The Way of the Lord

“Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain shall be made low. The crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places made smooth.” The highway, or the path of material­ization, will be made easy and natural. No longer will the neophite have to climb high “mental moun­tains” in order to contact the Lord. He will suddenly realize the Presence here, there and everywhere, and will learn the instant availability of the Lord.

It is wonderful when release has come to you from all the metaphysical tangle and jargon in which you have become enmeshed. All the ways and means and systems, all the mental, emotional trying to reach God in “high places”—and all the strange practices used to know God, will pass; and the way will be made smooth and natural and easy. Then you will know what it is to “go unto a high mountain” of conscious­ness.

It is not reached by a mental path, but is a quick rec­ognition of the Presence here, there, everywhere—in the lowest dive—in the highest temple-in the midst of a brawl of mortal mind—in the midst of the sickly sense of peace and religious chatter—in anemic metaphysical talk. The Presence with its WAY of ex­pression is yours, and your recognition will bring its flesh embodiment.

“My ways are not your ways.” Suddenly, you are through with all the symbolic ways of Truth and come into the natural, normal way that the child can and does appropriate and use. To the child, Father Christmas is a real, live, flesh-and-blood being—an actuality—but to adult wisdom he is just a symbol.

This same thing is true of the resurrected Jesus Christ, the “Word made flesh.” It is no more a sym­bol; it is a reality, something which can be handled with the hands, and something which eats and drinks and spreads about a joyous sense of all being well. Something which fills the world with a spirit of light.

Benedictions fall like refreshing April showers, powerful enough to penetrate and soak the hard, parched soil. “These blessings I rain upon you,” saith the Lord. This making the Word flesh, actually and naturally, is only possible to the one who believes in GOD. Again I repeat that almost every one claims he does, but immediately shows you that he believes more strongly in the Devil. Evil seems to manifest itself so much more easily than good, and that is be­cause Christ in the flesh has not been accepted.

If we are going to appropriate the gift of Jesus Christ, we cannot do it with the thinking-mind for we have already tried every possible way by that means. We will have to accomplish it from the place of rec­ognition. The how, why, where, when, must take care of itself. How it is to materialize and take unto itself a body is none o f our business. Our business is to accept it, not only as possible, but as already completed.

Now all this WISDOM of God as revealed to us through Jesus Christ is utter foolishness to the human mind, and likewise all “the wisdom of man is fool­ishness in the eyes of God.” So what possible good will it do to try to appropriate with the limited hu­man mind the unlimited gifts of Spirit? There is no possible way for this to happen.

Turn reason on the teaching of Jesus Christ and it all melts into thin air and posits itself in a future state, after death. Turn reason on the Santa Claus fable and he melts, too, into a myth. He turns into an actor and is not real, and ever after that He becomes a mere symbol. But just once againbelieve in what Santa Claus stands for, and you will know your Father Noelto be flesh and blood. The “temple of God is with men,” and the temple of God is the “stepper-down” of the gifts of Spirit.

That is why the habits formed in your conscious­ness through years of thought-taking metaphysics are all cast into the fire and consumed, for they are noth­ing but limitations. The instant you become conscious of ME, there am I in the midst of you; and it does not require any mental rushing to some “high mountain.” Before you can scale the peaks of the metaphysical high place, the WORD has gone out and the results are there—that is if you can SEE.

But the question arises always whether you can re­ceive your good. So few can. Everybody “thinks” he is able to do so, but when it suddenly precipitates it­self into his presence he usually denies it. Perhaps he has not actually wanted it. And so the opportunity passes by. And if the person who turns away his good is not smart enough to cast the whole thing out of his consciousness, he will spend some time, maybe years, explaining how he was justified in not taking when it came the good for which he had asked.

Rest assured that what you ask for is coming by the way of God and not by the way of man. It will come through when the Power is ready to make it a reality to you. “My sheep hear my voice,” and you have to come to the place of being alert and ready to move with, or accept, the good which you asked for, no mat­ter how or when it comes into visibility.

“Watch, for you know not when the Son of Man cometh.” He cometh “as a thief in the night,” in the silence, and when least expected, for again I say, the unexpected always happens. It is wonderful that all the things you have asked for, and can really take, are yours without reservation, without limitation.

“Watching,” is not looking for the manifestation. It is watching the “one hour” which is so important in the fulfillment of the big thing to be done. “Could you not watch with Me one hour?” Stand fast in the consciousness of the IT IS DONE, and the thing which the world calls miracle will take place.

“Refuse old wives’ tales” is the advice of Timothy. Refuse the old, gossiping, human belief that chatters about the Truth but knows nothing of the New Reve­lation. What would they do with the Jesus if He were actually to come to them through the clouds? Cru­cify Him again as a fake, no doubt. The old mortal thought that prates so much about the second coming of Jesus would put a short end to Him if He were to come again. He would have to be sponsored by some material organization to which He subscribed, or else He would be an “impostor.” Consider the words of Jesus; they are laws, fundamental and true. They can all be made manifest when you come to the place of recognition of the Presence. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee,” is a statement of something that will actually take place if you can understand through the new Light how to keep your mind stayed on HIM. It is so wonderful and so simple that in the midst of the confusion of material warfare is this peace possible and probable to him who will keep his mind stayed on the Father within. You have first to be convinced there is such a thing as the Father within. Are you satisfied that there is something in the universe bigger than your own pigmy intellect? And aren’t you glad of it? Or are you?

“The old wives” are busy always telling tales of failure and lack, sickness and death; and the idea of a “peace” which passeth all understanding is so ab­horrent to them that they will do anything to make it impossible. The mortal mind is afraid of anything it cannot understand, and immediately tries to destroy it. So all the lovely revelation of Jesus Christ was virtually wiped out by just this same group of “old wives”—which grouping, by the way, does not con­fine the “good” work to the feminine gender.

The leveling of all this pseudo-teaching which en­ters into the mental realm and builds up all sorts of fantastic things to be done before God can be reached, is taking place in the individual. You will presently throw away all the old ideas that one must “work” or do his “work” in order to speak freely and naturally with God. This will become more apparent as you are able to recognize the Presence of God in every­thing and everywhere, and as indivisible. There are, then, not two of you, one matter and the other spirit;there are not two voices, one material and the other spiritual. There are not two lives, one healthy and the other diseased. All this separation is passing away as the Word becomes flesh, that is, as Spirit permeates Matter and the two become one, as yeast and flour become one in a third substance called bread. Then are you Flesh, and you are experiencing ONE­NESS for the first time, and then your voice is the God-voice which “speaks and it is done,” because the transmutation has taken place, and you are free.

All the “trying” to make this happen will only cause a greater separation between you and your soul, or between Matter and Spirit, for the mental, trying, knows at the outset that it is not true. And it is not true to the mental side of life. Nothing is true to mor­tal man but that which he can “handle with his hands.” He believes nothing that he cannot dissect and examine with his limited human knowledge. So in order to “Know Me aright,” you must follow close­ly the simple instructions of Jesus Christ, and be will­ing to cast away all human-thought doctrines. Pres­ently you will actually find yourself truly believing in God. Much protest will arise over such a statement, but nevertheless, one day you will experience the “feel,” you will actually BELIEVE in God, not be­cause you were taught to do so, or because you read the Bible, but because you have become conscious of this Presence.

All the fantastic teaching of the mental which tries to make this difficult, or slow of acquisition, is swept away by the Master, Jesus, when He deliberately and with abandon declares to mankind, “The works that I do, ye shall do also, and even greater than these shall ye do.” Do you believe Jesus, or do you prefer to con­sult some High Priest or Priestess, or to refer to a thick book, or to some old papyrus found in the tomb of a near-heathen king? What do you prefer to be­lieve? Do you believe Jesus or do you believe the John Smith of this century, who has a system of Truth that would try to put Jesus out of business unless He first prefaced His message with full credit to the same little John Smith. Is Jesus a truth-sayer or a liar?

What I want to find out is whether you believe in God or not. I keep asking you this because I want you to see this simple “oneness” of it all. How sud­denly everything that Jesus Christ said to us is possi­ble, and real, and true, and done—at the point of simplicity! When He spoke, He spoke with the God­ voice—that was all there was with which to speak.

The double nature departs from your conscious­ness the moment the Union of Spirit and Matter has taken place. And this mystical union is just as nat­ural as the coming of dawn. It has to be accepted as possible and natural. Easy, natural, simple, and away from the emotional metaphysical labors that bring forth a child, or manifestation, with great acclaim, and with loud voice “tell the world” something is done that has never been done before, and probably never will be done again. When in reality the birth should be natural, normal and in order. Everything in the Kingdom of Heaven is natural, normal, bal­anced, and in keeping with the Law of Harmony.

Make it all natural, pull down these high moun­tains on which you have perched in emotional meta­physical unconsciousness, and do away with these val­leys of depression into which you have cast yourself every time you have perched as long as you could on the mountain. Make the Highway of our Lord level, make it ONE, and speak with the One voice and act with the One Power and stop trying to use Me. I AM you and you are the medium — “flesh” — through which I manifest.

Lo! when the mountains have been leveled and the valleys exalted, and you travel the plains of peace and power, then shall you be able to come to the real Mountain of Transfiguration and Exaltation. Then shall you know heights which have no corresponding depths, for in this new order, things do not go by pairs of opposites. There is no corresponding evil for the good you experience. But the human thought cannot take ‘ this in; there shall be elevations so wonderful and so high that the imagination is lost in fields of Light.


Walter C. Lanyon

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