, but he actually sees as Jesus the Christ saw when he looked through the belief of ignorance that was binding a cripple and said, addressing the Christ in him, “Rise up and walk.” The human personality has already testified to the fact that he could not move.

Jesus did not go to Lazarus to make him alive; he went to awaken him, stating that he had fallen asleep. Do you suppose that the restoration of the withered arm was as slow as thought? It came instantly — the physical could not perceive its possibility, because it saw through a glass darkly and saw the human history as real. Jesus, through his at-one-ment with the father within, perceived the man whole and perfect, and it was to his True Self that he addressed the command — “Stretch forth thy hand.”

“He who hears obeys,” and when you come to understand your True Self you will appropriate the gifts in a natural, normal way. Just as soon as the self seeking is gone, and you realize the uselessness of self-seeking, you will be the avenue through which pours the endless stream of God manifestation. To decree is to see it come forth.

The Son of God, the non-treatment-man who needs only to be recognized, approximates his spiritual qualities. He has the seeing eye, the hearing ear, and the gift of Self-revelation. Awake thou, Lazarus, bound up in the filth grave clothes of thine own making, and rise and shine, for thy light has come.

NOW is the accepted time — now are we the Sons of God. Do you hear? A thousand petty despots who have the world to save will pass away — but My word shall not pass away. You are My word made flesh. You, John Smith, are the word of the I AM made flesh — and now we see the possibility of bringing up this garment to a higher and finer state of beauty and power. We begin to see that as we become acquainted with the God Self, the human garment will take on finer states of health, wealth, and happiness. These will follow naturally. Your contemplation will then be about “whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report,” and you will see these Words made flesh dwelling among you.

Who are you and to what end were you born? Are you just another bit of humanity, to be tossed about from one fearful experience to another — to go down into the grave of defeat? Or are you the Son of the

Living God Here and Now present, in full possession of your true capacity? Awake, awake, awake. It is wonderful.


Walter C. Lanyon

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