I Will Not Let You Go

I WILL NOT let you go until you bless me”—so speaks Jacob after struggling all night with his problem. He had come through his labors in the darkness of human thought and reasoning — “but when the morning came”—(when he had light to see his freedom as an established thing in spirit) he was then ready to “loose him and let him go.” He saw thatirrespective of the hurt he had experienced, it had been self-inflicted. But it is interesting that in dis­covering this thing he was not willing to “let it go” until it had blessed him. In other words, since he had gone through all the hallucination of evil and suf­fered for it, he intended to have something out of it. He demanded the blessing of having gone throughthe problem.

Going through the fire and coming out without the “smell of fire” on your garments is a grand thing, and one of the ways to get rid of the “smell of fire” which does cling so many times after the fire, is to demanda blessing from the experience. This demanding is merely the finding out the why and wherefore of it all —and seeing what was in the experience.

When you find that only good was in it after all, (though this does not in any manner of the word in­timate that going through endless experiences is good or part of God’s plan), you automatically take away from the situation any remorse, revenge, hatred or worry about “getting even” — and when you have done this you have gotten the “blessing” from it and it is dropped from consciousness, and is forgotten, and the place thereof is no more. “Vengeance is Mine —I will repay” relieves you of the very tedious and unpleasant duty of getting even with the one who has lent himself as a Judas in your life. Calling down the blessing is also calling down the fire and the Light which has its own way of bringing the revelation to all parties concerned — and without your personal supervision.


“Let your thought dwell on this for a while, since the tree of meditation beareth wholesome fruit   and he whose duty is to teach should set examples, though he know theanswers, yet witholding them:

“The dogs bark when the caravan moves on. The dogs fight when the caravan has gone. The caravan pro­ceedeth and the dogs lick, each his own wounds, in the dust.”



It is so wonderful when you come to the place where you can demand, “I will not let you go until you bless me.” What is this thing I have gone through? Why was I betrayed? Why did he do such and such a thing? And a thousand and one other questions—for as soon as you enter into the equation in this fashion you will find something taking place. A change and releasement from a bondage—and pres­ently the “smell of fire” shall have disappeared from your garments.

When you call for freedom from a situation, re­member that it must come in God’s way—not yours. “My Son, despise not prophecy” . . . but be sure it is prophecy before you accept it. There is the “gift of prophecy” from the standpoint of spiritual illumina­tion, and there is the spurious gift of “fortune-tell­ing” which is the residue of the Light strained through the veils of superstition, fear, and emotion.

Through the “glass darkly” of mortal thinking, every sort of distorted idea comes into manifestation, filled with chaos and evil. “Who can by seeking find out God?”—-then what human mind is in position to”prophesy”-since “No man knoweth what a day may bring forth.” And yet there is the “gift of Prophecy.”

The gift of prophecy is able to see the natural out­come of a chain of events in the human illusion, and also to see what is necessary to “side-step” the fulfill­ments of these events. A bud that is destroyed puts an end to the manifestation which might have grown into an enormous branch, and so with the understand­ing of Jesus Christ, man is enabled to destroy the buds of evil human things before they have time to come into fruition.

The Gift of Prophecy is not turned on and off like a hydrant. It is exactly what it says—it is a “gift” and a gift is always given—and so the Gift of pro­phecy is “given” to the prophet at the precise moment it is needed to throw illumination on some darkened entanglement of human thought, and for no other reason.

Thousands of prophets (so-called) today are us­ing or attempting to use this “gift” for the purpose of frightening people into being good, or into adher­ing to some personal doctrine. “Where there be pro­phecies they shall fail.”

The gift of prophecy cannot be prostituted and sold in bunches, like spinach or “fortunes,” without becoming nothing but evil suggestion. Many of the evil things that “come true” are the result of sugges­tion passed on to the “subject” by the fortune teller. And it is interesting to note how much easier it is to remember the evil things and how they persist in re­turning to memory. That is because evil is more real and more omnipotent to the human thought than good.

We are warned about consulting “those with a familiar spirit”—and are told that it is an abomina­tion to the Lord. What Lord? Your Lord — the Father within you. The moment you take your reliance from your inner Lord and place it on another you are abominating that Power and will pay accord­ingly in time of need. Anytime you discount the Lord within you, and place the “power of life and death” in another, at that moment you are becoming an “abomination” to the Lord within you. You have de­prived Him of His expression. You have gone a-whoring after other gods.”

I have consulted and interviewed prophets the world over, from the highest so-called Scientific prophet to the lowest fortune teller on the other side of the tracks, and have found that many are called but few chosen. The percentage is low.

The almost complete failure of the prophets to tell the outcome of the war has driven them into a place of refuge —and they will not commit them­selves any more. The prophecies they give regard­ing this catastrophe are so nebulous as to be mean­ingless, and your guess is as good as mine is about the sum-total. Do you know how many dates and how many terrible and fearful things have been predicted for the demise of Hitler? And the same thing was true of the old Kaiser in the former war. And yet there is the “gift of Prophecy,” definitely one of the gifts that Jesus possessed which enabled Him to tell the woman at the well—and so can you.

Yes, “where there be prophecy it shall fail”—so it must be mutable and not fixed, and the way to clear the consciousness of false prophecies and fears is to look a little further in the above quotation—“but Lovenever faileth.” That is something on which you can get your stance—“Never” is a real word-there are no half-way measures about it. Do you believe? Well, then it is time you took a running jump and landed right into the middle of this Love of God—here, there, and everywhere, that glorious presence of God in everything and through everything andinstantly able to disseminate and disintegrate every evil congestion of human thought from whatever cause. Relax into the Love of God and experience the perfect fearless state of mind: “Perfect love casteth out fear,” and out goes the fear of the evil prophecy or the old human fate patterns which have been keep­ing you in the hell-hole of despair for years.

“So if you be in the Spirit you are no more under the curse of the law.” The curse of the law is the evil human fate. There is nothing the matter with the LAW—it is the “curse” of it which is evil—and thecurse of it is the old belief in the “cause and effect” of the human mind. In the Christ consciousness where “it is consummated” before you ask, this curse of the law is wiped out. On the three-dimensional plane of human thinking you are more or less under this curse all the time—no wonder Jesus invited you to “come unto Me and be saved.” Come unto the con­sciousness of your permanent Identity and be saved from the karmic patterns of the congested human thought. “As for man, his days are few and filled with trouble”—that is what Jesus came to help you to escape.

I have heard a dozen prophets interpret Nostradamus—-these original prophecies written in now ar­chaic French have been stretched to fit every and any situation that comes on the horizon. The English have made them fit England, the Germans, Germany, etc., etc.—and each one declares and can “prove” that he is exactly right. And so with the pyramids—half a dozen different interpretations are about, all pur­porting to translate the various stones, measurements, etc. And one is appalled at one day’s radio broad­cast giving the various interpretations of the book of Revelations—so what? Well, what? Go from one fortune teller to another and see how many of them agree. “I sees what I sees and I hears what I hears and I draws my own delusions.”

“Turn ye even unto Me and ye shall find rest for your souls.”

“Where there be prophecy it shall fail—but Love never faileth”—and Never is a long, long time.


Walter C. Lanyon

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