The Virginal Mind

MARY, the virgin, was overshadowed by the Father. The annunciation was made, the conception took place and the impossible happened.

Every manifestation of God takes place through this same medium, the Virginal mind being over­shadowed by the Father. The moment this is clear to you, you will understand why your efforts have met with such small returns. You have tried to over­shadow the adulterous human mind with the Father consciousness and no conception could take place. The mind which Jesus said was “A liar and the father of it” cannot receive the Pure Spirit, hence nothing takes place but the malformations of human thought. No matter what intensity of light you pass through a green glass, the effect will eternally be the same — everything will take on the nature and color of the glass. No matter what light you try to pass through the adulterous mind of John Smith, the results will always be in the limitations of John Smith, and noth­ing can be done about it until it is clearly understood that “I can of mine own self do nothing,” that the human mind is capable of doing nothing but evil, and that taking thought is entirely outside the regulations or revelations of Jesus Christ. “Who (do you know anybody?) by taking thought can add one cubit, etc. — and if you cannot do that which is least(…. ?) .” You must answer this question before you can pro­ceed to the Virginal Mind of Mary.

Jesus realized he could do nothing with the human mind of Jesus. He knew that if he was to bring forth any manifestation of God he would have to enter into his heritage of Spirit, and in that pure pristine consciousness of eternal virginity he could receive that overshadowing of the Father, and the immaculate conception would take place. No amount of thinking will accomplish this, for it is impossible for a person blind to think of receiving sight—he has never had sight, he is not capable of thinking anything about it intelligently—yet the man born blind did receive his sight—and he did it at the instant of being able to believe. This belief in his case was something outside of human thinking—it was a sudden recognition of his Spiritual Identity, his heritage of immortality, the Virginal consciousness which Mary represents. It is wonderful when you glimpse for a moment this particular function which instantly takes place — the moment you recognize that thinking will not and cannot enter into the place of the impossible. With all this, there is such a simplicity the child can take it and you cannot because you, in your magnificent intelligence or the poverty of your thought, cannot believe the impossible—you have not the capacity in a finite thought-taking consciousness to conceive the infinite. The child can take—just as Jesus did—but the adulterous mind cannot because it is so filled with the limitations of human thought. Generations of evil thinking have so filled the thought-taking mind with fear, belief, disease—that it cannot function in the next dimension, where “I am of too pure eyes to behold iniquity” is the law.

There is nothing strange, mystical or unusual about this wonderful union of Virgin and Father consciousness—it is just a recognition that it can happen. “Whatsoever I can tell the father in secret I can call from the house tops;” in other words, whatsoever I can accept will be given a body and form. The child is born.

How is the child to be born? Entirely outside the laws of man. It is a birth which is to entirely set aside every preconceived notion of how it is done. It is a consciousness which transcends all the workings of the human thought. In fact, it is the impossible­ — yet is it the possible. It is established on the earth with such unexpected swiftness that no human thought can stand in its Presence. It is in fact the way of bringing heaven to earth, a discovery of that which has always been a sudden entering into a natural heritage.

The moment you perceive the difference between the third-dimensional human mind and consciousness which operates from the “it is consummated” standpoint—you will find you are in the Virginal mind of purity, into which the seed is immediately sown — and by magnifying the Power and not questioning further you will know the conception has taken place. Nothing can happen to the adulterous mind of human thought. “You must decrease; I must increase.” The old human thing that left the Garden of Eden to find a kingdom of thought finally gives up and returns to pure consciousness — virginal consciousness over­shadowed constantly by the Father who is pouring out unlimited manifestation.

It is all too good to be true, that is why it is true — and it is so simple it is difficult. The moment human thought touches it, it is not; for nothing you think can in any way approach this thing which is above thought. You understand that everything Jesus did was done from the standpoint of consciousness, which he said was simple enough for a child to possess. No healings were ever made that did not take place through a sudden elevation to the Virginal Mind. Even the Beggar at the temple gate with his forty years of evil thought suddenly answered the call “Rise and walk.” This was quite impossible to him.

It was either RISE and WALK—or remain with the thought condition. And so is it with you. You either hear and obey, outside of thought, or you think about it. But gradually the human mind gives up and you begin to “enter in” and are saved. “I will go unto my Father.” Why don’t you go in and possess this consciousness which you left so many years ago for the hell of human thinking? Answer me. Do you “Believe” or do you “believe”? Nothing is going to happen for everything has already happened, just as in the case of Jesus when he said “Thank you, Father, I knew this was already done.” The movement of the “it is done” consciousness into the flesh is automatic and enters into fulfillment by the way you know not of. The Virginal Mind of Christ was immediately overshadowed by the Father consciousness and brought forth. So conscious was Jesus of this he immediately brought forth the immaculate conception—or that manifestation which was impossible to the human thinking plane.

Suddenly man arises from the filth of human think­ing — goes in and shuts his door, and begins the simple prayer of Jesus: “Be Still and know that I AM God.” A contemplation of God more and more establishes the Presence, until you have ONE God here, there and everywhere and eternally available. It is easy enough to find God in things good and beautiful, but you are to discover him in hell, in your problem, your enemy, your disease, and the moment you do, the embodiment begins to appear.

It is all beyond human thought. “I come at a moment you think not.” The power is not invoked by human thought. It is an entering in—and acceptation of the fact that God is, in contradistinction to the idea that Godhas to be established by argument and affirmation.

Whenever the true affirmation is made, it is a state­ment that proceeds from the “It is done” consciousness and the confirmation immediately takes place. The moment you are anything in consciousness, at that moment the confirmation takes place on the out­side and they call you by your new name. So that in­stead of trying to make yourself something that you are not by affirmation, words, lessons, etc., you sud­denly enter into what you actually are. An appropria­tion. The annunciation having been made, the desire forms in the mind which is the thing in its incipiency waiting to be born. All it needs is the virginal con­sciousness that can believe. This will accomplish the work, and the desire will be embodied.

Formerly we thought that a desire was given us and had to be worked upon. Today we know it is merely the announcing angel which says “Mary, Mary, Mary —unto you a child is to be born.” It says to you, the desire that is in your mind at the moment is to take place the instant you can enter into the Virginal con­sciousness of “I believe”—I accept; I appropriate without question, without wanting to see whether it works or not. If you “try” this or think to “prove it,” nothing happens but a distorted idea; or the desire enters into the symbolical world, and you have another unborn child—a child without a body. A desire without fulfillment. Thousands of people in metaphysics have a world full of symbolical things— dream things; they are rich in mind—they are powerful, well, etc., etc., but there is no embodiment—and that is because the Virginal mind was never ready to take the overshadowing of the Father consciousness. It is all so wonderful and true that the Kingdom of heaven on earth is made up of the consciousness which can “believe” and appropriate above the human thinking basis of life.

You have already brought out all the “possible” in your human life. You are trying to do the impossible, yet you insist on doctoring up this old human mind and trying to patch up the old garment. New wine in old bottles destroys the bottles and wine. Stop working with problems, stop trying to “get things,” and enter into your consciousness and be free. This appropriation is not difficult. It is just an “outside” of human thinking dimensions. If you do not “believe” in God, then all your work is purely mental and will get you nowhere.

Many people believe God is simply for the purpose of solving their problems, at the same time finding that a combination of men, politics, business or disease can keep them from entering into the kingdom of heaven.

I f you know o f any man or situation that can keep you out of your heaven, then you know of something that is stronger than Godand you should fall down and worship that greater power. If there is anything that can hold out against God and win, then that is the thing for you to worship. Do you believe in God? Or do you? And if you do, enter into your consciousness and be free. Arise and “Go unto your Father” and let your problems and cares pass away for the moment. When you return you will find every measure you have held to the universe full, pressed down, and running over. It is too good to be true but it is the way of Jesus Christ and it is possible—yes, pos­sible to you. Do you believe in God? Or is your little intellect or your great intellect stronger, and does it know of a disease that is stronger than God and does it know of a situation stronger than God—and can it prove in a thousand ways that “it cannot happen” — then you must bow down to that power—become its “yes man” and you will be rewarded after a fashion.

“Arise and shine, for thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” This is something that must be done in consciousness and not in thinking, because you have tried for forty years at the gate of your Temple to do just this very thing and have failed—so if you are to arise you will have to arise beyond the level of human thought. Just as an invalid in a burning hospital suddenly finds full use of her limbs which for years have been impotent—just as the beggar at the temple suddenly jumped out of a thought formation of forty years the moment his thought was taken off of the situation—so you will suddenly SEE, and when you SEE, you will seeitis something beyond thought, reason—it is the “Foolishness in the eyes ofman”—for everything that God stands for and represents to man is foolishness. Man supposes that God is there as a reason to build churches and have organizations which will fight among themselves and fall down to a personality. “Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall GIVE thee light.” This Christ is your Virginal consciousness which gives light to the temple so filled with the creations of human thinking—so cluttered up with the history of your case. It is won­derful what this Christ consciousness in you can anddoes do the moment you LET it and the moment you cease to “try or prove it.” As long as you are trying to prove God you do not believe, and your doubt throws a curtain of opaque thought in the way of manifestation. All the manifestations in the Bible were done at the point of sudden entering into the virginal consciousness. The age of your problem has nothing to do with the question. It is only as old as the last thought you have about it. There is no more age to your disease than the last thought about it, no matter what pictures it has piled up on the screen of your body. The instant the thought is broken, at that instant the pictures disappear.

Always to remember the ease with which this is accomplished is to take away all anxiety from the picture. It is easy, it is natural, it is normal on the plane of your Christ consciousness, but it is difficult and impossible on the human thought plane. It is wonderful when this light begins to break over you —and you enter in and the chattering of the human mind has ceased.

The human mind has tried to build its tower to heaven and ended in a barrage of meaningless words. This pathetic story is your story, trying to build a tower to heaven which was on the earth and all about you. How blinded and hypnotized we have all been by human thinking. “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” But the things of conscious­ness do not come under this category—they are not of the fluctuating nature of thought—they are of change­less substance. Yet as a man “Feels in his heart” so is he, explains perfectly what the acceptation of con­sciousness will cause to happen. There is no question of maybe or perhapsor anything of the kind. As he “Thinks in his HEART,” so is he — do you begin to grasp the consciousness of it all? And are you able to enter in with so small a thing as a grain of mustard. Do you begin to perceive?

Do you begin to glimpse this “Virginal Mind,” the Mary consciousness, which is ready for the seed of something that is impossible? If so, you are at the frontier of your NEW country and are ready to enter into a place of great revelation. “Believest thou that I AM able to do this,” and the Mary consciousness an­swers “yea, LORD,” and the glorious conception takes place. “Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with ME.”The whole manifestation in its entirety takes place—it does not come under the law of “Work out your own living by the sweat of your brow.” It is born of God and it is so. Can you understand why there will be hours and moments and days when your prayer will be a constant recognition of God Almighty and you will utter silently “My Lord, and My God.” You will finally come into the Kingdom of heaven and the former things will pass away.

So transformed will your life become by entering into your spiritual heritage and appropriating the Kingdom of Heaven within that “they willknow you no more”—so great will be the transformation that the thoughts and things of yesterday will be wiped out.

The moment you have dropped anything from your consciousness it is dropped from manifestation, and all those who bear witness against you are gone—you have no accusers because you have stopped accusing yourself. It is wonderful this glorious entering into the Virginal Mind which is ready and willing to ac­cept anything that the Father — your Father con­sciousness—wishes to bring into manifestation.

Jesus standing before five thousand hungry men, as unable to do anything about the situation as you would be — “I can of mine own self do nothing.” Jesus entering into the Virginal Mind of Christ, the dimension of the impossible—”I go unto my Father” —nothing is impossible to this consciousness. Jesus returning to the personal with the consciousness “it is done” and seeing the empty measures of belief filled, pressed down, running over until there were twelve hampers of bread left over. Where did the hampers come from? Where did the bread come from? Did it all happen any way? The old adulterous mind wants to know how it is done and so it runs about to see a man instead of a principle, and it always comes back with a surfeit of that man. “What went you out for to see?” Answer me. You will never see a miracle because you cannot accept it. In the adulterous human mind it is not possible to SEE anything outside the dimension of thought. You will never see the increase or the supernatural taking place. The only thing you will see is that the unexplained phenomenon is a “coincident.” You may be able to explain it all away by thought. “If you denyMe I will also deny you”—if you deny your Christ, the return of this denial will be apparent in your limited manifestation of Good.

The Virginal Mind is that elevation which can be­lieve without question—without measuring anything by thought—just as the child takes its good without question of the possibility or source. You have that mind inyou which was also in Christ Jesus—it only needs recognition, and the moment you can “believe” from this Virginal Consciousness the conception takes place.

The Word which enters into the flesh “comes quickly” and it brings its body with it. You take your embodiment with you into the new expression. Soul and Body are at last united in Flesh and this Fleshly temple is the place to SEE God. It is through this Temple body that the unseen is stepped down into the seen. The Child is born. The “I believe” consciousness has been appropriated and you hear the annunciation of Spirit: “Mary, Mary, Mary — unto you a child is to be born.” Unto you a new desire is to take shape and form and it is to be outside the law of man. It is to come through by the law of God. It is to be released by a way ye know not of. It is so.


Walter C. Lanyon

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