So You Won’t Talk?

So you won’t talk? Well, then you can take a City (new state of consciousness) — Not so bad for holding your tongue. Pretty sure of results too for the “Power of Life and death are in the tongue.” Sounds ominous doesn’t it?

“Keep silent before ME” — why?

“Well, you see my problem is”; and then a Niagara Falls of evil and negativity bursts forth. All of which you immediately proclaim as false and untrue. But you have just set it into motion and have gotten the agreement of another on the same subject. No one is spiritual enough for you to expose your evil mind to. When you merge into the light of the Christ consciousness it will dissipate the darkness without having to put it through the human mind. So “Hold your tongue — and take a City” a new state of consciousness.

“See that you tell no man.” Show John.

If you are talking about your little self all the while and your problem, you cannot hear what “I have to say to the churches” — (your body) — and so things in the Church are not going to go right — too many dove sellers and money changers — no place for the Christ to come in.

Don’t you dare tell it. Keep every valve of your mind shut up and presently the Power of the risen Lord in the midst of you will break the pattern of the limited consciousness and come out into being. It is wonderful! Such a glorious experience is waiting for you.

I don’t have to call you a fool again do I “Thou Fool do you not know that a seed must first fall into the ground and rot before it shall be made alive?” — an acorn may contain a potential oak tree but it has first to lose the shape of the acorn before it can take on the new shape of the oak tree. And that is about the thing that has to happen to you — you cannot have what the oak tree has coming to it as long as you are an acorn. Secrecy helps mightily on bringing out this new stage of things — So, don’t talk. Evil will die if not spoken of — it lives on thought and agreement. And Truth will enlarge the borders of your tent until it has changed the whole face of things. “Hold your tongue and take a City”.

Not That Which Goeth In

Not that which goeth in — but that which cometh out makes or defiles a man. It isn’t what goes into your mind, but what comes out after it has gone in. To be able to SEE a thing for what it is worth and dismiss it — is to free yourself from ugly experiences.

The experiences in a dream are soon cast aside once you are awake. Nothing more than a disturbed memory of a bad dream takes place the morning after a nightmare. And so man finally begins to handle yesterday’s bad dream or ugly pictures in the same light.

I Am the Truth

Henceforth, stop using the “Truth” — exchanging this old worn out profitless habit for the Wisdom — “I am the Truth” — From that elevation of consciousness everything you say or do is automatically blessed — so it is also with the LIGHT — I do not use it — I AM the LIGHT” — there is a vast difference in the results that will follow. And of course “I AM The WAY” I do not demonstrate it any more.

If you contemplate the difference in “knowing the Truth” and “being the Truth” you will see the distinct advantage of this.

By reason of the precious revelation of Jesus Christ — “I am the Truth, etc.” do you see that all the impersonal qualities of God can be embodied and become personal? Hence instead of using Love you are LOVE — “I am that I AM” what I AM? — I am Love — Truth — Light, — and with each acceptance it comes into manifestation automatically in accordance with the degree of your recognition.

What power then is yours when you “go” into expression as the embodiment of LIFE instead of the “bringer of health.” And “having done all stand and see” — you have done all when you are the embodiment of the power, instead of using it.

When you glimpse the facts of Being — and go in and posses the consciousness of the Presence then you can truly “Go into all the world.”

You cannot possibly raise the dead unless you are the embodiment “Life eternal” — nor can you heal the sick unless you are life instead of “health” — which after all is the human concept of Life.

A little contemplation of this wonderful revelation will cause you to achieve that which you desire. You are the power in action and the never ending source of this power pours through, as the oil poured from the three drops and continued to pour until everything empty was full.

You can “go” and you can accomplish with the nonchalance and the Divine Indifference which Jesus expressed because of this established consciousness of being the idea embodied — “I AM that I am has sent me into expression” — and the limited human thought and power are absorbed into a great Tower of Light.

Gradually we are beginning to see how it is that “All things are possible — if you believe” —

Are You at Home?

Browsing about in some Ancient Latin Translations — I found this “TERRIFIC HONESTY” — The date is 200 B.C. — the participants in this “Terrific Honesty” are Ennius, early Latin Writer and philosopher and Scipio, also an early writer. Ennius went to see Scipio and was received by the MAID who said “he is not in.” Ennius went on his way — knowing full well that Scipio was at home.

The Next evening Scipio went to visit Ennius. Ennius looked out from an upper room and called “Not in.” “But,” said Scipio, “you are in.” To which Ennius replied, “Listen — last night at your house I believed your maid when she said ‘not in’ — why in heaven’s name cannot you believe me when I speak for myself?”

All diplomacy is deception — saying one thing and meaning another. You can mock everything but GOD — and He — (the Universal balancer and record keeper of you) cannot be mocked. So stop trying.

The other man might be fooled for a moment but “I am not mocked” will take care of the final accounting. When you move with the current of the river you flow into the universal Sea of Life — otherwise you are cast into the slough of appearances.

If you haven’t enough money, health or happiness it is because you are not true enough. Sorry!

My Robe

Beliefs have been described as the grave clothes which Jesus laid aside when he resurrected himself. Woven in flimsy or intricate heavy patterns these must sooner or later be laid aside. The weight of these beliefs become too heavy unless they are transmuted into garments of Light and praise.

“They cast lots for my robe.” The robe for which men cast lots and are still casting lots is the consciousness of Jesus Christ — which is bid in by a thousand merchants of truth, and sold out a thread at a time. It is not unlike the “splinters of the Cross” that one finds for sale in Jerusalem. If they were all assembled in one cross it would be

several miles high. Yes, they cast lots for my robe — but they cannot buy or sell my consciousness for I am not there — I am over here — on the other side of the lake.

650 B.C.

“The fairest things in all the world some say is a company of horsemen.

And some a regiment of marching soldiers.

And some again a fleet of ships — But I say the fairest thing is the “BELOVED.”

More Robes

Since they found the grave clothes of Jesus in the tomb, the head clothes in a separate pile to one side — Did Jesus go from the tomb Naked or clothed? — When you begin to really “see” there are miracles all over the place.


Perhaps you are prone to think only of Jesus as having resurrected? But before he did this it is recorded at the moment of his Crucifixion a great earthquake (something that rent old, fast, hard, human thought patterns) took place and graves were opened and Saints arose and where resurrected. How many? No recording, perhaps hundreds, or perhaps a few — but enough to cause you to know that resurrection is not confined to Jesus alone.


Easter is the logical New Year — for it is the time you start all over with a new embodiment — a thing, or degree of consciousness which says “touch me not” to the former rubbish and human thinking of evil which had wound you about in the grave clothes of failure and laid you to rest. All this lovely symbology becomes real when you enter in as the actor in Life instead of the spectator. “Go thou and do likewise” — follow me — all these call for embodiment of action on your part. When are you going to drop the role of spectator and enter in and be saved? 

Easter Morn

It was Easter Morn. Soft, silver gray streamers of light began reaching through the dark mantle of night, when the great discovery was made “He IS Risen” — and the ETERNAL present tense of the verb makes it just as real today as then.

Some one has rolled the stone away from the tomb — and HE is risen. At last He has resurrected Himself — He has fulfilled the Law: “I have power to pick it up and lay it down.’ At last He has brought it out of the tomb of His own creating.

From the time he is a baby, man starts building his own tomb. He runs through a thousand and one evil beliefs of childhood. His life is filled with don’ts and ways and means of protecting himself from the omnipotent evil of the world. All the time he is laying stone upon stone in his tomb and finally when the world of human belief has crucified him he is laid to rest and history (his story) records that he died, was crucified.

Until he resurrects himself he is going to stay there and after he has arrived at this state nothing on the outside can be done for him. It is either self resurrection or nothing.

This Easter symbology is performed in a thousand and one degrees, although it is given to use in what would be the utterly impossible, that of self resurrection from actual physical death. But there may be a thousand little deaths in your life when you discover that you are literally in a tomb of the impossible and where you recognize there is no help — when finally you REMEMBER your immortality — your permanent Identity and begin to pick it, your body, up and bring it out into the new world of “He IS Risen” — risen into a degree of consciousness above the former thing, and you are“not there” in that place anymore — it is wonderful how you leave the grave clothes there and are clothed in the new raiment of LIGHT.

Virgin Mary

No I do not worship the Virgin Mary — I do not believe in idols. Yet in a strange and wonderful way you do have to worship the Virgin Mary — for nothing new and wonderful is coming through you until you see that in order to release the new impossible picture you must have a virginal mind — a clean sheet of paper upon which is impressed the desire of your heart. The virgin mind was overshadowed by the father and conceived and brought forth. So the virgin mind, that state of consciousness which canbelieve, is ready for the immaculate conception to take place — and later for the child to be born.

You cannot take a picture on an already exposed camera plate —and if you do you get only confusion and chaos — neither can you superimpose this new and beautiful revelation on the evil filled human mind. Come up higher — You profess to believe with your lips —do you begin to SEE the new degrees of recognition of the established thing? “Look again the fields are white,” is quite a reach past the human thought of “four months” — but that stretch or reach can and will be made through recognition. So after all, you do worship the virgin Mary consciousness.

My Word

“But the anointing which ye have received (already) abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you, but as the same anointing teachest ye all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

You see then that the inspiration of your Inner Lord will not only teach you but shall lead you into all truth — it is so written in the Law — who then can teach you? and when will you rely upon the Inner Vision of your Lord? You have already received the anointing. Do you believe? Do you seek the help of another? Do you still go a—whoring after false teachers — or will you accept the revelation of your own inner Lord? “Am I he that should come or look ye for another?” Lean not on a broken reed —but lean on Me — Where is the Me — and when are you going to believe in ME?


“Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in Him and in you: because the Darkness is passed (do you hear?) and the true Light NOW shineth.”

“He that hath ears let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches” (Bodies/temples) — Do you hear? Do you believe? It saith — “and the true Light NOW shineth” — does it? If not, why? And when are you going to “let there be LIGHT” take place in you? “Let there be Light” — don’t make it.

Concerning Teachers

“But who keepeth his word, in him is the love of God perfected; hereby know we that we are in him.”

The increased importance of keeping the WORD is brought out. If your WORD is no good you can expect the word of every other man to fail.

“My Words are spirit and they are truth and they shall not return unto me void but shall accomplish that whereunto they are sent.”

The rich reward of suddenly coming upon this Spiritual law of KEEPING your WORD — is the LOVE of God being perfected in you. Think what this might mean — the Love of God — the thing that never faileth — “never faileth” — that is good enough for me — a law that never faileth. So look to your word — remembering that the human mind is a “liar and the father of it.”

Yea Yea and Nay Nay

You either accept the thing that is presented to you or you do not. If you accept appearances and fail to “Judge not from appearances but judge righteous judgement” then you can expect the results of your “Yea and Nay.” The moment a picture is presented to you, you must have a “yea” or a “nay” for it. Watch — either Yea—Yea or Nay—Nay. Watch.

The Carpenter

Jesus was the Carpenter, Christ the Indwelling Father. The blending of these two produced Jesus Christ the consciousness, which could and did step down into visibility the unseen “finished” kingdom of God. Without this point of manifestation, how could the stream of loaves and fishes, wine, gold, health, etc., come into manifestation?

The Jesus Christ consciousness is possible to every man who professes in his heart that God has come in the flesh. The more constant the recognition of this “Flesh” wherein you SEE God, the more effortless and unlabored is the flow of the unseen substance into manifestation.

“Let that mind be in you” — a thing that is to be LET must be POSSIBLE, but only when recognized, and when the understanding of “Jesus Christ” consciousness is attained even as a grain of mustard — you will begin to experience living in the Temple of the Living God and your body Temple will be operated by the fatigueless LIGHT, and no more by the thing called health which is circumscribed within the narrow confines of human thought.

“Stir up the gift of God that is within you” — how can you do this until you recognize that such a thing is true — and how can you stir up a gift unless you know what the gift is?

“I shall arise and go to my Father” — is only another way of showing how it was that the Jesus part of us (called by your personal name) eventually “remembers” something and goes straight to the FATHER and blends with Him, changing the substance even as the leaven changes the meal. This changed substance contacts both the visible and the invisible world and passes through its temple the Light which becomes the bread from heaven.

It is so wonderful when you see this, for the LIGHT has then been set that is going to lead all men into salvation. Your Light will draw everything unto you. Presently you will experience this LIGHT of the Jesus Christ consciousness and will know. Yes, you will see the Light of another “a long way off” and there, too, you will pass by many darkened houses. WithoutJesus Christ all is darkness.


“Stab my spirit wide awake.”

R.L. Stevenson.

There is that moment too when you “invoke” the Power, when the sheer feel of the Presence is so real to you that you can “Touch me and feel after ME.” Then is the Spirit in you awake stabbed by the rays of revelation, descending directly from the God head into the Soul of you. Lo and Behold it is wonderful!


Be sure you do not try to let.


Today is the only day — you are going to live today.


When you enter Jerusalem (the new dimension) choose a colt upon which not has man sat.

Jesus commanded his disciples to bring him a colt “whereon never man has set.” You are to enter your kingdom not by the teachings of another, nor on the skirts of another, but on a colt — a new original concept of the Truth, upon which no person or personal teaching has been saddled. Get away from persons, organizations and

things and discover the WAY within yourself, and when you have you will begin for the first time to appreciate persons, organizations and things for what they are — many of them glorious channels for light and revelation, but just the same “go into Jerusalem on a colt whereon no man has sat.” So said one of my listeners.

The Voice

I AM the Voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Could you hear a Voice from the wilderness of human thought? And would you believe it if you did?

“My sheep hear my Voice.” If you cannot hear the Voice of God when it speaks from the wilderness, how will you hear it when it speaks from heaven? If you cannot accept the promises of God no matter through whatsource or temple they come, you cannot experience the delight of the NEW Day.

God’s promises are kept. Man’s promises are broken — so what went ye out for to see, a man arrayed in purple and fine linen? When you go out to hear the Voice and OBEY that Voice no matter how the man is dressed, then the temple of God is with man, and when you begin to realize this you will hear the VOICE of God speaking to you. Hence a “poor man could make you rich” even though he could not prosper himself, for any temple or manifestation can be used by God to speak to you when you are at the Listening Post of recognition. Can you take it? Or do you want to argue about the temple (body) through which the voice comes?

Call upon ME and I will answer you — not maybe or perhaps — but can you hear ME — disregarding the temple through which the voice comes? I could speak to you through the burning bush, that is, if you could take it.

So a poor man may bring to you affirmation but your human intellect might block the manifestation because it would argue how impossible it was for that man to fulfill your wish. Nothing is said about that taking place — it is just the confirmation. When you receive a wire by Western Union that a fortune has been left you, you do not argue about the Western Union giving you the money — though it is the channel through which you receive the news.

In other words, can you hear ME or are you looking at the rags and tatters or the purple and fine linen?

My sheep HEAR my voice, not human words, but my VOICE.

If the desert is to blossom as a rose, you are going to have to HEAR something which is obviously not true and is impossible, can you take the promises and the confirmation that are to come through you as a result of your recognition of ME?

Behold I stand at the DOOR and knock and if any man HEAR my voice, etc. Can you open the door of absolute receptivity and LET the manifestation in by accepting the promise and WORD irrespective of the Temple?


Yonder in the west a lovely billowy cloud rested atop a purple mountain. A Cerulean sky made it look like a golden Viking ship coming into port. It was a lovely poem, so far beyond the reach of me — and yet I realized suddenly that lovely, evanescent cloud could be condensed into rain, and finally frozen into ice cubes in the frigidaire. So it is with Spirit — the invisible is brought down to a point of visibility — the unseen becomes the seen. The void of longing already filled with the ALL becomes suddenly complete. Recognition of the Presence and the “Way ye know not of” causes the impossible to take place. When it is understood, it will be a perfectly natural action of Spirit. Through the Temple of Man (the body) must all the mechanics take place. Until man believes in Jesus and his teachings about the Temple (body) he will be hoping for a miracle or demonstration.

Jesus did everything through His body (Temple). His references are well known, “Destroy this Temple — “I have power to pick it up,” etc.

With his own beautiful hands did he break the bread to increase. His lovely slim fingers of consciousness reaching up into the invisible source of the All and drawing from that source the thing “hoped for” — tangible evidence of things not seen.

So as your Temple (body) is cleansed of the thought—taking evil you will find new and more wonderful capacities within to bring into visibility the unseen. It will be natural and normal, not mysterious and fantastic. The “way ye know not of” is the way of stepping Spirit down to a point of visibility and changing its name to — matter.

Consciousness Versus Thought

“Who by taking thought, etc.” “I come at a moment you think not.” All evil proceeds from human thought and is sustained by it. It is a liar and the Father of it. It judges from appearances, and not one of its senses is capable of true judgement.

When the human mind is told about a person it immediately constructs an image of him in its mind. It adds to and takes from and enjoys what it thinks is a good picture of the man. When it comes in contact with the man it discovers that almost everything it had conceived or thought about the man is entirely false. What becomes of the image it had built by thought? In an instant it disintegrates and the consciousness of the man begins to appear. The more you stay in the presence of the man the more the consciousness of him becomes established. From consciousness flows the stream of Light—thought which has a basis upon which to rest — it never creates or adds to. A deeper consciousness of the man causes more Light—thought to flow forth.

So it is with the Christ. Becoming conscious of your Divinity you begin to lose the false pictures of yourself — the Temple of the Living God begins to change and whereas before you were blind NOW you see without effort or strain.

Anything in consciousness takes place automatically and without the aid of human thought. Light—thought proceeds from consciousness. Stands immovable on its basis.


Angels are not personalities but great centers of Power and force — in other words manifestations of the Power of God stepped down to a point of visibility. Great armies of reserve Power which are at the command of the consciousness which has accepted its Divinity as the Christ within. “Think ye not that I could call upon my Father and He would send me twelve legions of Angels?” The Works that I do ye shall do also and greater, etc.

When you call for the twelve Legions of Angels they will appear and will, like the Genie of the Lamp, go into action, silently and invisibly, and will disintegrate the congealed though forces which are outpicturing such insurmountable proof of the power of evil. Nothing can withstand this invisible Power set into motion by your recognition.


When the conditions are right the echo is there — and without effort it answers automatically. Can you “Ask” knowing that the answer (echo) is already there only awaiting releasement?

Before you ask I will answer — the echo is already there the moment you set it in motion.

When you pray and believe you receive — and keep your human thought away from it all and you will have the echo or answer because it cannot help coming into being. Keep your thought out of the picture.


If it is given to the child surely you have a chance. When you stop committing adultery with everything Spiritual you will see it appear. The business of the adult human mind is to commit adultery automatically, when it would do good it does evil because of its thought taking propensity. The child-like mind or consciousness is open to take the impossible — to accept, to recognize, to possess. Stop committing adultery.

A New Word I Give Unto You

Many of the hackneyed overworked words of Metaphysics are falling into the dust. They are so worn out all of the meaning has drained out of them.

Recently in looking over some words I wondered why we had hung on to the word “Problem.”

Webster Unabridged gives this meaning for:

“Problem: A perplexing question, situation or person. A matter involving difficulty in solving, settling or handling, (as to solve a problem of how to prevent WAR”).

Looks pretty hopeless and negative. But we are through with negatives and denials and have entered into the New Dimension. We do not try to work out health if we follow the revelation of Jesus, we start with the “it is done” state and travel back through the congested human thought picture disintegrating them and revealing the finished thing or project. So why not establish the new word, that you have a project to reveal, instead of a problem to work out.

According to Webster we have the definition for:

“Project — To externalize any objective. To cast the transmitting agent into the crucible and thereby bring out precious substances. To cause to fall into space.”

Any one of these is enough to give you the upgush of life which willproject the Project you have in mind.

Now then let us look to our PROJECT and let the Problem fall into the grave, uncoffined, unknelled and unsung.
Speak English?

Speak English? Yes, can you understand it? And without straining, trying, working, knowing the truth, without emotionalism or excitement you automatically reply — yes — and automatically ask at the same moment “can you understand me?”

“Master, will you heal me?” Yes, can you accept it? And without effort Jesus healed, raised the dead, etc., etc. From the standpoint of consciousness, manifestation automatically flows into being. It is effortless and natural. Without “taking thought” or trying to make something unnatural or impossible happen, the recognition of any degree of Life will produce in like kind its fruits or manifestation.

“Who touched me for I perceive that virtue went out of me?”

Who spoke to me for I perceived that English went out from me. It is impossible to withhold manifestation when you touch the consciousness.

Thinking you can speak English inhibits you at best. It is difficult to speak when you constantly have to think about it — about your words, letters and phrases. It is an effort, and if you manage to get out a few sentences you imagine you have worked a miracle. And you have from that level of consciousness.

“Come up higher” — you come up higher by being still and knowing that I AM (in midst of you) is God — by recognizing your own divinity — the Father within as a point where God can and does flow through into manifestation easily, naturally, unemotionally — automatically. It cannot be otherwise.

Point of Attack

Remember the old conundrum, “If a man threw a stone at you would you attack the man or the stone? If an evil thought picked a man up and threw him at you would you attack the man or the thought?”

Your decision would determine just what the outcome would be. As long as the War thought continues without being corrected it will throw nation against nation, and no matter how many millions of soldiers are uselessly mown down, the idea will flourish and reproduce itself again and again, until the thought which is causing it is eradicated.

It is of little use to smear on a hand lotion to get rid of a blood disease. Don’t attack the LACK of money in your life. It is the thought back of it that needs correction or eradication.

When After

Always after you have run hither and yon and you have been defeated and disheartened do you turn unto Me and find rest for your Soul. I have asked you to call upon ME — Ask of ME — Seek ME — Lean upon ME — but not until you have tried everything else have you come to ME. Why?

Man’s extremity being God’s opportunity, give to ME this opportunity, relax, call, ask, seek, lean on ME and find rest.


I have not the extension of vision sufficient to see any miracle until that miracle takes place in me — and then I see it everywhere — and it is quite natural. When you are lifted up to a new state of consciousness you appropriate and take, as natural and true, everything that is manifest on that plane. When you enter a warm room your body, though almost frozen, automatically takes on the temperature of the room. No effort — it must take place. So in whatever city you enter — whatsoever state of consciousness — you immediately appropriate all that it has to offer as natural and true.

What You Take

First perform the thing within your consciousness — in the unseen call it finished and done — “My Father (Permanent Identity) worketh hitherto and I (the body of Jesus) work.” And when my Father, the Permanent Identity does the WORK, the Jesus (John Smith of you), carries out the mechanics. The whole machinery is set in motion by this recognition and the invisibility is stepped down to a point of visibility. “Before you ask I will answer.” There are no questions in God and no problems. Man is the one who introduces these things — and then being so bemused he startstrying to “make” an answer or to “work out” something. It is hard for him to start with the answer and dissolve the problem or question he has superimposed on Life. But that is the way Jesus did it. Why not do a right—about and go within and finish with it. “What you tell Me (the Father — your Permanent Identity) that shall (not maybe or perhaps) be called from the housetops.” Do you begin to see how it is that what you TAKE you canhave and only that?


“A thousand years are as a day — a day is as a thousand years” — time is only the distance between two events in human thought: It is always NOW in consciousness — you have then all the time needed for the slow human thinking to get its work done and you can also telescope the thing until you “can look again and the fields will be white with harvest.” You telescope and elongate the human thing called time to suit your purpose. It is one of your capacities — a gift of the Christ Mind. Do you believe?

The Gesture

You must make the gesture. “Rise and walk” is only made manifest at the instant you make the gesture of rising. “Open your eyes” can only give the fulfillment of sight when you make the gesture. So after the stage is set and the child is ready to be born there is a final gesture — the final delivery. Sometimes it is instantaneous — but it is always there.

Thrust in the sickle — reap — sounds like a pretty big effort — but everything you do in the Christ consciousness is going to seem like a Herculean task until you “make the gesture,” and then you discover it is nothing. The moment you enter into a consciousness you discover you havealways been there — for the former things, thoughts and beliefs are passed away — they shall not come into mind nor be remembered any more.

Finding Him

Oh that I might find Him. Well, you’re never going to until you look for Him in the only place He exists: in your consciousness.

When you do this you find Him in everybody and everything. What you accept for yourself as finished and done, as consummated, can be fulfilled through any temple. Do you see this? You are the one who sets it in motion by your recognition that it is already done.

I thank you Father — I knew this was done, etc., and it was done — and it did embody. So begin with the answer before the question, since the answer does exist before the question, and this recognition will release the manifestation — or give it a body.


Walter C. Lanyon

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